2020 Issues

Joe Biden

Biden Proposes $13 Minimum Wage Increase For Front Line Workers

Biden said essential workers deserve "extra premium pay" while they work during the public health crisis and put their lives at risk.

 | Stephanie Sandoval

Former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump

Why You're About To See More Political Messages About China

According to a recent poll from Pew Research, American attitudes toward China are becoming less favorable.

 | Amber Strong

Men look at a gun.

What The Fact: Analyzing Support For Gun Background Checks

Polls support Klobuchar's claim that the majority of hunters and President Trump's supporters approve of universal background checks.

 | Scripps News Staff

Bernie Sanders leads march to early voting location in North Carolina

Sanders Pushes Medicare For All During North Carolina HBCU Visit

The Democratic frontrunner spent a notable portion of his rally at Winston-Salem State University in North Carolina on health care.

 | Amber Strong

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is focusing on Super Tuesday states.

Poll: Majority Of Democrats Say Billionaires Hurting 2020 Primaries

A new survey from Newsy and Ipsos found 54% of Democrats feel the billionaires running in 2020 are having a negative impact on the primary.

 | Andrew Rafferty

Bernie Sanders Wants To Legalize Pot On Day One. Can He?

Sen. Bernie Sanders has pledged to sign an executive order to legalize marijuana on his first day in office. Experts say it's more complicated.

 | Kellan Howell

Sen. Bernie Sanders

Sanders Reveals $1.5 Trillion Universal Child Care Plan

​According to his proposal, children under the age of 3 would be eligible for "free full-day, full-week, high-quality child care."

 | Ahmed Jawadi

Woman votes in Durham, North Carolina

N.C. Voter ID Law Blocked For Discriminating Against African Americans

Judges said the law's photo identification requirement disallowed ID options held mostly by African American voters.

 | Bailey Vogt

Andrew Yang campaign materials

Push For Universal Basic Income Outlives Andrew Yang's Campaign

Andrew Yang's bid for the Democratic nomination is over, but supporters of his basic income policy say his campaign was just the beginning.

 | Adam Elrashidi

South Bend IDs Give Undocumented Immigrants Access to Clinics, Meds

A pioneering yet controversial program is making its way across one of the nation’s reddest states. Its origin goes back to Pete Buttigieg.

 | Amber Strong

US Maternal Death Rates Are High, They're Even Worse for Black Women

Is it bias, preexisting conditions or inadequate care? Doctors and politicians try to understand the US' high maternal death rate.

 | Amber Strong

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Unveils Plan To Fight Election Disinformation

She said more needs to be done "to truly stem the spread of damaging false information."

 | Ahmed Jawadi

Author and professor Michael Lind talks to Newsy

Is The U.S. On The Brink Of A Class War?

It's not just income that's dividing the upper and lower classes.

 | Bianca Facchinei

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before the House Energy and Commerce Committee in April 2018.

Facebook Sticks To Its Policy Allowing Lies In Political Ads

Facebook's firm stance on political ads puts it squarely opposite companies like Twitter, which promised to ban political ads on its platform.

 | Tyler Adkisson

Democratic presidential candidates

USMCA Support Will Be Key Test For 2020 Democrats

The USMCA's passage through Congress could end up testing the various trade views of the Democratic presidential candidates in 2020.

 | Matt Picht

Spotify logo

Spotify Will Stop Selling Political Ads In Early 2020

Political ads will not appear in Spotify's ad-supported tier or in its original or exclusive podcasts.

 | Stephanie Sandoval

U.S. Army soldier

WaPo: U.S. Employs 'Information Warfare' To Prevent Election Meddling

According to The Washington Post, these strategies aim to prevent election interference in the year ahead.

 | Meg Hilling

Man wears Medicare for All button

A Glossary Of Key Health Care Proposals

Health care is a key issue leading up to the 2020 election, so we spelled out the differences between the top proposals.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

Sen. Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Unveils $150 Billion 'Internet For All' Plan

The proposal aims to improve broadband access for people across the U.S., especially those living in rural or tribal areas.

 | Adam Elrashidi

Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg Unveils Gun Plan For Presidential Campaign

Bloomberg's gun safety policy platform calls for more comprehensive background checks a ban on so-called assault weapons — much like his competitors'.

 | Christian Bryant

Campaigning on middle class themes, former Vice President appears in his boyhood town of Scranton, Pa. on Oct. 23.

Biden's Corporate Tax Plan Decries 'Broken Bargain' With Middle Class

Biden says corporations "are doing incredibly well" as the middle class gets squeezed. His tax remedies are more moderate than other Democratic plans.

 | Peter Hecht

President Trump arrives for NATO conference on Monday.

Trump Suggests China Trade Deal Can Wait Until After 2020 Election

Stocks tumbled after President Trump indicated he's in no hurry to make a trade deal with China because "we're doing very well with China right now."

 | Peter Hecht

Senators by a podium and a poster

How 2020 Candidates Stack Up On Disinformation And Big Tech Policies

According to disinformation expert Nina Jankowicz, Sen. Amy Klobuchar has the strongest policies to fight disinformation.

 | Sasha Ingber

Trump White House Taking On Health Care Ahead of 2020

Health care is still a top-tier issue for voters ahead of 2020 as the Trump administration rolls out several new rules on hospital bill transparency.

 | Amber Strong

Former Vice President Joe Biden

Biden Taking Heat For His Stance On Weed

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been fielding criticism for his stance on marijuana. Experts say it could be a political liability.

 | Kellan Howell

Addiction, Mental Illness: Three Candidates’ Plans For Fighting Both

According to HHS, 5.6 million people with serious mental health illness also used illicit drugs.

 | Amber Strong

Mayor Pete Buttigieg

Presidential Hopeful Pete Buttigieg Unveils $1 Trillion Economic Plan

The South Bend, Indiana, mayor's plan is geared toward working- and middle-class Americans.

 | Briana Koeneman

Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren

Warren Unveils Details Of Medicare For All Plan

Known as the candidate with a plan for everything, Sen. Elizabeth Warren revealed the much anticipated details behind her Medicare for All initiative.

 | Amber Strong

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Outlines $800 Billion K-12 Education Plan

She's the last Democratic primary front-runner to share an education plan.

 | Antoinette Miller

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren campaigns in New Hampshire Sept. 7.

Warren's 'Excessive Lobbying Tax' Seeks To Rein In Corporate Influence

Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren wants to impose taxes of up to 75% on corporate lobbying.

 | Peter Hecht