An aerial view of a massive crack in the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica

490-Square-Mile Iceberg Breaks Off Antarctica

Experts say iceberg break is not related to global warming but part of a natural process where ice flowing on land meets the ocean.

 | Scripps News Staff

Sea ice in the Antarctic Peninsula region

Antarctica May Have Hit A Record High Temperature — Again

It could take up to nine months to verify whether the temperature broke a record.

 | LeeAnne Lowry


Study Finds Steep Decline In Some Antarctic Penguin Colonies

As ocean temperatures rise and sea ice melts, researchers say penguins are losing their main food source, krill.

 | Meg Hilling

Esperanza Station on the northernmost tip of the Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctica May Have Just Hit An All-Time Record High Temperature

The verification process could take up to nine months.

 | LeeAnne Lowry

Penguins in Antarctica

Scientists Say Antarctic Animals May Not Be Safe From Human Pathogens

Scientists have long believed animals in Antarctica were isolated enough to remain protected from human-linked pathogens.

 | Audrey Esther

Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica

A Huge International Mission Investigates Glaciers' Melting Problem

New science missions to Thwaites Glacier should give us a better understanding of how the world's ice melts and the risks that presents.

 | Evan Thomas