North And South Korea Just Shot At Each Other

South Korea returned fire after it was attacked by North Korea. No damage was reported, though hundreds were evacuated from the area.

 | Jake Godin

Pakistan And India's Long History Fighting Over Kashmir

Pakistan and India have feuded over who owns the Kashmir region for more than 60 years, and yet they still don't seem closer to reaching an agreement.

 | Jake Godin

Can India's Solar Airport Make A Dent In The Smog?

India's carbon emissions rank No. 3 in the world. Officials are working to change that with the first ever solar-powered airport.

 | Katie Link

Was The Bangkok Bombing Driven By Political Violence?

An insurgency in southern Thailand and deep political divisions in the capital form the backdrop to the deadly bombing in Bangkok.

 | Elizabeth Hagedorn

Thai Police Hone In On Bangkok Bombing Suspect

Thai police are looking for a man they suspect to be involved in Monday's bombing in Bangkok. Surveillance video seems to show him leave a backpack.

 | Ryan Biek

Transparency An Issue In Wake Of Tianjin Explosions

Media reports out of the communist nation can be tough to trust and often times conflicting on the explosions that killed more than 100 people.

 | Matt Moreno

Reports Of Evacuations As Chemical Concerns Grow In Tianjin

The threat of chemical pollutants in the air has caused officials to reportedly evacuate a two-mile radius around the blast site in Tianjin.

 | Jake Godin

Japan's Prime Minister Didn't Quite Apologize For WWII

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stopped just short of issuing an official apology during his statement on the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII.

 | Jake Godin

Few Answers A Day After Deadly Explosion In Tianjin, China

State media said the explosion was caused by explosive goods in a container.

 | Zach Toombs

7 People Injured In Black Hawk Helicopter Crash

A U.S. military helicopter crashed off the coast of Okinawa, Japan. 17 crew members were rescued.

 | Ryan Biek

Japan Restarts Its First Nuclear Reactor Since Fukushima

Japan restarted its first nuclear reactor since the Fukushima disaster in 2011, but is it safe?

 | Jake Godin

S. Korea Vows Retaliation Against N. Korea For DMZ Attack

South Korea blames North Korea for burying land mines that seriously wounded two South Korean soldiers.

 | Ryan Biek

Singapore Turns 50 As A Success Story, But Challenges Await

Singapore is celebrating its 50th year of independence, and the wealthy city has plenty to be proud of — as well as plenty of challenges ahead.

 | Matt Picht

Japan Says No More Nukes, But Its Military Push Is Unpopular

A Nagasaki bombing survivor criticized Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's push to militarize Japan, an unpopular move among many citizens there.

 | Sebastian Martinez

For Fourth Time In 2015, A Bangladeshi Blogger Is Murdered

A fourth secular blogger has been killed by a group of men wielding machetes in Bangladesh. All four were on a hit list released by an Islamist group.

 | Jake Godin

North Korea Creates Its Own Time Zone, Surprises No One

North Koreans will get to sleep in an extra half-hour on Aug. 15: The country is creating its own time zone.

 | Elizabeth Hagedorn

70 Years On, Japan Remembers Human Cost Of Hiroshima

The bombing of Hiroshima 70 years ago remains one of the greatest human tragedies in history.

 | Sebastian Martinez

Politicians Say Wild Things When Trying To Ban Online Porn

The debate over online porn in India has already featured Nazis and the Taliban. That type of rhetoric isn't as uncommon as you'd think.

 | Matt Picht

Apple Falls To Third Place In Valuable Chinese Market

Apple's Chinese market share has fallen to third place overall –– and it's not the company hurting the most right now.

 | Ryan Biek

How The US Might Retaliate Against China For The OPM Hack

The U.S. is planning to retaliate against the Chinese Government for stealing the personnel files of around 22 million federal employees.

 | Ben Levin

China Has Opened The Console Floodgates, But Does It Matter?

China is lifting its country-wide ban on the sale of video game consoles, opening up a huge market for companies like Sony and Microsoft.

 | Jake Godin

Iran Deal Won't Spoil North Korea's Appetite For Nukes

After talk that the Iran nuclear deal would inspire North Korea to negotiate, the Hermit Kingdom reaffirmed it wouldn't.

 | Matt Patston

Mitsubishi Apology For POW Labor Likely Too Little, Too Late

Japanese company Mitsubishi will apologize to American prisoners of war for forcing them to work as slaves during World War II.

 | Sebastian Martinez

Japan's Henn Na Hotel Should Hire These Robots

The robot staff at the Henn na Hotel will need some help if the hotel expands — as planned. Here's our short list of robots they should hire.

 | Christian Bryant

Japan Divided As Abe 'Bulldozes' Military Bills Through

Pacifist protesters across Japan are against Abe's push for more military powers in the face of international and regional security threats.

 | Kate Grumke

Stampede Kills At Least 27 Religious Pilgrims In India

Millions of pilgrims gathered in the Rajahmundry district for a Hindu religious bathing festival.

 | Matt Moreno

WSJ, United & NYSE Woes Are Nada Compared To China's Crisis

Three major outages happened in one day in the U.S. But on the other side of the globe, China is dealing with a real stock market issue.

 | Leah Becerra

Sakari Momoi, World's Oldest Man, Dies At 112

Japanese supercentenarian Sakari Momoi was 112 years old when he died. He credited his long life to a healthy diet and lots of sleep.

 | Elizabeth Hagedorn

Toyota Female Exec's Exit And Japan's Push For Women Leaders

Top Toyota executive Julie Hamp's resignation has dinged Japan's efforts to put more women in leadership roles.

 | Jamal Andress

The Biggest Losers Of China's Deflating Stock Bubble

China's investors are skydiving without a parachute, and there may not be a soft landing for Chinese companies that fled U.S. markets.

 | Matt Patston