Big Boeing 747 Dreamlifter Gets Stuck At Small Kan. Airport

A massive cargo plane headed for a Wichita Air Force base accidentally and unexpectedly landed at an airport definitely not designed for it.

 | Cliff Judy

Tribune Co. Reorganizes Newspapers, Cuts 700 Jobs

The Tribune Company is consolidating noneditorial departments and laying off almost 700 employees.

 | Jasmine Bailey

U.S. Wireless Carriers Reject Anti-Theft 'Kill Switch' Idea

U.S. lawmakers and Samsung were working to create a "kill switch" that would allow owners to deactivate stolen phones, but carriers are rejecting it.

 | Adam Falk

U.S. Navy Unveils New Weapon: The P-8A Poseidon

At the Dubai Airshow, the U.S. Navy unveiled a huge upgrade to its arsenal.

 | Charlie McKeague

200,000 Toy Dolls From China Seized at U.S. Ports

U.S. authorities seized 200,000 dangerous toy dolls shipped from China.

 | Christina Hartman

China And Bitcoin: A Love Story

As the online currency’s backers fear U.S. regulations, bitcoin is flourishing in China, surprisingly unhindered by the nation's government.

 | Zach Toombs

JPMorgan Agrees To Record $13 Billion Settlement

JPMorgan Chase settled with the U.S. Department of Justice for $13 billion, the largest payout by one corporation to the U.S. government ever.

 | Jamal Andress

Apple TV Adds PBS, Yahoo! As Competitors Look To Live-Stream

'Downton Abbey' episodes will be available on a limited basis despite Amazon's acquisition of exclusive streaming rights.

 | Nathan Byrne

Tesla Model S Safety Investigation Launched

U.S. safety regulators have launched a formal investigation into Tesla Motors' Model S after several incidents of the electric cars catching fire.

 | John O'Connor

Sheldon Adelson Declares War On Online Gambling

The billionaire casino owner says children and the poor are at risk thanks to easy access to online gambling.

 | Nathan Byrne

The PS4 Sells 1 Million Consoles In First 24 Hours

The sales add up to the most game consoles sold in one day — ever.

 | Jamal Andress

Butterball Turkey Shortage Shouldn't Ruin Thanksgiving

Butterball says it had to cut orders for large fresh birds by about 50 percent to grocery stores nationwide.

 | Collin Ruane

How Should Bitcoin Be Regulated?

Supporters of the virtual currency bitcoin are calling for "safe and sane" regulation.

 | Christina Hartman

Jay Z Sticking With Barneys Amid Racial Profiling Scandal

Jay Z has announced he's moving forward with his holiday partnership with Barneys New York despite reports of racial profiling at the store.

 | Briana Koeneman

Yellen's Senate Hearing Surprisingly Uneventful

The Federal Reserve chair nominee easily navigated a hearing with the Senate Banking Committee, despite fears Republicans would create a roadblock.

 | Danny Matteson

WikiLeaks Chimes In On TPP, Internet Freedoms

Wikileaks has released a proposal chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership that would slow innovation and limit Internet freedoms if it’s adopted.

 | Evan Thomas

Janet Yellen Confirmation Hearing: What To Expect

Janet Yellen faces questioning in her confirmation hearing Thursday before the Senate Banking Committee.

 | Christina Hartman

Would Hulu Plus Cable Equal A La Carte Channels?

Hulu and cable companies are reportedly talking about deals. Congress is looking at a la carte channels, too.

 | Nathan Byrne

Snapchat Rejected $3B Buyout Offer From Facebook

The disappearing messages service spurned an offer from Facebook for a second time, as some experts say it seeks a higher valuation.

 | Christian Bryant

What's With Apple's Quiet iPad Mini Release?

Apple released iPad Mini with retina display on Tuesday and there are fears supply won't meet demand.

 | Jasmine Bailey

DOJ Allows American Airlines-U.S. Airways Merger To Go Through

The deal comes after the DOJ filed suit back in August to block the $11 billion merger, fearing it would lead to less competition and higher prices f

 | Danny Matteson

Walmart's Black Friday Starts On Thanksgiving Day

This year it seems earlier is better for stores unleashing their black Friday deals, and Walmart is the latest giant retailer to jump on that bandwagon.

 | Candice Aviles

Netflix Winning The Internet, Or Streaming Video Anyway

Netflix and YouTube account for more than half of peak streaming. Each has 10 times the traffic of Hulu and Amazon's video efforts combined.

 | Nathan Byrne

Amazon, USPS Team Up To Offer Sunday Delivery Service

Starting this week Amazon, along with the United States Postal Service will team up to deliver packages on Sunday.

 | Erik Shute

Unemployment Rate Up Slightly In October Jobs Report

More than 200,000 jobs were added in October, but the unemployment rate still creeped up one-tenth of a percent.

 | Collin Ruane

Did Analysts Mislead Investors About Twitter IPO?

The Wall Street Journal reports some analysts selectively disclosed Twitter's growth and revenue information to certain investors.

 | Charesse James

Third Tesla Model S Car Fire Reported

The company stresses that the third car fire reported since early October was the result of an accident near Nashville, but Tesla stock still fell.

 | Cliff Judy

Microsoft Introduces 'Co-Authoring' to Office 365 Suite

Microsoft introduces a live editing option to its suite of online apps, Office 365. The co-authoring tool is available for the online versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

 | Erik Shute

Twitter Sets IPO Share Price Higher Than Expected at $26

Twitter is set to raise around $2 billion from 70 million shares during Thursday's IPO.

 | Christian Bryant

Blockbuster to Close Remaining Storefronts

Blockbuster's parent company announced it will close the 300 remaining storefronts in the U.S. and move exclusively to digital services.

 | Cliff Judy