Government Plans To Require New Cars To 'Talk' To Each Other

The Department of Transportation announced it's moving forward with plans to require vehicle-to-vehicle communication systems in all new cars.

 | Matt Picht

Business Analysts Call Monday's Stock Sell-Off 'Healthy'

Despite a sudden 2 percent drop in stock prices, investment analysts say not to worry.

 | Steven Sparkman

Colo. Weed Has Already Brought In $1.2M In Taxes

Experts say the large take could mean over $100 million annually, beating state forecasts by almost $40 million.

 | Kristian Mundahl

Which Ads Won The Super Bowl?

Ad agencies trotted out their best on the airwaves and on Twitter for Sunday's Super Bowl.

 | Matt Moreno

Gov. Jindal: Approving Keystone Pipeline Is 'No-Brainer'

Two days after a State Department report played down environmental concerns, Republicans pressured the president to approve the pipeline project.

 | Zach Toombs

The Weird And Expensive World Of Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl ads have changed over time with the help of the Internet, but some still question their effectiveness.

 | Christian Bryant

Yahoo's 'Fast Break,' 'Curveball' To Help It Reclaim Search

Yahoo's secret projects 'Fast Break' and 'Curveball' will reportedly help the company reclaim its search functionality.

 | Mikah Sargent

Amazon Misses Earnings Expectations, Despite $510M Profit

Despite half a billion dollars in profit, Amazon missed Wall Street’s expectations for the quarter.

 | Evan Thomas

Google's Q4 Earnings Report Comes Up Short On Bottom Line

Google's fourth quarter earnings report gave investors much to be pleased about; however, its bottom line still fell short of expectations.

 | John O'Connor

The Taper Continues: Fed To Cut Bond Buying Program Again

In Bernanke's last committee meeting as chairman, the Fed announced more cuts to its program to stimulate the economy, citing further growth.

 | Steven Sparkman

AT&T Offers $100 Credit To Customers Who Add A New Line

AT&T says the offer, which is good until March 31, is a way to reward customers for their loyalty.

 | Candice Aviles

Turkey's Central Bank Raises Rates To Compete Globally

In a bold move, Turkey's Central Bank raised return rates in an effort to look more appeal to foreign investors.

 | Laura Heck

Obama's State Of The Union: What To Expect

Knowing the Republican-controlled House is unlikely to hand him a victory on any big-ticket issues, Obama will outline a series of executive actions.

 | Elizabeth Hagedorn

China, Emerging Markets Trigger Global Sell-Off

The global sell-off of stocks continued Monday with all major indexes in the U.S. declining.

 | Charlie McKeague

Why Google Wants More Artificial Intelligence Talent

Google is buying an artificial intelligence company called DeepMind.

 | Christina Hartman

Crafts Retailer Michael's Latest Victim Of Security Breach

Retailer Michael's announced Saturday that an unknown number of customer credit cards were exposed in the attack.

 | Kristian Mundahl

J.P. Morgan Gives CEO Jamie Dimon A Raise After Legal Woes

Despite paying an estimated $20 billion in legal settlements in 2013, J.P. Morgan raised the pay package of CEO Jamie Dimon to $20 million.

 | Matt Picht

Neiman Marcus Says 1.1 Million Credit Cards At Risk

The luxury retailer says hackers skimmed credit card information from July to October last year, with 2,400 accounts showing signs of fraud so far.

 | Steven Sparkman

Majority Of Subcompact Cars Fail New Crash Test

In a study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, only one of 11 subcompact cars — the Chevy Spark — received a passing grade.

 | Nathan Giannini

Warren Buffett Might Pay $1B For Your March Madness Picks

Buffett's company, Berkshire Hathaway, is teaming up with Quicken Loans to offer the prize for a perfect bracket.

 | Nathan Byrne

Verizon Purchases Intel Media To Expand Web TV Content

Verizon is set to acquire Intel's online TV assets — a move that will boost the telecommunications company's Web-based television offerings.

 | John O'Connor

Explosion At Omaha Animal Feed Plant Causes Injuries, Deaths

An animal feed plant in Omaha, Neb., partially collapsed Monday after an explosion. Multiple fatalities and injuries were reported.

 | Matt Moreno

17-Year-Old Created Malware Used In Target Breach: Report

Security researchers at IntelCrawler say a 17-year-old boy in Ukraine created the malware that hackers reportedly used in the Target data breach.

 | Collin Ruane

Sacramento Kings Become First Pro Team To Accept Bitcoins

The Sacramento Kings will accept bitcoins as payment for tickets, merchandise and food beginning March 1.

 | Matt Moreno

Best Buy Stock Drops After Disappointing Holiday Sales

In an effort to compete with online retailers, Best Buy was forced to cut prices, resulting in a decrease in holiday sales compared to last year.

 | Laura Heck

Apple Settles With FTC Over In-App Purchase Complaints

Apple settled a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission over in-app purchases made by young children without the consent of their parents.

 | Christian Bryant

Crying Baby Disrupts Fancy Restaurant, Debate Ensues

A couple brought in their crying baby to 3-star Chicago restaurant Alinea, much to the dismay of fellow diners and some online commenters.

 | Andrew Mitrisin

Judge Might Add On To NFL's $765M Settlement Payout

U.S. District Judge Anita Brody temporarily rejected the NFL's agreement to pay players $765 million in compensation for brain injuries.

 | Matt Moreno

Seahawks, Broncos Place Ticket Embargo On Opposing Fans

The Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos restricted sales of NFC and AFC Championship tickets to fans in certain billing address areas.

 | Matt Moreno

DirecTV Drops The Weather Channel After Contract Dispute

DirecTV has pulled The Weather Channel from its lineup after the two companies failed to come to an agreement on monthly carriage fees.

 | John O'Connor