Climate Change

Ghost forest near the Blackwater National Refuge

Ghost Forest: Dying trees show climate change's advance

Researchers compare these dying forests to glaciers as one of the starkest indicators of climate change in the world.

 | Tik Root

Aerial view of large container ship

'Cheat Devices' On Almost 4,000 Ships Bypass Environmental Laws

The devices extract sulfur from the exhaust of ships that run on heavy fuel oil, but they just pump that sulfur into the sea.

 | Johannah Grenaway

Fridays for Future protest in New Zealand

Worldwide Protests Again Call For Action To Fight Climate Change

Greta Thunberg has called for people around the world to protest for climate action outside government buildings every Friday.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

Icebergs in the Ross Sea

5 Ways To Address Climate Change's Threat To The Oceans

A new IPCC report explains the dire threats from climate-changed oceans. Another U.N. report explains how we might mitigate some of that damage.

 | Evan Thomas

Villagers walk through flood waters from rising sea levels at Bedono village on June 7, 2017 in Demak, Indonesia

Sea Levels Are Rising Faster Than Scientists Previously Estimated

Extreme flooding that used to happen to some coastal cities and island nations every hundred years could happen every year by 2050.

 | LeeAnne Lowry

Glacier melt

Report: Signs And Impacts Of Climate Change Are Accelerating

A new World Meterological Organization report says CO2 levels in the atmosphere are rising — and rising faster than before.

 | Johannah Grenaway

United Nations Climate Summit 2019

World Leaders Rebuked For 'Empty Words' At U.N. Climate Summit

Teen activist Greta Thunberg accused world leaders of offering "empty words" about fighting climate change.

 | Adam Elrashidi

Protesters march around D.C.

Small Turnout At D.C. Climate Protest As U.N. Climate Summit Continues

A group of protesters shut down major areas in D.C. for a short time Monday morning.

 | Alexandra Miller

2019 Climate Strike protester in front of the White House

Global Protesters Demand Leaders Take Action On Climate Change

Thousands around the world participated in the youth-led Climate Strike, demanding lawmakers take action against the effects of climate change.

 | Adam Elrashidi

Climate change protesters in Chicago

Young Protesters In Chicago Challenge Lawmakers On Climate Change

Thousands gathered in Chicago to protest inaction on climate change. Newsy spoke with organizers and demonstrators.

 | Austin Kim

Seagrass in Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

The U.N. Wants To Expand One Of Our Best Carbon Storage Tools

The U.N. is focusing its climate stakeholders on expanding marine protected areas, which can effectively keep carbon out of the atmosphere.

 | Evan Thomas

Climate activists march on Friday

Global Climate Strike Kicks Off In Australia, Thailand And New Zealand

From Berlin to Hong Kong to Paris to New York City — more than 4,600 protests are scheduled in roughly 140 countries on Friday.

 | Katherine Biek

Borneo orangutans on Indonesia's Salat Island as forest fires affect the area.

Fires Tied To Palm Oil Industry Ravage Indonesia Forests

Hundreds fires are burning in vast forests of Indonesia and its islands.

 | Peter Hecht

A power plant

What The U.S. Needs To Make A Carbon Tax Work

For a carbon tax to have the best chance of success, stakeholders have to buy in for the long haul.

 | Evan Thomas

Fire damage in Brazil's Amazon rainforest

In Brazil's Amazon, Fires Threaten The Environment And Way Of Life

In the forested Acre state, searing fires and the president's development plans stir memories of an environmental martyr for the Amazon.

 | Peter Hecht


How Does U.S. Meat Production Contribute To Climate Change?

A new discussion for 2020 presidential candidates: Should we regulate meat production as the climate changes? And how?

 | Evan Thomas

A protester holds a sign urging climate debate

How Did Climate Change Become Such An Issue For 2020?

In the last decades and especially in the last few years, addressing climate change has become a flagship political issue.

 | Evan Thomas

Great Barrier Reef as seen from above

Great Barrier Reef Outlook Deteriorates From 'Poor' To 'Very Poor'

Australia's 2019 outlook report points to climate change as one of the biggest causes of mass bleaching.

 | Caitlin Baldwin

Oil rigs extract petroleum in California

Trump Administration Expected To Weaken Methane Emission Regulations

The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to announce cuts to regulations on methane emissions in the oil and gas industry.

 | Caitlin Baldwin

Icebergs float near Greenland at sunset

July Was The Hottest Month Ever Recorded

It's likely because of climate change.

 | Ethan Weston


Report: 2018 Ranks As The 4th-Hottest Year On Record

The American Meteorological Society has published its State of the Climate report annually for 29 years.

 | Gage Jackson

Farm equipment in a field

To Fight Climate Change And Food Stress, We Need To Balance Land Use

We need space to grow forests that can address climate change. But we need to grow enough food for everyone, too.

 | Evan Thomas

A man sifts through soil.

United Nations: Climate Change Is Threatening Global Food Supply

The report was put together by more than 100 leading scientists from 52 countries.

 | Briana Koeneman

Thermometers and air conditioning units for sale

The More We Use Air Conditioning, The More We May Need It

Hotter days ahead could mean more air conditioners running. But it can be a Catch-22 — energy-intensive cooling can drive a need for more cooling.

 | Evan Thomas

Melting ice in Greenland

Over 11 Billion Tons Of Ice Melted Off Greenland In A Single Day

On Wednesday, nearly 57% of the country's ice sheet reportedly showed signs of melt.

 | Ethan Weston

A woman gathers water from a spring in Zimbabwe

Access To Water Is A Growing Concern Around The World

Climate change has the potential to make water even scarcer worldwide.

 | Ethan Weston

People play in fountain in Berlin.

June's Record High Temps Are Part Of A Worrisome Global Trend

It's too early to know exactly how climate change impacted June's temperatures, but we do know it's increasing the odds of extreme weather.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

Then-Tropical Storm Barry on July 12, 2019.

Hurricanes Are Wetter Than Ever And We Need Learn To Manage The Deluge

Today's hurricanes are likely to drop more rain, and our cities have to deal with it. Experts have some ideas for better preparations on the ground.

 | Evan Thomas

Dry, cracked ground

Lawmakers Unveil Measure To Make Climate Change A National Emergency

Sen. Bernie Sanders and Reps. Earl Blumenauer and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced the legislation on Tuesday.

 | Katie Cammarata

Paddleboarders in Alaska on July 4, 2019

How Alaska Got To Its Record July Temperatures

Scientists usually don't attribute single weather events to climate change. The record heat in Alaska has more than one cause.

 | Evan Thomas