Climate Change

Fruit wine in an aluminum can

The Dizzying Cycle Of Winemaking And Climate Change

Winemakers are innovatively reacting to climate change in what they produce and how they package their products.

 | Lindsay Tuchman

Roofs of buildings are surrounded by floodwater

Climate Change Emerges As Key Issue For Some Voters Ahead Of Midterms

With more climate extremes on the horizon, how much will the issue of climate change affect votes in upcoming elections?

 | Clayton Sandell

A tree ring is shown.

New York City Scientists Are Exploring History Through Tree Rings

Timber samples are giving scientists a look into climate conditions a tree has experienced in its lifetime.

 | Meg Hilling

A phone displays the Federal Emergency Management Agency application

How Can We Prepare For Deadly Floods?

Record U.S. rainfall has caused major flash flooding. How can Americans better prepare for these natural disasters?

 | Lauren Magarino

Tractor on a corn farm

Carbon Farming Is A New Way For Farmers To Make Extra Money

Thousands of farms had to shut down last year due to low profits. Now there's a new way for farmers to make money.

 | Alexa Liacko

Satelite images of Thwaites Glacier in Antarctica.

Study Finds Doomsday Glacier Shrinking Faster Than Expected

If it collapses, scientists say, global sea level could increase several feet and put coastlines at risk of destruction.

 | Diana Zito

The Colorado River flows at Horseshoe Bend in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Why Is The U.S. West Experiencing A Megadrought?

Climate change is affecting the U.S. especially strongly in the west. Rivers and reservoirs are experiencing dangerously low levels.

 | Scott Withers

Farmworkers pick and pack melons.

California Heat Threatens Agriculture With 8th Day Of Triple Digits

California's continued triple-digit temperatures are causing farmers to struggle to stay afloat, as others deal with a strained power grid.

 | James Packard

A firefighter takes a hose to a burning property while battling the Fairview Fire Monday

California Officials Warn Of Possible Blackouts Due To Extreme Heat

California is experiencing a major heatwave that may cause a statewide blackout due to extreme temperatures.

 | James Packard

The Han River, swollen with floodwater, flows under bridges in Seoul, South Korea.

Typhoon Batters South Korea; Preparations Minimize Casualties

Typhoon Hinnamnor made impact just weeks after heavy rains around Seoul caused flooding that killed at least 14 people.

 | AP

People on the Manhattan Beach Pier in Manhattan Beach, California

Record-Breaking Temperatures Continue Across The West

While even those lucky enough to have an air-conditioned home, you can't count on it staying on in some of the worst heat the west has seen in years.

 | James Packard

A polar bear stands on the ice in the Franklin Strait in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago

Report: 2021 Saw New Weather Records, Shifts In Global Ecosystems

The report is put together by more than 500 scientists from 60 countries and it's spearheaded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

 | Scott Withers

Cal Fire firefighters work a flare up.

Southern California Fire Forces Evacuations, Shuts Down Some Roads

More than 5,000 acres are burning in a southern California fire, causing evacuations near Santa Clarita amid triple-digit temperatures.

 | James Packard

A homeless encampment in Phoenix is shown.

Phoenix Appoints First City Funded Heat Office; Goal: Saving Lives

Phoenix's newly-appointed Heat Response Office is helping people beat the sun, as the city feels hotter and longer summers.

 | Adi Guajardo

A helicopter drops water on the advancing Route Fire over emergency vehicles

55 Million People Under Heat Alerts In Western U.S.

Much of Southern California remains under an excessive heat warning, with the state's grid operator warning of record temperatures.

 | James Packard

A boat navigates at night next to large icebergs in eastern Greenland

Greenland 'Zombie Ice' Threatens To Raise Global Sea Levels 10 Inches

Several leading glaciologists studied zombie ice in Greenland's melting ice sheet and say it's going to cause widespread global sea level rise.

 | Scott Withers

A person sits in a lake.

Tens Of Millions Of People Under Heat Alerts In The West

Major western cities like Portland, Sacramento and Phoenix are in or nearing triple-digit temperatures for the holiday weekend.

 | James Packard

whale sharks swim in the Black Current sea tank at Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Climate Change Threatens Endangered Whale Sharks

August 30 is International Whale Shark Day. While they're among the biggest creatures in the sea, they are now endangered.

 | Scott Withers

Flooding in Louisiana after Hurricane Ida

The Long Road To Recovery After Hurricane Ida

Newsy catches up with a Louisiana resident who went through Hurricane Ida one year ago.

 | Tammy Estwick

Sylvester Stallone poses at a movie premiere.

Celebrities Are Overusing An Already Dwindling Water Supply

The Los Angeles Times obtained documents showing multiple celebrities are the biggest offenders when it comes to breaking water budgets.

 | James Packard

A woman sits in cooling water in California.

California Heat Wave Prompts Statewide Energy Conservation Push

California now has a statewide "flex alert" to conserve energy to help the state avoid rolling blackouts amid triple-digit temperatures.

 | James Packard

Beachgoers walk near wind turbines along the coast of Pingtan in Southern China's Fujian province

China And U.S. Spar Over Climate On Twitter

The verbal skirmish grew out of China's suspension of talks with the U.S. on climate and several other issues earlier this month.

 | AP

Workers install solar panels

Scientists Say New Climate Law Is Likely To Reduce Warming

Scientists say new climate investment will have some beneficial effect on global warming, but the U.S. has a way to go.

 | AP

President Joe Biden

Biden To Sign Massive Climate And Health Care Legislation

The legislation includes the most substantial federal investment in history to fight climate change and would cap prescription drug costs.

 | AP


Farmers Worry About Proposed SEC Climate Change Rule

Farmers worry Wall Street regulators could impact the family farm, leading to higher food costs.

 | Joe St. George and Scripps News Detroit

A loggerhead sea turtle hatchling makes its way into the ocean along Haulover Beach in Miami

Climate Change Is Impacting The Gender Outcome Of Sea Turtles

As temperatures rise, the sand is hotter than normal, which is causing turtle eggs in Florida to only hatch as females.

 | Scripps News Staff

A overturned car is seen after it was swept away in massive flooding

Kentucky Deals With Effects Of Climate Crisis

As climate continues to change, disasters are becoming more frequent across the state of Kentucky.

 | Scott Withers

A woman in front of the setting sun

How A Changing Climate Is Changing Our Summers

The nonproft Union of Concerned Scientists describes summer as “danger season.”

 | Scott Withers and Eli Kintisch

A woman passes a lodge that burned during the McKinney Fire.

Rain Is Helping Keep McKinney Fire Down, But Hotter Days Ahead Won't

Rain is helping keep the growth of the McKinney fire down, but hotter, drier days ahead is expected to cause increased activity in the blaze.

 | James Packard

A firetruck drives along California Highway 96 as the McKinney Fire burns.

Democrats On Verge Of Passing Significant Climate Measures

The expansive $739 billion package dubbed the “Inflation Reduction Act,” includes $369 billion in spending to begin tackling climate change.

 | Maura Sirianni