Climate Change

How The President Wants To Expand Access To Solar Power

The president's multifaceted plan to put solar panels in low-income communities is the administration's latest push for renewable energy.

 | Matt Patston

Pope's Latin American Tour Ties Climate Change To Poverty

It's no coincidence that the pope's South American trip is taking him to the continent's poorest countries, with close ties to his climate message.

 | Sebastian Martinez

Global Warming Has Likely Caused Permanent Damage To Oceans

A new research paper says immediate cuts to carbon emissions could help slow down damage to the world’s oceans.

 | Evan Thomas

Is Suing Governments The Future Of Climate Change Action?

In Europe, if you want to see climate change action, it could be as easy as suing your government. Oh, and winning.

 | Sebastian Martinez

How Humans Can Try To Prevent Sixth Mass Extinction

Scientists are warning the planet is in the early stages of a mass extinction, but they say there is something humans can do to prevent it.

 | Kate Grumke

Last Month Was The Hottest May On Record — Again

May 2015 set another record for the hottest May ever recorded, as well as the hottest spring and hottest first five months of the year.

 | Evan Thomas

Pope Steers Church Focus To Climate Change With Encyclical

Pope Francis released his first encyclical Thursday and in it the pontiff focuses on climate change and global inequality.

 | Jake Godin

Brace For The Vatican's Entry Into The Climate Change Debate

Pope Francis' first encyclical, or teaching letter, is expected to focus on climate change and humanity's moral obligation to protect the environment.

 | Evan Thomas

Australia On Course For Climate Change Showdown In Paris

Australia faces a big test ahead of the winter climate-summit in Paris. Will the country commit to cutting emissions under international pressure?

 | Sebastian Martinez

China's On Track To Beat Emissions Goal — Because It Has To

China is on course to beat its goal of leveling off emissions by 2030, and it has good reason to be: It's poised to bear the brunt of climate change.

 | Sebastian Martinez

NOAA Study On Global Warming Hiatus Rubs Many The Wrong Way

The NOAA's study claiming the pause in warming from 1998-2012 was a data error is being criticized by both mainstream climate scientists and skeptics.

 | Steven Sparkman