Climate Change

Smoke spreads over Parnitha mountain during a wildfire in the village of Ippokratios Politia, Greece.

U.N. Report Says Global Warming Is Nearing Limits

As the planet warms, places will get hit more not just by extreme weather but by multiple climate disasters at once, the report said.

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Destruction in Greenville, California, after wildfire

Dixie Fire Destroys Greenville in Northern California

California's largest wildfire destroyed the small town of Greenville late Wednesday. The fire grew by 24,000 acres in less than 24 hours.

 | Scott Withers

Flames from the Dixie Fire consume a home in the Indian Falls community of Plumas County, Calif., Saturday, July 24, 2021.

What's Driving Longer Wildfire Seasons In The U.S.?

Fire season normally follows the heat of the summer, but now it's stretching nearly year-round.

 | Scott Withers

President Joe Biden speaks during a wildfire breifing with governors

President, VP Discuss Wildfires With Governors

Dozens of large fires are burning out West and the smoke has spread as far as the East Coast.

 | Kamil Zawadzki

Firefighters in forest

Climate Change Is Driving A Fierce 2021 Wildfire Season

Climate change is leading to stronger winds and higher temperatures, which are driving faster, stronger wildfires worldwide.

 | Scott Withers

Cal Fire officials monitor a firing operation, which is used to stop a wildfire from spreading.

Cooler, Wet Weather Helping Crews Battle California Wildfire

The Dixie Fire has destroyed at least 36 structures in the remote community of Indian Falls and evacuation orders are still in place.

 | Robin Dich and AP

A sign damaged by the Bootleg Fire stands amidst the haze

The Battle Against Wildfires In The Western U.S. Continues

Officials say better weather and lower winds are helping them against the Bootleg Fire – which is the largest wildfire burning nationwide right now.

 | Kamil Zawadzki

Chinese military personnel evacuate residents from a hospital where 3,000 people were trapped by the flood in Zhengzhou.

Climate Change Seen From Floods To Fires

Record-breaking rains flood parts of China and India. In one city, 24 inches of rain fell in 24 hours. In the U.S., drought and wildfires rage.

 | Scripps News Staff

Folks watch a home burn in the hills above Santa Barbara, California

Wildfires Ravage The Pacific Northwest

Firefighters are working around the clock to contain massive wildfires burning across 13 states, charring 1.3 million acres and forcing evacuations.

 | Scripps News Staff

Confronting Extreme Weather & Climate Change In Europe

The focus is on climate change, as Germany continues to clean up from deadly flooding and the U.K. extends a heat warning.

 | Kristy Schantz and Luke Hanrahan

Wildfire and smoke in Northwest Forest

Major Wildfires Burn In Northwestern U.S.

Dozens of major wildfires burn in Oregon, Washington and California, forcing evacuations. More than one million acres have burned so far this year.

 | Scripps News Staff

Clean-up Operations Underway In Western Germany After Deadly Flooding

Newsy reports from Western Germany, where devastating flooding has killed almost 200 people and left many missing.

 | Kristy Schantz and Luke Hanrahan


How Are Animals Adapting To Climate Change?

Researchers fear animal habitats aren't adapting fast enough to warmer climates.

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Cyclist taking a break under the bright sun.

Heat Wave Linked To At Least 116 Deaths In Oregon

Parts of The Pacific Northwest saw record-breaking temperatures in the triple digits.

 | Robin Dich


KNXV: Will Wildfires Change Arizona's Desert Ecosystem?

Arizona researchers are studying the long-term impacts of wildfires in the state.


Memorial in Surfside, FL

WPTV: Florida Man Grieves Loss Of Beloved Grandma In Condo Collapse

His grandmother was about to celebrate her 81st birthday next month.


A pedestrian holds a bottle of cold water at a Salvation Army hydration station

Almost 100 Dead in Oregon as Heatwave Continues

Heat-related deaths have also been reported in Washington state and Canada.

 | Robin Dich

Beachgoers crowd in the heat at Santa Monica Beach on Wednesday, June 16, 2021, in Santa Monica, Calif.

Western U.S. Tries To Escape Sweltering Heat

The high temperatures are intensifying drought and fire concerns.

 | Austin Kim

A pedestrian takes a bottle of water at a Salvation Army hydration station during a heatwave as temperatures hit 115-degrees

Extreme Heat Wave Hits The West

Health officials are urging parents to be extra vigilant after months of being at home during the pandemic.

 | Robin Dich

G-7 Protesters Take To The Streets And Beaches

Newsy is in Cornwall, U.K covering the G-7 Summit.

 | Kristy Schantz and Luke Hanrahan

A photo of Arizona.

KNXV: New Technology Aims To Mitigate Urban Heat Islands

A team from Arizona State University is developing new tools to keep the state cool.


Goat eat shrubs and brush to create a fire break in Hayward, California.

Using Goats To Prevent Wildfires

Landowners are turning to a unique, environmentally-friendly tool to clear debris: herds of goats.

 | Lindsey Theis

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, left, arrives to testify before a House Financial Services Committee hearing

Federal Chair Warns Climate Poses Obstacles For Global Economy

Jerome Powell also said the issue is "not something [the Fed] directly considers in setting monetary policy."

 | AP

Storm and flooding

What To Expect This Hurricane Season

June 1 marked the official start to the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season.

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Mourners attend a funeral for unclaimed people who died of extreme weather in Karachi, Pakistan, after a heat wave

Study Says One-third Of Heat Deaths Directly Due To Global Warming

Scientists say that's only a sliver of climate's overall toll — even more people die from other extreme weather amplified by global warming.

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The Shell gas station logo

Court: Shell Must Cut Carbon Emissions By 45% By 2030

Shell could still appeal the ruling.

 | Kamil Zawadzki

Nature Landscape

Climate Change Forces Some Americans To Relocate

"Climate change refugees" are moving due to unsustainable weather conditions.

 | Scripps

A vast iceberg has calved from the western side of the Ronne Ice Shelf, lying in the Weddell Sea, in Antarctica.

Iceberg Larger Than State Of Rhode Island Splits From Antarctica

Spotted in satellite images, a slab of ice bigger than Rhode Island has broken off from Antarctica. It's now the world's largest iceberg.

 | Shira Tarlo

Western U.S. Gears Up For Early Wildfire Season

Amid dry conditions and early blazes, western states are bracing for wildfire season.

 | Meg Hilling

Family walks on the beach

More Americans Opt Out Of Parenthood Amid Climate Change Concerns

One woman says she's afraid climate change would take away her children's ability to live their best life.

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