Climate Change


EPA Wants To Phase Out Use, Production Of Certain Greenhouse Gases

The proposed rule would decrease U.S. production and use of hydrofluorocarbons by 85% over the next 15 years.

 | Johannah Grenaway

Smoke rises in the sky.

KNXV: Arizona Official Warns People To Prepare For Wildfire Season

A fire official reminded people living in rural areas to clear a defensible space around their property.


Business uses 3D printing technology

California Company Uses 3D Printing To Build Sustainable Homes

Through 3D printing technology, Mighty Buildings says it's able to build affordable homes with minimal environmental impact.

 | Scripps

President Biden

Climate Summit Ends With Focus On Technology

President Biden says focusing on new, more cost-effective technologies to fight climate change could improve economies and boost job creation.

 | Kamil Zawadzki

Climate activist Greta Thunberg, from Sweden.

Greta Thunberg Criticizes Climate Response

The 18-year-old from Sweden spoke to members of the House Oversight Subcommittee on the Environment.

 | Simon Kaufman

A person uses an Ethereum ATM

What's The Link Between NFTs And Climate Change?

Ethereum’s energy use stems from a security feature to block abuse of the system. But it burns up tons of electricity.

 | Tyler Adkisson and Stephanie Sandoval

How To Shrink Cows’ Huge Carbon Footprint

How To Shrink Cows’ Huge Carbon Footprint

Are cows a problem for climate? It depends on how you raise them. Here's how regenerative grazing could help offset the greenhouse gas they emit.

 | Andrew Lawler and Kyle Pyatt and Ellen Rolfes

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is attending a virtual international climate summit with US President Joe Biden

President Biden Kicks Off 2-Day Climate Summit

The climate meeting is being attended by 40 leaders, including Pope Francis, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin.

 | Lauren Stephenson

A student gets off a school bus

Democrats Aim To Go Green With School Buses

Research suggests emissions from the current fleet, which relies mostly on diesel, may be bad for children.

 | Kamil Zawadzki

2020 Hurricane Zeta

Disasters Intensify With Climate Change, Carry Billion Dollar Costs

Federal government says 2020 saw record 22 separate weather climate disasters that each cost a billion dollars or more.

 | Megan Smith

President Trump signing a memorandum to protect Florida coastline from offshore drilling

Economic Benefits Unclear Under Trump Environmental Rollbacks

Former President Trump cited an undue burden on business for his deregulatory efforts, but it remains uncertain what financial benefit they brought.

 | Bianca Facchinei

U.S. special envoy for climate John Kerry.

U.S., China Commit To Work Together On Climate Change

The U.S. special envoy on climate met with Chinese officials in Shanghai.

 | Simon Kaufman

Man hikes outdoors.

KNXV: Here's How Climate Change Impacts Allergy Season

One expert told our sister station that pollen season will start earlier and last longer due to warmer temperatures.


South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem assesses the damage from the Schroeder Fire.

Hundreds Evacuated As South Dakota Wildfires Continue To Grow

Winds of up to 75 miles per hour were reported in some areas.

 | Eliana Moreno

People walk under a canopy of cherry blossoms in Tokyo, Japan.

Early Cherry Blossoms Peak Points To Climate Change

Scientists warn the early bloom is another sign of climate change.

 | Eliana Moreno

A survey stick marks a broken levee

The Future Of U.S. Levees Involves A Lot Of Hard Decisions

After a century of building the U.S. levee system, we're facing a tough reality: It wasn't built to protect us from the effects of climate change.

 | Cliff Judy

Debris from Hurricane Betsy blocks main route

Federal Flood Insurance Exists Because Private Insurers Wanted Out

A devastating 1965 hurricane led private insurers to lobby Congress to get into flood insurance. But that had a lot of unintended consequences.

 | Cliff Judy

Illustrated graphic of energy sources used in Texas

Green New Deal Gets Fresh Push In Texas Amid Fallout From Power Crisis

After a deadly winter storm nearly collapsed the Texas power grid, climate activists are pushing the state's lawmakers to pass a Green New Deal.

 | Shira Tarlo

A U.S. Army officer patrols near floodwaters in 1927

Lessons Learned: Our History Fighting Off Floods

We've been trying to conquer floods for generations, but nature keeps reminding us no levee or dam is 100% fail-proof.

 | Cliff Judy

The highway 34 bridge spans the Missouri River and its flooded banks between La Platte, Nebraska and Glenwood, Iowa, in 2019.

Those Who Live And Work Near Levees All Want Something Different

After repeated floods, those who live and work near U.S. levee systems agree something has to change. Getting them to agree on what is tough.

 | Cliff Judy

Crews patch a crater along the Sacramento River

The Most Vulnerable Levees In The Nation Have A Lot In Common

Levees with unacceptable ratings are far more common than acceptable. And 73 systems with unacceptable ratings are considered high or very high risk.

 | Cliff Judy

Floodwaters from the Missouri River flow through a break in a levee, north of Hamburg, Iowa, on May 10, 2019.

2019 Floods Exposed Levee System Weaknesses ... Again

A massive storm followed by record rains last spring punched so many holes in Midwest levees, the initial fixes won't be finished until late 2021.

 | Cliff Judy

An aerial view of a massive crack in the Brunt Ice Shelf in Antarctica

490-Square-Mile Iceberg Breaks Off Antarctica

Experts say iceberg break is not related to global warming but part of a natural process where ice flowing on land meets the ocean.

 | Scripps News Staff

Woman walks through flooded water in Philadelphia

$32B In U.S. Flood Damage Forecast By 2051

Non-profit First Street Foundation said damages from climate change will impact real estate markets.

 | Scripps News Staff

Houston neighborhood under snow

Texas Crisis Is Proof The U.S. Is Badly Unprepared For Climate Change

More extreme cold is coming to places that aren't used to it, and that means Texas' recent freeze probably won't be the last.

 | James Packard

Bottled water is handed to residents of Jackson, Miss.

Millions Without Clean Drinking Water in the South

In Louisiana, around a million people still don't have access to clean drinking water.

 | Robin Dich

City of Richardson, TX worker clears ice from fountain

Extreme Winter Weather In Texas Spikes Oil And Gas Prices

Texas' rare cold snap left millions without power last night in controlled outages.

 | Scripps News Staff

Protesters sign calling for climate action in front of the White House.

President Biden Says Climate Change A National Security Issue

Executive orders signed by the president include intelligence, defense assessments of impacts of climate change.

 | Jay Strubberg

US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry

U.S. Joins Other Countries For Global Climate Change Summit

The summit discusses solutions for climate change for the next decade.

 | Scripps News Staff