A person pumps gas.

Gas Prices Have Dropped, But The Relief Might Not Stick

Experts say rebalancing supply with demand is the biggest factor helping prices, but other factors could affect the costs.

 | James Packard

a shopper pushes his cart past a display of packaged meat in a grocery store in southeast Denver

Grocery Inflation Is Still Increasing

Consumers are still seeing an increase in grocery costs, despite a 0% increase in overall inflation for the month of July.

 | Cat Sandoval

"For Sale" sign outside a home

U.S. Key 30-Year Mortgage Rate Spikes To 5.22%

Higher borrowing rates have cooled the housing market but home prices have continued to rise, with the median home price in June climbing to $416,000.

 | AP

The price of regular unleaded gas is advertised for just under $4 a gallon

No Inflation Spike In The Month Of July

The prices of gas, groceries, cars and other necessities are decreasing as the Biden administration announced a 0% inflation increase last month.

 | Briana Koeneman

Man shopping for groceries

U.S. Inflation Slips From 40-Year Peak But Remains High At 8.5%

Consumer prices jumped 8.5% in July compared with a year earlier, down from a 9.1% year-over-year jump in June, according to government data.

 | AP and Scripps News Staff

Shipping containers in port

Checking Up On Global Supply Chains

We’ve seen how bottlenecks can wreak havoc on our lives, from manufacturers to shippers to distributors and to us at home.

 | Bianca Facchinei and Emily Grossberg

The Port of Los Angeles

How The Port Of Los Angeles Has Changed

The port of Los Angeles is getting back up to speed, but things look different now.

 | James Packard

Construction workers help direct traffic.

U.S. Employers Added 528,000 Jobs in July; Unemployment Falls To 3.5%

Economists had expected only 250,000 new jobs in the monthly jobs report for July.

 | AP and Scripps News Staff

A motorist fills up the tank on a sedan, July 22, 2022, in Saratoga

Gas Prices Are Starting To Decrease Nationwide

After weeks of high gas prices, declines nationwide are giving drivers relief.

 | Cat Sandoval

Euro banknotes

Inflation Hits Record 8.9% In Countries Using The Euro

Energy prices in the eurozone surged by 39.7% this month, while prices for food, alcohol and tobacco rose by 9.8%.

 | AP and Scripps News Staff

Scottsdale Bachelorette Website

How Bach Parties Turned Into A Vacation

Bachelorette parties are starting to become more popular, leading more businesses to profit off of these celebrations.

 | Scripps News Staff

A sign shows gas prices

Oil Companies Cash In Amid High Gas Prices

Oil companies are set to make even more money than they did in 2008 when global oil prices skyrocketed.

 | John Mone

Granddaddy’s Famous Hot Chicken in Nashville, Tennessee

Inflation Taking A Bite Out Of Restaurant Owners Across The Country

A Nashville restaurant owner shares inflation troubles with Newsy. He says he's had to raise prices and then lower them just to make ends meet. 

 | Stephanie Sandoval

A man shops at a supermarket.

U.S. Economy Shrank 0.9% Last Quarter, Its 2nd Straight Drop

The report comes at a critical time as consumers and businesses struggle under the weight of punishing inflation and higher borrowing costs.

 | AP and Bianca Facchinei

People look into a store's refrigerator.

The Real-Life Impact Of The Federal Reserve Hike

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates again, as many worry inflation will lead to recession.

 | James Packard

Travellers queue at security at Heathrow Airport in London

Why Your Flight Keeps Getting Canceled

Problems within the aviation industry have caused many flights to be delayed or canceled, leaving many travelers frustrated and stranded.

 | Scripps News Staff

Gasoline nozzle being used to pump gas.

Average U.S. Gasoline Price Falls 32 Cents To $4.54 Per Gallon

The average price of diesel dropped 22 cents over two weeks to $5.55 a gallon.

 | AP and Scripps News Staff

People are evacuated from floodwaters in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida in LaPlace, LA.

Ever-Growing Cost Of Evacuating Pushes Some To Stay In Disaster Zones

Amid hurricane season, the cost of living in the potential path can be high, and the impact of COVID and supply chain gaps are making it even worse.

 | Tammy Estwick and Stephanie Sandoval

Home for sale

U.S. Home Sales Fell In June As Prices Reach New Heights

Existing home sales fell 5.4% last month compared to May as the national median home price jumped 13.4% from a year earlier to $416,000.

 | Bianca Facchinei and AP

Trucks line up to enter a Port of Oakland shipping terminal on Nov. 10, 2021, in Oakland, Calif.

Truckers Protest Proposed Restrictions On Private Contractors

The proposed California state law would make it harder for independent contractors to transport goods.

 | James Packard

A food bank

What's Tanking American Confidence In The Economy?

People expect inflation to keep climbing over the next year, along with their mortgage interest rates, monthly expenses, and taxes.

 | Bianca Facchinei

San Francisco Federal Reserve President Mary Daly.

San Francisco Federal Reserve President On The State Of The Economy

President Mary Daly suggests the economy is strong, but inflation has to be addressed with interest rate hikes to help stabilize prices.

 | Scripps News Staff

Consumer shopping in a store

U.S. Retail Sales Up 1% In June, Easing Fears Of A Recession

U.S. retail sales rose 1% in June from the previous month, from a decline of 0.1% in May, according to the Commerce Department.

 | Bianca Facchinei and AP


Why Does The U.S. Waste So Much Food?

In the U.S. about a third of the food produced is never eaten. That’s about 90 billion meals worth each year.

 | Meg Hilling and Maya Saenz

The New York Stock Exchange

Stocks Fall As Wall Street Braces For Huge Hike In Interest Rates

Newly released data on inflation sent immediate jolts into the markets as a growing number of traders expect another rate hike from the Fed.

 | AP

Customers shop at a grocery store

U.S. Inflation Reached 40-Year High Of 9.1% In June

Consumer prices in June saw the biggest 12-month increase since 1981 and were up from an 8.6% jump in May.

 | AP and Scripps News Staff

A man sits in the bleachers in a sports stadium.

Billions Of Taxpayer Dollars Are Funding Privately Run Sports Stadiums

In "In the Loop: Scoreboard," Christian Bryant looks into the common, yet confusing, practice of taxpayer-funded sports venues.

 | Scripps News Staff

Gasoline prices are shown at a gas station on June 9, 2022.

Average U.S. Gasoline Price Falls 19 Cents To $4.86 Per Gallon

The average price at the pump is down 24 cents over the past month.

 | AP

Prices are shown at a gas station.

Gas Prices Are Dipping Down, But The Trend Might Not Last Long

Gas prices are slowly slipping down thanks to a drop in oil prices, but experts warn the relief may be temporary.

 | Stephen Graddick IV

Hiring sign outside a business

U.S. Employers Add A Solid 372,000 Jobs In June

Weekly jobless claims spiked to the highest figure in nearly six months, but there are roughly two posted job openings for every unemployed worker.

 | AP and Scripps News Staff