A makeshift memorial to honor the victims of the shootings at Robb Elementary School

Uvalde School Officials Brief Parents On Security Changes For New Year

Parents on Monday night received an update from the school district on security upgrades for the coming year.

 | Scripps News Staff

Students arrive for class at a Missouri school

Missouri School District Reinstates Spanking If Parents OK

Classes resumed in the Cassville School District for the first time since the school board in June approved bringing corporal punishment back.

 | AP

A young man reads on Howard University campus.

Who Qualifies For Biden's Student Loan Forgiveness Plan?

Many Republicans criticized the announcement, arguing it will make inflation worse by giving people more money to spend.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

College graduates

Is A College Education Still Worth It?

Collegiate experts agree that a college degree is still generally worth the time and money.

 | Veronica De La Cruz

Back-to-school supplies in a store

Social Media Influencers Helping Teachers Prepare For School Year

Teachers typically rely on their own money or donations to help prepare for a new school year, but now social media influencers are joining the cause.

 | Bianca Facchinei

Students walk in a school hallway.

How Texas Quashed Sex-Ed Lessons On Consent

A Newsy investigation reveals a push by organized groups to stop schools from teaching what advocates say is critical to preventing sexual assault.

 | Mark Greenblatt and Carrie Cochran and Rosie Cima and Amy Fan

U.S. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona

Education Secretary Defends Student Loan Forgiveness Despite Criticism

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona discusses the Biden administration's student loan forgiveness program and how it will impact Americans' futures.

 | Gage Jackson and James Packard

A school resource officer speaks with a student

How Helpful Are Police Officers In Schools?

Today there are at least 14,000 officers in American schools.

 | Maritsa Georgiou and Eli Kintisch

Videos under #teachersoftiktok are shown.

Teachers On TikTok Give Inside Look Into The Profession

Teachers sharing more about their classroom and teaching style are making their rounds on TikTok, giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the job.

 | Casey Mendoza

Domestic Policy Adviser Susan Rice speaks during a briefing at the White House.

Some Economists Say Loan Forgiveness Plan Could Increase Inflation

Though the economist outlook varies, some say the Biden administration's plan to cancel some student loan debt could add to inflation rates.

 | James Packard

A student walking to board a school bus.

Nearly One-Third Of Parents Worry School Traffic Is Dangerous

A poll says some of parents' biggest concerns are drivers not paying attention, or speeding.

 | Scripps News Staff

President Biden speaks

Biden Announces Long-Awaited Student Debt Forgiveness Plan

President Biden is also extending a pause on federal student loan payments for what he called the "final time" through the end of 2022.

 | AP and Willie James Inman

Shaquille O'Neal

Papa John's And Shaq Team Up To Help College Students Pay Tuition

Papa John's Dough and Degrees program helps employees obtain a degree, without having to worry about the burdens of student loan debt.

 | Stephen Graddick IV

A teacher looks through a bookshelf.

Curriculum Wars Are Intensifying Amid Rising Teacher Burnout

More schools are policing what can be taught, from discussions of gender identity to race.

 | Ben Schamisso

Parents of first-grade students watch their children through a classroom window on the first day back to school

Why Are Teachers Quitting?

School districts across the country are facing teacher vacancies due to teachers quitting and leave the industry.

 | Amber Strong

Laiah Collins, 4, and Charisma Edwards, 5, work with Davetra Richardson in a classroom

The Cost Of Being A Teacher

Teachers are spending hundreds of dollars out of pocket on school supplies to personal protective equipment.

 | Stephen Graddick IV

Signs are seen at the entrance of Chalmers Elementary school in Chicago

Enrollment Down At Public Schools Around The Country

School enrollment is down significantly due to many parents homeschooling and enrolling their children in private schools.

 | Cat Sandoval

Angela Pike watches her fourth grade students at Lakewood Elementary School in Cecilia

Schools Face Massive Teacher Shortages

School districts are facing a teacher shortage amid the pandemic, and teachers are retiring early due to stress.

 | Stephen Graddick IV

Fourth grade students at Lakewood Elementary School in Cecilia, Ky.

Nearly 2 Million Students Left Public Schools For Other Alternatives

The number of students in private schools, charter schools, and home-schooling programs went up 10% in 2022 from 8% in spring 2020.

 | Diana Zito

A school bus picks up kids.

School Districts Across U.S. Work To Entice Bus Drivers Amid Shortage

School districts across the U.S. aren't just dealing with teacher deficits in the classroom; they're also needing to fill bus driver seats.

 | John Mone

A Cobb County School bus moves on street

Why Are School Buses Yellow?

The history of why school buses are yellow.

 | Casey Mendoza

A school board member in Fargo, N.D., is greeted by Vietnam veteran following a special meeting

North Dakota School Board Reinstates Pledge Of Allegiance

It previously said the pledge did not align with the district's diversity and inclusion code in part because "under God" does not include all faiths.

 | AP

Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas

33 Police Officers Assigned To Uvalde School District Campuses

Gov. Greg Abbott said the district superintendent requested additional officers for the upcoming school year to make everyone feel safer.

 | Scripps News Staff

A parent shops for school supplies

Parents Worry About Increasing Cost Of School Supplies

Some organizations are helping their communities get ready to go back to school as parents share concerns about rising costs for school supplies.

 | Cat Sandoval

Two sisters pick out new backpacks at a Chicago Public Schools back-to-school supply giveaway.

Inflation Weighs On Back-To-School Buying For Many Families

This back-to-school season, parents — particularly in the low to middle income bracket — are focusing on the basics while shopping at cheaper stores.

 | AP

A poster listing classroom rules

School Districts Are Scrambling To Find Teachers

School districts are facing a nationwide teacher shortage amid pandemic burnout, low salaries and rising housing costs.

 | Meg Hilling

U.S. currency

Why Are More States Requiring Personal Finance Education?

Fourteen states now require high school students to take a financial literacy course before graduating.

 | Bianca Facchinei

Birth control pills

Why Isn't There Consensus On Sex Education?

The nation’s views on sex ed have shifted greatly over the past 30 years.

 | Emily Grossberg and Amber Strong

First Lady Jill Biden and tennis great Billie Jean King

First Lady Jill Biden Marks 50th Anniversary Of Title IX

The 1972 legislation prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in federally funded education programs.

 | AP and Scripps News Staff

College graduates

Why Can't Student Loans Be Cancelled?

According to, student loan debt is growing six times faster than the nation’s economy.  

 | Alexandra Miller and Eli Kintisch