A vote banner is seen at an Amazon warehouse building in Bessemer, Ala.

Amazon Workers In Alabama Get A Do-over In Union Election

A labor board will let Amazon workers in Alabama vote in a new union election.

 | AP

Protesters call for a raise in the federal minimum wage

Pandemic Fuels Wage Debate In America

Protests took place across the country Tuesday to raise the federal minimum wage, which sits at $7.25.

 | Bianca Facchinei

Chance Seales interviews Urban Winery worker

Dream Jobs: Urban Winery

Urban Winery wanted to share the mystery of the winemaking process with the people of Washington, D.C.

 | Chance Seales

George Washington University basketball coach Jamion Christian stands with players

Dream Jobs: College Basketball Coach

George Washington University coach Jamion Christian finds success by making sure his players feel love and accountability.

 | Chance Seales

Firefighter approaches truck

Dream Jobs: Firefighter

Firefighters put their lives at risk to serve their communities. For many it's a dream job.

 | Chance Seales

Lauren Bates

Dream Jobs: Women's Travel Guide

Lauren Bates runs Wild Terrains, a group travel company for women. She showed Newsy around her dream job.

 | Adam Elrashidi

Sean Joyce on stage

Dream Jobs: Comedian

After the comedy club he performed at closed down, he started a weekly free comedy show in a bar basement. Now, it's nationally recognized.

 | Adam Elrashidi

Christmas Tree farmer's hand

Dream Jobs: Christmas Tree Farmer

Ricky Hoybach runs Country Loving Christmas Tree Farm. He showed Newsy around his dream job.

 | Newsy/ Megan Smith

The Great Zucchini

Dream Jobs: Child Entertainer

The Great Zucchini shares his dream job experiences with Newsy's Bianca Facchinei. After thirty years, he's one of the top child entertainers in D.C.

 | Bianca Facchinei

Life coach and astrologer

Dream Jobs: Astrologer / Life Coach

Astrologer and life coach, Tracey Rogers showed Newsy's Bianca Facchinei around her dream job.

 | Bianca Facchinei

Bresca team has a meeting

Dream Jobs: Michelin Star Chef

Chef Ryan Ratino followed his love of cooking and founded the modern American restaurant, Bresca, in Washington, D.C.

 | Chance Seales

Sarah Hurwitz and Chance Seales

Dream Jobs: Speechwriter And Author

Speechwriter Sarah Hurwitz made the political feel personal when she crafted speeches for former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama.

 | Chance Seales

Susanne Reber

Dream Jobs: Podcaster

For Susanne Reber, a good podcast taps into the universal human experience.

 | Chance Seales

Art consultant Nina Caccioppoli O'Neil takes a photo of flowers.

Dream Jobs: Art Consultant

Art can set the mood in a room. As an art consultant, Nina Caccioppoli O'Neil helps people make the mood just right.

 | Chance Seales

Actor in costume

Dream Jobs: Musical Theater Actor

Luke Spring is a musical theater actor from 'Newsies.' He knew wanted to be on the stage since he was four when he tried on a pair of tap shoes.

 | Chance Seales

Capitol Hill tour guide

Dream Jobs: Capitol Tour Guide

He explains the meaning behind every sculpture and plaque on Capitol Hill.

 | Chance Seales

Chance Seales and bull rider Sean Willingham

Dream Jobs: Bull Rider

To minimize the risks of bull riding, riders have to stay in excellent shape.

 | Chance Seales

Dawson Saint Jour

Dream Jobs: Fitness Influencer

Dawson Saint Jour uses social media to expand his outreach as a fitness influencer.

 | Chance Seales

Jonte Lee talking

Dream Jobs: STEM Teacher

Jonte Lee explains chemistry to his students while relating it to their everyday lives.

 | Chance Seales

Captain Jon Moro

Dream Jobs: Ship Captain

Captain Jon Moro manages all of the elements aboard his ship. His water taxi shows visitors the Wharf and the Alexandria Waterfront in Washington D.C.

 | Chance Seales

Kyle Dargan

Dream Jobs: Literature Professor

He published his first book when he was still in grad school and later launched into a professorship at American University.

 | Chance Seales

Translator talking in microphone

Dream Jobs: Translator

Military personnel and diplomats from around the hemisphere communicate using translators like Marilia Vinson.

 | Chance Seales

Happied app

Dream Jobs: Happy Hour Entrepreneur

The team at Happied designed a system to find the ideal happy hour. @HappiedDC

 | Chance Seales

An employee checks a Boeing 737 MAX 9 airplane from a lift outside the government contractor's factory

How A 'Religious Exemptions' Proposal Could Impact Hiring Rules

The proposed rule clarifies what exactly a religious discrimination exemption means for federal contractors.

 | LeeAnne Lowry

Chance Seales talks with Pastor Julie Pennington-Russell

Dream Jobs: Pastor

Julie Pennington-Russell says people come to her when they've found that political or socioeconomic structures have made their lives unsatisfying.

 | Chance Seales

Muralist using a stencil

Dream Jobs: Muralist

For one mural, Eric B. Ricks wanted to capture the global immigrant experience.

 | Chance Seales

before and after photos

Dream Jobs: Home Stager

Changing the way furniture is arranged in a house can transform the entire space. Caroline Carter showed Newsy around her dream job.

 | Chance Seales

Actor in front of the mirror

Dream Jobs: Actor

Ahmed T. Brooks is an actor in Drunk Shakespeare, a retelling of the classic plays.

 | Austin Kim

Bunch of books on a table

Dream Jobs: Non-Profit Advocate

At A Wider Circle, Rachel Buck connects her community with the supplies they need.

 | Chance Seales

Herbs on a table

Dream Jobs: Food Stylist

Food stylist Lisa Cherkasky shows Newsy's Chance Seales around her dream job.

 | Chance Seales