Crossword maker

Dream Jobs: Crossword Constructor

They say it's the clues that make a puzzle difficult, not the words.

 | Chance Seales and Megan Smith

Florist Paige Long

Dream Jobs: Florist

When Paige Long became a florist, she had never even received flowers. Now she builds arrangements by hand every day.

 | Chance Seales and Megan Smith

Mary Kong-Devito

Dream Jobs: Restaurant E-Impresario

Mary Kong-Devito helps restaurants create their online persona in a social media-dominant world.

 | Chance Seales

Makeup brushes in a cup

Dream Jobs: Hair And Makeup Artist

For Allie Kunkler, being a professional makeup artist is about more than making clients look beautiful. It's also about connection and creativity.

 | Sarah Giroux and Colleen O'Neill

Rosana Vollmerhausen

Dream Jobs: Personal Stylist

Rosana Vollmerhausen says her job is equal parts learning a client's style and pushing them out of their comfort zone.

 | Chance Seales and Megan Smith

McDonald's employee

Teens Are Waiting Longer To Get A Job — And That Affects All Of Us

They may not be flashy, but summer jobs introduce teens to the world of work.

 | Phil Pruitt and Chance Seales

Colin Hartman, Harper Macaw

Dream Jobs: Chocolate Maker

Harper Macaw is working to be a small model for positive change in the cacao supply chain.

 | Chance Seales

Kristof Grina

Dream Jobs: Urban Farmer

Rooftop farms aren't only for growing food. They also start a conversation about the environment.

 | Chance Seales

Real estate photographer David Lewis

Dream Jobs: Real Estate Photographer

David was a lawyer for the D.C. police department, and he loved it. But he decided to take a chance on something he loves even more.

 | Chance Seales

Dream Jobs: Sommelier

One of the nation's top sommeliers tells us how to drink wine like a pro and how she landed her dream job.

 | Sarah Giroux

Dream Jobs: Trapeze Artist

These women have the type of job you may have dreamed of as a kid, then forgotten all about. They didn't. Their aspirations led them to the circus.

 | Newsy

Rooftop farming

Dream Jobs: Rooftop Farmer

You probably won't find a shorter farm-to-table to table journey anywhere. Natalie Carver shows us around her dream job as a rooftop farmer.

 | Chance Seales and Megan Smith

A cute dog

Dream Jobs: Doggy Daycare

Picture this: You get to play with dogs all day long. Yes, that's a real job. Some dogs even bring their own lunches.

 | Chance Seales and Megan Smith

Chance Seales and Charles Thomas

Dream Jobs: Reclaimed Wood Craftsman

Keeping sustainability in mind, Charles Thomas takes old furniture pieces and transforms them into new, unique designs.

 | Chance Seales and Megan Smith

Justin Schuble

Dream Jobs: Instagram Food Influencer

Five years ago, Schuble was posting pictures of his food just every few weeks. Now he usually eats out twice a day.

 | Chance Seales and Megan Smith

Panda at Smithsonian National Zoo

Dream Jobs: Panda Keeper

Only four institutions in the world are home to giant pandas, so Shellie Pick is one of the lucky ones.

 | Chance Seales

Candy Schibli and Chance Seales

Dream Jobs: Coffee Entrepreneur

Southeastern's product is coffee, but its mission is to make that coffee environmentally sustainable, too.

 | Chance Seales

Laurie Gillman and Chance Seales

Dream Jobs: Independent Bookstore Owner

Laurie has lived in Capitol Hill for 25 years. She felt like her neighborhood of readers was missing a good bookstore.

 | Chance Seales

Tom Sietsema, Washington Post food critic

Dream Jobs: Tom Sietsema, Food Critic At The Washington Post

Sietsema started as a copy boy at the Post soon after graduating from college. Now, he's the Post's anonymous — and powerful — food critic.

 | Chance Seales and Megan Smith

Bread at 'A Baked Joint'

Dream Jobs: Family Bakery

The Velasquez family is a self-proclaimed bread family. So they opened A Baked Joint to make the good bread they couldn't find anywhere else.

 | Chance Seales and Megan Smith

Chance Seales and Judy Kurtz

Dream Jobs: Judy Kurtz, 'In The Know' Columnist At The Hill

Kurtz covers a divided Capitol Hill, but she says people are willing to talk on both sides of the aisle.

 | Chance Seales and Megan Smith

It's Getting Harder To Find Jobs In Most US Metros

In more than two-thirds of the U.S.'s largest metro areas, residents have fewer job opportunities within a typical commute than they did in 2000.

 | Steven Sparkman

High Schoolers More Worried Than Ever About Finding Jobs

According to a new Gallup poll, more and more high schoolers say they aren't confident that they'll find a good job after graduating.

 | Ben Levin