Power transmission lines

Criminal Investigations Underway After Continued Power Grid Attacks

2022 had the highest number of attacks on the nation's power grid system in a decade, according to Politico.

 | Meg Hilling

A Tacoma Power crew works at an electrical substation damaged by vandals early on Christmas morning.

3 Washington State Electric Substations Vandalized

The attacks come as federal officials are warning that the U.S. power grid needs better security to prevent domestic terrorism.

 | AP

Nuclear fusion machinery in a laboratory.

U.S. Scientists Announce Fusion Energy Breakthrough

Researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for the first time produced more energy in a fusion reaction than was used to ignite it.

 | AP

People working on equipment at an electric substation.

Power Restored To North Carolina County Affected By Shooting

More than 45,000 customers in Moore County lost power over the weekend after one or more people damaged electric substations with gunfire.

 | AP

This photo shows the gate to the Duke Energy West End substation in Moore County, N.C. on Sunday

Thousands Are Still Without Power After Outage In North Carolina

Saturday evening, someone shot at two power substations, knocking out electricity for some 45,000 North Carolinians.

 | Jamal Andress

Home thermostat

What's Cheaper: Turning Up The Thermostat Or Using Space Heaters?

With fuel costs expected to rise this winter, it pays to know whether it's more efficient to turn up your thermostat or use well-placed space heaters.

 | Anna Weaver

Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, OPEC, Secretary-General Haitham al-Ghaisin

Why Does OPEC Control Oil Prices?

OPEC comprises 13 countries including some of the world’s largest oil exporters.

 | Patrick McGovern and James Packard

People charging their phones in Ukraine.

Russian Strikes Force Hours-Long Power Outages In Ukraine

Grid operators say freezing temperatures and increased Russian shelling are putting additional pressure on the country's energy networks.

 | AP and Scripps News Staff

A logo for BP is seen at a gas station in London

Why Is Natural Gas So Expensive Now?

Supply for natural gas has increased, but so has demand. So why is natural gas becoming so expensive now?

 | Eli Kintisch

Gas prices are shown.

Major Diesel Supplier Warns Of Shortage, Higher Prices

Some stakeholders say the U.S. government needs to increase production and expand leasing to oil drilling to avoid a diesel shortage.

 | James Packard

Homeowner cleans the steps to his home from snow.

10 Money-Saving Tips For A Warmer House Without Turning Up The Heat

If you've been resisting cranking up the thermostat during the nippy days this season, try these clever ways to keep your house warm.

 | Marie Rossiter

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

EU Leaders Hold Divisive Summit Over Energy Crisis

European Union leaders are struggling to reach an agreement on ways to ease soaring energy prices as winter approaches.

 | AP and Scripps News Staff

sign of electric car charging space is seen at a beachside car park in Sydney, Australia

Are Electric Cars Really More Environmentally Friendly?

Getting more electric vehicles on the roads is a key part of President Joe Biden’s plan to fight off the worst effects of climate change.

 | James Packard and Emily Grossberg

Gas leak disturbance in the sea.

EU Says Blasts Preceded Baltic Pipeline Leaks; Sabotage Suspected

European leaders and experts pointed to possible sabotage amid the energy standoff with Russia provoked by the war in Ukraine.

 | AP and Scripps News Staff

Workers install solar panels on a house.

Lights Out, Ovens Off: Europe Prepares For Winter Energy Crisis

Europe's dependence on Russian energy has turned the war into an energy and economic crisis, with prices rising to record highs in recent months.

 | AP

Transmission tower.

Report: Americans To Pay More To Heat Their Homes This Winter

In August, more than 20 million families were behind on their utility bills, mainly due to soaring energy costs.

 | Stephanie Sandoval

The Hoover Dam

Low Water Levels At Hoover Dam, Glen Canyon Dam Threaten Power Supply

Water and power supplies for tens of millions of American are being threatened as Lake Powell and Lake Mead water levels continue to drop.

 | Scott Withers

Ben Levitt, director of research and development at Zap Energy

Why Is There New Interest In Fusion Energy?

A company by the name of Zap Energy is trying to find a way to develop more energy output from fusion reactions.

 | Eli Kintisch

Children hang out near an electricity generator under electricity distribution wires

In Parts Of The Mideast, Power Generators Spew Toxic Fumes 24/7

The pollutants caused by massive generators add to the many environmental woes of the Middle East.

 | AP

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

European Union Leaders Divided On How To Curb Soaring Energy Costs

The EU's energy commissioner says the current crisis has made it clear how essential renewable energies, like solar and wind, are for the future.

 | Veronica De La Cruz

Solar panels are installed over an organic orchard.

Farmers Experimenting With Solar Panels To Generate More Revenue

If this sort of farming succeeds, it could help ease competition for land between renewable energy production and agriculture.

 | John Mone

An electric vehicle is plugged into a charger in Los Angeles.

New Gas-Powered Cars Will Be A Thing Of The Past By 2035 In California

California's Air Resources Board approved a sales ban of all new, gas-powered vehicles by 2035, which could slash the state's emissions.

 | James Packard

One of Pacific Gas & Electric's Diablo Canyon Power Plant's nuclear reactors is shown.

The World's Relationship With Nuclear Energy Is Changing

Though the idea of nuclear energy has historically been unpopular, the debate has now changed toward a push for more of it.

 | Scripps News Staff

U.S. Capitol

Inflation Reduction Act Pushes Financial Incentives, Reduced Costs

The Inflation Reduction Act offers tax credits and other incentives for switching to cleaner energy alternatives.

 | Stephen Graddick IV

Outer Banks Brewing Station in North Carolina

North Carolina Brewery Uses Wind Turbine To Make Beer

Outer Banks Brewing Station is taking a tip from the Wright brothers and the winds they used to power the world's first plane.

 | Scott Withers

A store employee helps a customer buy an air conditioning unit.

Higher Demand For Air Conditioning Could Further Affect The Climate

Increasing demand for air conditioning is outpacing supply. This rise in AC use will also affect the climate, which could lead to more heatwaves.

 | Tyler Adkisson

A sign shows gas prices

Oil Companies Cash In Amid High Gas Prices

Oil companies are set to make even more money than they did in 2008 when global oil prices skyrocketed.

 | John Mone

Gasoline nozzle being used to pump gas.

Average U.S. Gasoline Price Falls 32 Cents To $4.54 Per Gallon

The average price of diesel dropped 22 cents over two weeks to $5.55 a gallon.

 | AP and Scripps News Staff

Downed power lines

What Makes The U.S. Power Grid So Vulnerable To Blackouts?

The U.S. power grid is extensive — and precarious.

 | Eli Kintisch

OPEC Secretary General Mohammad Barkindo speaks at a conference

OPEC Secretary-General Dies, Just Weeks Shy Of Departure

Mohammad Barkindo, 63, died late Tuesday in Abuja, a spokesman for Nigeria's petroleum ministry told The Associated Press.

 | AP