Man searches a collapsed building after an earthquake in southern Turkey.

Deadly earthquake exacerbates suffering of displaced Syrians

The deadly 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Turkey near the Syrian border has hit hard in areas that house millions of war-displaced Syrians.

 | AP

A dry irrigation canal runs between two unplanted fields.

More water cuts in the future for Arizona, threatening agriculture

As farmers in Yuma County, Arizona see water cuts, the amount of leafy greens they grow might be affected.

 | Adi Guajardo

A well is shown.

How oil and gas drilling might affect your drinking water

People are getting drinking water from wells that haven't been monitored for carcinogens that can seep into the supply.

 | Daniel Grossman

Jackson, Miss.'s O.B. Curtis Water Plant is shown.

Federal funding helps Jackson, Mississippi address water crisis

A Jackson restaurant owner shares what the millions headed to the city could do to help businesses like his deal with aging infrastructure.

 | Jessie Cohen

Damage from Hurricane Ian in Florida

Supply chain issues slowing down recovery from natural disasters

Supply chain shortages can cause years-long delays in recovering from natural disasters.

 | Scripps News Staff

A trout swimming in a lake.

Study finds high levels of 'forever chemicals' in freshwater fish

U.S scientists found the median levels of PFAS in freshwater fish were more than 270 times higher than those detected in commercially caught fish.

 | Scripps News Staff

Big Elk Creek State Park.

Cleaning up our nation's waterways is proving harder than expected

Of the more than 700,000 miles of waterways in the U.S., nearly 51% are impaired by pollution.

 | Chris Conte

Overhead lights illuminate a tunnel inside the Red Hill Underground Fuel Storage Facility in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Jet fuel, forever chemicals are still leaking into Honolulu's water

The Red Hill fueling station at Pearl Harbor is leaking chemicals into the O'ahu water supply, causing damage that could last generations.

 | Scripps News Staff

A long row of double-stacked shipping containers provide a new wall between the United States and Mexico.

Containers Used As A Border Wall Are Being Removed, But At What Cost?

Environmentalists say the container wall disrupted wildlife, but they worry their expensive removal will cost the land even more.

 | Adi Guajardo

Two men work the measurement phase of the first media snow survey of the season.

California's Heavy Rain Is Pushing Snowpack Out Of Historic Lows

California's snow survey is showing one of its best starts in the last 40 years, which is great news for the West's long-running drought.

 | James Packard

A 2019 photo shows Howard Irwin Fischer in Vermont

New York OKs Human Composting Law; 6th State In U.S. To Do So

Human composting is when the body of the deceased is placed into a reusable vessel along with plant material such as wood chips, alfalfa and straw.

 | AP

A great egret flies above a great blue heron in a wetland in Michigan.

EPA Finalizes Water Rule That Repeals Trump-Era Changes

The rule defines which "waters of the United States" are protected by the Clean Water Act.

 | AP

A woman drops off her Christmas tree for recycling

Christmas Tree Recycling Is A Good Alternative To Landfills

Discarded Christmas trees can be picked up curbside for recycling through regular trash-collection services in various cities.

 | AP

Smokestacks near an oil refinery are seen in front of the Utah State Capitol as an inversion settles over Salt Lake City.

How Poor Air Quality Can Impact A Child's Education

Air pollution affects more than our health — it's also impacting our education system.

 | Chris Stewart

A sprinkler waters a lawn.

Another Drought Emergency Has Been Declared In Southern California

The water district serving 19 million people in and around Los Angeles is telling residents to conserve water to avoid worse restrictions.

 | James Packard

Flint: The Poisoning Of An American City

Flint: The Poisoning Of An American City

When Flint, Michigan, changed its municipal water supply source in 2014, distribution pipes corroded and lead leached out into the drinking water.

 | Scripps News Staff

In Real Life: Plastic Time Bomb

In Real Life: Plastic Time Bomb

A global exploration of microplastics' impact on our planet and on our health — and what scientists are doing to help fix the problem.

 | Nelufar Hedayat and Kevin Clancy

alks on a phone in his car alongside Saddle Road as the Mauna Loa volcano erupts.

Hawaii Volcano's Lava Could Block Major Highway

A blockage of the road would pose problems, especially for those who use it to commute from Hilo and other parts of the island's east side.

 | AP and Scripps News Staff

Solar panels sit in front of Khalifa International Stadium in Qatar.

The Workaround Some Companies Use To Say They're 'Carbon-Neutral'

Some companies buy carbon offset projects to achieve carbon-neutral pledges, but it's hard to prove those projects are doing what they claim.

 | Scripps News Staff

Prince William and Princess Kate

U.K. Royals Arrive In Boston To Showcase Youthful Monarchy

Americans will see the younger face of a monarchy that is tackling important issues as it seeks to remain relevant in modern, multicultural Britain.

 | AP

A bag of nurdles.

New Report Says Texas Waterway Pollution Worst In The Nation

Patrick Bayou is an EPA superfund site, where toxic chemicals flow right into the Houston shipping channel.

 | John Mone

Xie Zhenhua, China's special envoy for climate and Sherry Rehman, minister of climate change for Pakistan

U.N. Climate Deal: Calamity Cash, But No New Emissions Cuts

The deal is a win for poorer nations — often victims of climate-worsened conditions despite having contributed little to the pollution heating Earth.

 | AP

People look toward a smoky forest.


Across deserts, coastlines, and forests, five Native American tribes work to restore their traditional ways of managing and protecting land.

 | Passion River

A sign is seen on a fence near an outdoor Magellan penguin viewing area at the Blank Park Zoo

Avian Flu Is Affecting The Poultry Industry As The Holidays Approach

Bird flu, in the U.S. and abroad, is pushing poultry prices up ahead of Thanksgiving.

 | Meg Hilling

a copper water supply line is shown connected to a water main in Flint, Michigan

Why Is Our Water Quality In Question?

American drinking water infrastructure is aging, and the impacts are increasingly dangerous. How is the U.S. fixing it?

 | Eli Kintisch

The Scholven coal-fired power station

U.N. Report: Climate Pollution Reductions 'Highly Inadequate'

The United Nations Environment Programme says the window is closing on n efforts to keep future warming of the earth at bay.

 | AP

A cow walks through a field as an oil pumpjack and a flare burning off methane and other hydrocarbons stand in the background

U.N. Weather Agency: Greenhouse Gases Reach New Record

Greenhouse gases hit record high levels in the atmosphere last year, the U.N. weather agency said Wednesday, calling it an "ominous" sign.

 | AP

Crews battle a wildfire.

Drought, Fire Risk To Remain High During 3rd La Niña Winter

Winter is likely to bring drier conditions across Southern states and wetter weather for areas including the Great Lakes region and Pacific Northwest.

 | AP and Scott Withers

To Which We Belong

Farmers are on a mission to save their livelihoods — and the planet.

 | Passion River

Red Rock Canyon in Nevada

Cloud Seeding May Help Sustain Ecosystem In Nevada's Red Rock Canyon

Scientists are trying to create snow in the mountains to save the plants and animals in the dried-out canyon.

 | Scott Withers