A forest is on fire in India.

Growing Efforts To Name, Categorize Heat Waves Point To Their Danger

Higher attention to treat heat waves as climate threats has strengthened calls to name them like hurricanes.

 | James Packard

People protest against environmental racism.

How City Planning Can Support Environmental Justice

Some states had new policies to protect against environmental racism, but many of them are now outdated.

 | Scripps News Staff

Water drips from a faucet near boat docks sitting on dry land

Southern California Under New Water Restrictions Amid Drought

The Golden State is hoping to cut down on water use by 35% as it heads into its third straight year of drought.

 | Briana Koeneman and James Packard

Trapper Mike Kimmel.

Conservationist Helps South Florida’s Endangered Ecosystem

Invasive species have gotten to Florida in a number of ways, but introduction of species began in the late 1800s and has escalated since then.

 | Kyle Short

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk

FAA Delays Environmental Review Of SpaceX Starship Again

FAA red tape is a reminder of the balance between finding new frontiers for life and protecting the one we already have.

 | James Packard

Historic site of Jamestown, Virginia

Historic Site Of Jamestown, VA Threatened By Rising Sea Levels

Climate change is endangering the nation's first permanent settlement — Jamestown, Virginia.

 | Scott Withers

Mermaids swim in a pool.

Mermaids Aren't Just Entertainers. Many Are Environmental Advocates

The Sacramento Mermaid Convention is full of merfolk, many of whom are combining fun with a passion for environmentalism.

 | Cat Sandoval

A man talks about receiving the call that his mother had died as his wife becomes emotional

Deaths Of 3 Women In Early Heat Wave Raise Questions, Fears

Because of climate change, deadly heat waves can strike just about anywhere, don't only fall in the height of summer and need not last long.

 | AP

Bees fill a hive.

Losing Bees Could Have Huge Implications For The Environment

The decline or loss of bees could affect our food and other products, but it can also affect our environment, as they serve as a pollinator.

 | Scripps News Staff

Wind turbines in front of a coal fired power plant

Solving Clean Energy's Consistency Problem

Scientists are exploring new technologies like artificial intelligence and rechargeable battery storage to make renewable energy more reliable.

 | Scott Withers

Heavy traffic

Renewed Hope For Action On Climate Change

What reasons are there to feel guarded optimism about tackling climate change?

 | Eli Kintisch

Saguaro cacti are shown in front of an Arizona landscape.

Climate Change Is Threatening The Saguaro Cactus' Survival

Saguaro cactus reproduction has hit a wall in the last decade, with stress preventing the plants from surviving into adulthood.

 | Adi Guajardo

Vehicle traffic and dense smog in New Delhi, India.

Study: Global Pollution Kills 9 Million People A Year

The global average is 117 pollution deaths per 100,000 people.

 | AP and Scripps News Staff

Fire consumes land in Brazil

Scientists Give Earth 50-50 Chance Of Hitting Key Warming Mark By 2026

The World Meteorological Association reports that the planet could potentially pass the 1.5 degrees celsius threshold as soon as this year.

 | AP and Scott Withers

Kids take part in gardening inside the Family Garden at The New York Botanical Garden in New York.

Teaching Children About Conservation, How To Make A Difference

There are many ways children can be proactive about climate change, which in turn helps alleviate climate anxiety.

 | Shelby Lin Erdman

Rusting debris that used to be underwater sits above the water level on Lake Mead

Human Remains Surfacing As Lake Mead Water Levels Drop

After a decades-long drought, the reservoir that 40 million people in six states depend on is now only about 30% full.

 | Clayton Sandell

A man climbs a pile of rubble left from a natural disaster.

Natural Disasters Are Getting Worse, But So Is FEMA Aid For Survivors

Disaster relief is needed now more than ever as natural disasters increase, but FEMA often denies requests, especially to marginalized communities.

 | Scripps News Staff

Salvation Army hydration station

KNXV: Phoenix Approves New Plan To Combat Heat-Related Deaths

According to health data, Maricopa County has seen a 400% increase in heat-related deaths since 2014.

 | Patrick Hayes

Top of Lake Mead drinking water Intake No. 1 above the surface level of the Colorado River reservoir.

Vegas Water Intake Now Visible At Drought-Stricken Lake Mead

Lake Mead and Lake Powell upstream are the largest human-made reservoirs in the U.S.

 | AP

Emissions from industrial development

Pressure Mounts On EU To Cut Its Dependence On Russian Energy

The European Union is scrambling to phase out its use of Russian energy. In the meantime, it continues to make hefty payments to the Kremlin.

 | Ben Schamisso

A small stream runs through the dried, cracked earth of a former wetland near Tulelake, California

Officials Ask Californians To Limit Water Usage Amid Historic Drought

Critical water supplies to the American southwest are drying up.

 | James Packard

Small stream of water runs through dried, cracked field

About 6M Californians Ordered To Cut Water Usage Amid Drought

Some cities and water agencies in Southern California have been ordered to cut back water usage starting June 1 or face hefty fines.

 | AP

Hurricane Laura in 2020

Multiple Studies Forecast Worsening Natural Disasters

All of the studies find the only way to reduce the risk of disasters is to reduce climate change driven by greenhouse gas emissions.

 | Scott Withers

Trees are shown.

Washington Changes Logging Plans To Generate Carbon Offset

Washington's new initiative will replace logging income with revenue generated by carbon offset, benefiting the planet and those that need the money.

 | Sam Eaton

Environmental activist Rob Greenfield.

How Can We Live A More Sustainable Lifestyle?

According to EPA, the average American produces around 4.5 pounds of trash each day.

 | Scripps News Staff

Indiana landowner Norman Welker.

Farming's Next Frontier: Solar Energy

Indiana's solar industry has been booming. It's projected to grow to be the 4th largest in the U.S. over the next five years.

 | Meg Hilling

Winemaker lights anti-frost candles in a vineyard

How Climate Change Is Driving Innovation Toward More Sustainable Wines

Climate plays a critical role in the wine industry, and many winemakers are finding it more difficult to adapt to the ever-changing weather patterns.

 | Lindsay Tuchman

Workers at a recycling plant

Why Does The U.S. Produce So Much Waste?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. produced about 36 million tons of plastic waste in 2018.

 | Meg Hilling and Scripps News Staff

President Joe Biden

As Earth Day Approaches, The President's Climate Agenda Stalls

President Biden plans to mark Earth Day in Seattle Friday, but he's struggled to make progress on the sweeping environmental agenda he campaigned on.

 | AP

Waves crash over a seawall at the mouth of the Miami River in Florida.

Weather Changes Have Americans Moving To Cooler Locales

We're already living through some severe threats: sea level rise, heat waves, floods, wildfires and droughts. And they are going to intensify.

 | Scott Withers