Climate scientist injects an ethane tracer to measure kitchen chamber volume.

Study: Gas Stoves Worse For Climate Than Previously Thought

Methane is a greenhouse gas that is dozens of times more potent than carbon dioxide but doesn't stay in the atmosphere nearly as long.

 | AP

Worker clears snow in New York's Times Square

People On East Coast Warned To Prepare For Potential Nor'easter

Residents along the Northeast Atlantic coast are being advised to prepare for potentially heavy snowfall and high winds.

 | Scott Withers

Snowmaking machines spray artificial snow on a ski slope

The Negative Impact Of Snowmaking Machines

The demand for artificial snow is rising, but climatologists say the impact on the environment isn't viable long-term.

 | Scott Withers

The National Mall in Washington, D.C.

How Global Cities Could Look Under 3 Degrees Of Warming

The nonprofit Climate Central visualized what sea levels would look like under 3 degrees C of warming.

 | Scripps News Staff

A temperature reading of almost 106 degrees in downtown Portland.

2021 Ranks As Earth's 6th Hottest Year On Record

Scientists say the exceptionally hot year is part of a long-term warming trend that shows hints of accelerating.

 | AP

Clam and oyster shells are dumped into the water

Oyster Shells Recycled Back Into Coastal Waters To Restore Reefs

The Galveston Bay Foundation in Texas is using restaurants' leftover shells to increase oyster population and improve the quality of coastal waters.

 | Scott Withers

A discarded face mask lies in the street in San Francisco.

Face Masks Are Hurting The Environment

Disposable masks are usually made of polypropylene, which can break into microplastics and if eaten by wildlife can block their digestive tracts.

 | Cat Sandoval

Dry fields.

Lawmakers Discuss What We Can Do To Combat Climate Change

Leaders around the world are working to combat climate change. But what can be done here in the U.S.?

 | Scripps News Staff

Joy Klineberg tosses a lemon peel into a bag to be used for composting

Composting Now Required By California Law

California has made a food recycling program mandatory, where residents have to separate compostables from the rest of the trash.

 | James Packard

Shoppers look through the merchandise at a store

Think Before You Return That Gift, It Might End Up In A Landfill

Returned inventory creates 5.8 billion pounds of waste each year according to Optoro, a logistics company that specializes in returned merchandise.

 | Cat Sandoval

California Department of Water Resources check the depth of a snow pack.

California Needs More Snow To Offset Drought, Diminished Runoff Levels

Nearly all of California's major reservoirs are below their historic averages.

 | Jason Bellini

Bottled water

Making U.S. Water Treatment More Resilient

Advocates for decentralized water treatment say the practice could make water networks in the U.S. more resilient.

 | Rob Nelson

A woman skis down a snowy slope.

Climate Change Is Impacting Snow Sports

Skiers and snowboarders say they're racing to protect their sport and the planet amid the warming climate.

 | Meg Hilling

Snow covers vehicles

Meteorological Winter Begins

Meteorological winter runs from Dec. 1 through the end of February. How this winter will impact you depends on where you live.

 | Scott Withers

Climbers scale the side of a mountain.

The Rocky Future Of Climbing Due To Climate Change

Climbers and scientists say climate change is altering routes, creating obstacles and changing the sport of climbing forever.

 | Meg Hilling

Dresses hang on a rack

Fast Fashion's Impact On The Environment

The fashion industry has a major impact on the environment and there can be a lot of waste associated with cheaper clothing typically bought at malls.

 | Scripps News Staff

Floodwaters in aftermath of Hurricane Ida

2021 Hurricane Season Ends As Third Most Active On Record

The season — which officially runs June 1 to Nov. 30 — had 21 named storms, seven hurricanes and four major hurricanes.

 | Scott Withers

A surfer walks a rock ledge near the ocean.

How Climate Change Is Impacting Surfing

Surfers and scientists say climate change and rising sea levels are altering waves they ride.

 | Meg Hilling

Cranberries grow on a plant

Making Cranberries More Resilient To Climate Change

Scientists are working to make cranberry production more sustainable.

 | Scripps News Staff

Firefighters battle the Sugar Fire that is part of the Beckwourth Complex Fire in Plumas National Park.

Global Warming Is Drying Out Fire Fuels

A new study suggests humans could be the reason the wildfire seasons are getting worse.

 | Scott Withers

In Real Life: Blowout

Newsy traces the global path of American fossil fuels and their impact on profits and the planet.

A photo of a tree on fire in the Trail of 100 Giants grove in Sequoia National Forest, Calif.

California Wildfires Torch Thousands Of Giant Sequoia Trees

U.S. officials say several wildfires have destroyed many thousands of giant sequoia trees in California in a two-year period.

 | AP

A photo of the Tapajos National Forest and a soy field in Brazil.

Brazil's Amazon Deforestation Surges To Worst In 15 Years

Officials in Brazil say the Amazon has seen the worst increase in deforestation in 15 years.

 | AP

A man operates a personal watercraft along a road flooded by water from the Skagit River.

Northwest Storm Triggers Mudslides, Floods And Evacuations

Tens of thousands of people are without power in the Northwest after rain swamped some areas.

 | Scott Withers

Flood waters in Washington state.

U.S. Coast Guard Rescues 10 People From Washington State Floods

The Coast Guard brought in a helicopter to rescue people who were trapped in their homes by rushing flood waters.

 | AP

Climate activists hold a demonstration through the venue of the COP26 U.N. Climate Summit

Out Of Time: Climate Talks Go Past Deadline

Friday's draft proposals called on countries to accelerate "the phaseout of unabated coal power and of inefficient subsidies for fossil fuels."

 | AP

Wastewater flowing through a water supply plant.

There's A Growing Interest In Wastewater Recycling

Communities across the country are reconsidering a process they've long avoided.

 | Scott Withers

Buddhist monk Bhikkhu Bodhi

A Buddhist Monk's International Journey To Combat Climate Change

Bhikkhu Bodhi is a world-renowned scholar and monk who travels the globe to spread his message on climate change and sustainable living.

 | Amber Strong

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres speaking during an interview at COP26.

U.N. Chief Says Global Warming Goal On 'Life Support'

The U.N. Secretary-General warned that climate talks at COP26 are on "life support," and likely won't yield the needed reductions in emissions.

 | AP

Cars and trucks move on a highway

Leaders Discuss Global Transportation At COP26 Climate Summit

Cost-effective, sustainable technologies were on display.

 | Luke Hanrahan