'Fit For Work' Employees In The UK Are Dying, And Often

The U.K. welfare system is under fire after a report showed about 80 Britons died each month shortly after they were deemed "fit for work."

 | Katie Link

French-American Identified As 5th Defender In Train Attack

A new passenger has been named in the recent French train attack –– a French-American who was the first to confront the gunman.

 | Ryan Biek and Sebastian Martinez

Thousands Of Migrants Are Stuck Between Macedonia And Greece

Migrants are stuck between Macedonia and Greece as they try to make their way to Europe. So why isn't Macedonia letting them through?

 | Jake Godin

Two Americans Overpower Gunman On A French Train

A gunman who opened fire on a train headed to Paris was apparently subdued by two American servicemen.

 | Eugene Daniels

Alexis Tsipras Just Resigned: Here's Why

In the face of resistance within his own party, Greece's Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras just resigned, but it's not for the reason you'd expect.

 | Jake Godin

Why Putin Can't Keep His Top On

Russian President Vladimir Putin's constant display of manliness in front of the cameras has a purpose. It's holding Russia together.

 | Elizabeth Hagedorn

Britain's Version Of Bernie Sanders Polls Like Donald Trump

Left-wing MP Jeremy Corbyn's campaign to run the Labour Party has surged in the polls, and it's sending party leaders into a panic.

 | Matt Picht

McDonald's Boss Accused Of Refusing Shifts To Black Employee

A British woman says her boss told her black employees couldn't take shifts because they weren't performing.

 | Lexie Hammesfahr

Cameron's Answer To 'Calais Crisis' Is More Border Security

Migrants are jumping the fence in Calais, France, to try to get to Britain through the Channel Tunnel. Is tightening security there a viable strategy?

 | Sebastian Martinez

Zimbabwe Wants Britain To Return Skulls

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe harshly criticized Britain during part of a speech for supposedly housing Zimbabwean skulls in a history museum.

 | Jake Godin

Queen Made 'Greased Brakes' Remark At News Of Diana's Crash

After learning of Princess Diana's car crash, a new book says Queen Elizabeth mused, "Someone must have greased the brakes."

 | Cliff Judy

Former Homeless Student Finds New Home At Cambridge

Jacob Lewis slept on friends' sofas while he finished his studies at Coleg y Cymoedd. Now he's headed to Cambridge.

 | Jake Godin

Kensington Palace Is Fed Up With Aggressive Paparazzi

A statement from Kensington Palace warns the lengths photographers go to to get pictures of Prince George are becoming a security risk.

 | Evan Thomas

Julian Assange's Diplomatic Standoff: A Primer

Sweden has dropped part of its sexual assault investigation against WikiLeaks' Julian Assange, but his legal hurdles aren't over yet.

 | Elizabeth Hagedorn

How To Get A Major Website Blocked In Russia

Russian censors announced they would block Reddit Wednesday, proving all it takes to earn a block is one questionable page and an HTTPS connection.

 | Steven Sparkman

Greece Reaches Technical Agreement In New Bailout

Greece has reached an agreement with its creditors, but the country still needs political approval for the latest bailout plan.

 | Jamal Andress

MH17 Crash Investigators Find Possible Russian Missile Parts

The Dutch Safety Board investigating the MH17 crash says it has found possible Russian-made missile parts at the crash site.

 | Jake Godin

JK Rowling Calls Out Daily Express For Criticism Of BBC Show

JK Rowling called out the Daily Express after it published a front-page story criticizing the BBC for filming a program at a migrant camp.

 | Katherine Biek

Satirists Use Hitler Quotes To Expose Daily Mail Commenters

In case you needed more proof the comments section is a horrible corner of the Internet, these Hitler quotes got a lot of up votes.

 | Matt Moreno

Woman Sheds 106 Pounds By Drinking Green Tea

Samantha Rees drank nine cups of green tea a day and lost 106 pounds over a little more than a year.

 | Katherine Biek

The Latest Plan To Save The Red Phone Box: Coffee Kiosks

The U.K.'s famous red phone box will never go extinct as long as people are willing to make coffee shops out of them.

 | Steven Sparkman

Ex-British PM Edward Heath Once Accused Of Child Sex Abuse

The U.K.'s police watchdog has revealed that former British Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath was accused of child sexual abuse in the 1990s.

 | Elizabeth Hagedorn

30 Miles To Freedom: Migrants' Deadly Journey Into The UK

Thousands fleeing Africa and the Middle East are trying to make their way into the U.K. via the Channel Tunnel from the French port city of Calais.

 | Jake Godin

Ghostly Figure Seen In Picture Is Giving People The Chills

A picture of a ghostly figure seen in a window is giving people in Wem, England, the chills. Other weird sightings have been reported in the town.

 | Becca Dunn

Woman Charged After Saying Guard Took Baby From Her Breast

A woman faces charges after claiming a department store security guard took her baby while she breastfed her child.

 | Ryan Biek

Police Covered Up London Tube Killings, Book Claims

Detective-turned-author Geoff Platt says London police covered up the killings of Kiernan Kelly to avoid widespread panic.

 | Matt Moreno

Turkish Airstrikes Hit ISIS In Syria For First Time

Turkey has conducted airstrikes against ISIS for the first time since the group declared its so-called caliphate.

 | Jake Godin

Calls To Open Royal Archives After 'Nazi Salute' Video Leak

The Sun's decision to publish archival footage of the royal family's "Nazi salute" has raised questions about how the palace safeguards information.

 | Matt Picht

What Would Aristotle Say About Greece's Financial Woes?

Perhaps some Greeks could use a refresher on Aristotle's 2,000-year-old philosophical teachings.

 | Matt Patston

Holocaust Survivor Wants Auschwitz Bookkeeper Out Of Prison

Holocaust survivor Eva Mozes Kor said former Auschwitz bookkeeper Oskar Groening should be forced talk about his past instead of going to prison.

 | Matt Moreno