Food and Drink

A Dollar Tree window is shown.

Study: Dollar stores are the fastest-growing food retailers

A new study found more people are heading to dollar stores for their groceries — an especially important find in regions with food insecurity.

 | Chloe Nordquist

Woman browses shelves of a salvage grocery store.

Salvage grocery stores are booming as food prices soar

Many grocery stores will often throw away items that are damaged or nearing their expiration date, but salvage stores sell them at a discount.

 | John Matarese

A trout swimming in a lake.

Study finds high levels of 'forever chemicals' in freshwater fish

U.S scientists found the median levels of PFAS in freshwater fish were more than 270 times higher than those detected in commercially caught fish.

 | Scripps News Staff

Food at Oriental Wok in Cincinnati.

New Year is when foods take on special meanings for East Asians

These are some of the lucky foods for the Lunar New Year.

 | Mary Chao

Consumers shop for groceries.

It's not just eggs; other foods are up sharply in price

You may have heard that inflation is down overall this month. So, why are groceries still so expensive?

 | John Matarese

Paola Espinoza, right, dressed with a typical Mexican hat, waits with her teammates of the Mexican national team

Why do chefs wear those tall hats?

The Frenchman known as "The King of Chefs, and the Chef of Kings" is credited with creating the standard chef’s hat.

 | Simon Kaufman

Eggs are displayed at a grocery store.

Why are egg prices so high?

Many farms have been hit by avian flu along with a spike in feed, labor and fuel costs — all driving up the cost of eggs at the grocery store.

 | Adi Guajardo

Wendy's store.

Wendy's has BOGO for $1 chicken sandwiches every day in January

The BOGO deal lets you get classic or spicy chicken sandwiches, or one of each.

 | Kaitlin Gates

Budweiser cans are lined up in a cooler at the World Cup media center at the Qatar National Convention Center

Why are there no cancer warnings on alcohol labels?

The CDC says drinking alcohol increases your risk of getting six different types of cancers.

 | Emily Grossberg

Raspberry Rally cookie

Girl Scout Cookie season brings new Raspberry Rally flavor

The Raspberry Rally is being called "Thin Mints' sister."

 | Bridget Sharkey

Chicken pizza from Australia with a variety of toppings.

Would you put this on your pizza? Toppings from around the world

Taiwan's Domino's menu features several options with lobster, and in Sweden, you can order pancakes with your Pizza Hut.

 | Brittany Anas

A food waste monitor from Orbisk is shown at a Consumer Electronics Show display.

The Future Of Food Is On Display At The Consumer Electronics Show

From the grocery store to your own kitchen, the way food is grown and brought to your table is changing.

 | Maritsa Georgiou

A woman holds a glass of sparkling wine

The Benefits Of Incorporating A Dry January Into Your New Year

Some people are choosing to cut out alcohol for a month as they start the new year.

 | Cat Sandoval

A sign for a Starbucks Coffee shop.

Starbucks Will Require More Stars For Free Items In February

Changes are coming to the coffee giant's rewards program.

 | Kaitlin Gates

A cream cheese board and a butter board

10 TikTok Food Trends That Took Over Our Kitchens In 2022

Breaking down 2022's most enticing, intriguing and perhaps questionable food-related videos.

 | Tricia Goss

Dark chocolate bars.

Your Chocolate May Contain Heavy Metals — How Worried Should You Be?

Consumer Reports set out to test lead and cadmium levels in 28 different dark chocolate bars. Even organic chocolate showed high levels.

 | Kathleen St. John

A person shops for vegetables at a grocery store.

Why Vegetable Prices Are So High In The U.S.

A number of factors are to blame for the extra-high price tags on vegetables lately.

 | Tricia Goss

Bottles of McArthur Dairy Eggnog, a Dean Foods brand, are displayed at a grocery store.

Why Do We Drink Eggnog?

Because of its seasonal spices, eggnog became associated with the holidays and is now mostly consumed in November and December.

 | Simon Kaufman and Lauren Magarino

Wendy's Frosty Key Tag

Wendy's Frosty Key Tags Are Back — Pay $2 To Get Free Frostys All Year

Wendy's Frosty key tags let you pay $2 now (benefitting the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption) to get free Jr. Frostys through next year.

 | Kaitlin Gates

Lindsay Lohan pouring milk in Pepsi.

Pepsi Contest Calls For Mixing Soda And Milk For 'Pilk And Cookies'

Pepsi's new sweepstakes builds on a TikTok trend by asking fans to mix up a soda and milk, or 'pilk,' for a pilk and cookies holiday photo.

 | Kaitlin Gates

A McDonald's restaurant logo and golden arch is lit in Chicago.

You Can Win A McGold Card To Get Free McDonald's For Life

The McGold Card, which gives you free food for life, was once just for celebrities. Now, McDonald's is giving the cards away to a few lucky fans.

 | Bridget Sharkey

A plate of food.

How to Extend the Shelf Life of Food Beyond the 'Best By' Date

Expiration confusion is one of the top causes of food waste. Here are some ways you can extend the life of products beyond the "best by" date.

 | Amber Strong

A "SELL BY" date is seen on a package of Milano cookies, Sunday, Aug. 21, 2022, in Chicago.

The Impact Of Food Waste Spans Beyond The Kitchen

Americans waste anywhere from 30% to 40% of food that's produced in the U.S., says an environmental science professor at American University.

 | Amber Strong

A turkey

What Are Giblets, Anyway? Here's How To Cook With Them On Thanksgiving

This oft-overlooked bit of turkey meat can make for flavorful additions to Thanksgiving dinner.

 | Marie Rossiter

A sale sign tops flats filled with cans of jellied cranberry sauce

Why Do We Eat Cranberries At Thanksgiving?

How did this fruit end up becoming such a Thanksgiving staple?

 | Meg Hilling

U.S. map showing most-searched Thanksgiving stuffing recipe in each state.

These Are The Most-Searched Thanksgiving Stuffing Recipes By State

Please pass the red Jell-O stuffing! This map reveals some surprising differences in states' stuffing tastes (or dressing, if you live in the South).

 | Bridget Sharkey

Cans of Coca-Cola are on display at a grocery market in Uniontown, Pa.

Why Do We Use Different Words For Soft Drinks?

Depending on where you live you might call soda something different, but why are there different words for it?

 | Simon Kaufman

George Ripley, 72, of Washington, holds up his free beer after receiving the J & J COVID-19 vaccine shot

Why Are Younger Generations Exploring Sobriety?

Stress, coupled with liquor stores being deemed essential businesses, fueled a rise in alcohol consumption.

 | Emily Grossberg

Shelves typically stocked with baby formula sit mostly empty at a store.

The Baby Formula Shortage Is Still A Problem In The U.S.

Though it's easier to get now, families are still finding empty shelves when searching grocery stores for baby formula.

 | Scripps News Staff

A cranberry farm is shown.

Cranberries Are Ready For Harvest In The Cheesehead State

Wisconsin produces more cranberries than any other state in the country, and one farm there is ready for a fall harvest after a hard run last year.

 | Meg Hilling