The Patriots Don't Have A Chance In 'Headsetgate' Scandal

Headsetgate might have been a complete accident, but that probably won't stop everyone from blaming the Patriots anyway.

 | Ben Lawson

The First NFL Matchup Was More About Who Wasn't There

The two teams that played in the first matchup of the 2015 NFL season are still battling some huge losses to start the year.

 | Grant Suneson

Brady Won The Appeal, But Did He Lose The Public's Hearts?

A recent poll found 34 percent of the public dislikes Tom Brady, while only 21 percent thinks favorably of him.

 | Ryan Biek

Is Washington's Dan Snyder Trying To Bribe Native Americans?

Harry Reid blasted Washington NFL owner Dan Snyder, accusing him of bribing Native Americans in exchange for support of the football team's name.

 | Grant Suneson

Scandal Surrounds The NFL And Fans Couldn't Care Less

Controversy, concussions and "Outside the Lines" reports be damned, sports fans are ready for their football.

 | Jamal Andress

Texas H.S. Football Players Face Charges After Tackling Ref

Two high school football players could face charges after tackling a referee during a game. But how bad does a hit have to be before it's a crime?

 | Grant Suneson

A Timeline Of Tim Tebow's Tumultuous Career

We like Tim Tebow, but keeping a steady job has been difficult for the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner.

 | Eugene Daniels

Goodell Can't Make Punishments Stick And It's His Fault

NFL punishments keep getting overturned and it's Roger Goodell's fault.

 | Eugene Daniels

Tom Brady Suspension Lifted, Roger Goodell Takes Another Hit

U.S. District Court Judge Richard Berman ruled in favor of Tom Brady, nullifying the NFL-levied four-game suspension against the Patriots quarterback.

 | Matt Moreno

CBS Will Let You Stream This Year's Super Bowl For Free

CBS announced it plans to stream the 2016 Super Bowl as well as a few other games in what could be an attempt to reach out to cord-cutters.

 | Grant Suneson

NFL Won't Be Happy About Will Smith's New 'Concussion' Movie

The trailer for Will Smith's newest film, "Concussion," was released Monday. And the filmmakers expect the project will make the NFL very, very angry.

 | Grant Suneson

Brady v. NFL Could Be Ending ... Sort Of

The judge presiding over the Deflategate hearing says he could even make a ruling "from the bench," but even if that happens, is the feud really over?

 | Ryan Biek

Russell Wilson Claims 'Recovery Water' Cured His Head Injury

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson’s success cannot be denied. But has he been helped along by ... miracle water?

 | Carter Woodiel

Cris Carter Facing Major Backlash For His 'Fall Guy' Advice

Cris Carter is under fire for comments he made at the 2014 NFC Rookie Symposium, advising players to blame someone else if they're ever arrested.

 | Grant Suneson

Can Rugby Star-Turned-49er Jarryd Hayne Make It In The NFL?

People just can't stop talking about Australian rugby star-turned-49ers kick returner Jarryd Hayne. But can he make it in the NFL?

 | Grant Suneson

Yankees' Sabathia Caught On Video In Nightclub Skirmish

Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia was recently involved in an altercation outside a Toronto nightclub. The skirmish was caught on video.

 | Christine Slusser

Michael Sam Steps Away From Football, Cites Mental Health

Openly gay professional football player Michael Sam has left the Montreal Alouettes for personal reasons.

 | Matt Picht

Geno Smith's Career Might Be More Broken Than His Jaw

The New York Jets quarterback will be out six to 10 weeks after a teammate punched him in the jaw, but broken bones might be the least of his worries.

 | Matt Moreno

Will Brady, Goodell Reach Deflategate Settlement? Doubtful

A Manhattan-area judge has ordered the two sides to discuss a settlement before moving forward with the case.

 | Matt Moreno

Detroit Lions Wide Receiver Doesn't Live Like A Millionaire

Ryan Broyles told ESPN that he and his wife live off about $60,000 a year, a fraction of his $3.6 million NFL contract.

 | Matt Moreno

Are The Denver Broncos Turning Football Into Moneyball?

The Denver Broncos announced analytics expert Mitch Tanney will help make in-game decisions this season.

 | Tom Kackley

Football Legend And Sportscaster Frank Gifford Dead At 84

Frank Gifford, who played for the New York Giants in the 1950s and later became a sports broadcaster, has died at 84 years old.

 | Leah Becerra

Ray Rice Lobbies For NFL Return; What's The Holdup?

Rice is eligible to sign with NFL teams, but no one has taken a chance on him yet. The former Ravens RB spoke out on ESPN earlier in the week.

 | Matt Moreno

Transcript Suggests Tom Brady's Credibility Cost Him Appeal

NFL investigator Ted Wells said when Tom Brady destroyed his cellphone and refused to hand over certain documentation, that hurt his credibility.

 | Matt Moreno

Some Eagles Players Don't Understand Their Head Coach

Former Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Brandon Boykin said he "wanted to relate" better to head coach Chip Kelly, who's apparently very secretive.

 | Matt Moreno

After A Rough 2014, NFL Actually Has Some Nice Stories Going

2014 exposed the NFL as a league not really getting called out for double standards. Here are some of the feel-good stories at 2015's training camps.

 | Cliff Judy

Why The NFLPA Went To Minnesota To Fight Brady's Suspension

A Minnesota judge ruled Thursday that Tom Brady's case will now be held in New York City where the NFL first filed.

 | Matt Moreno

Patriots' Tom Brady Out 4 Games, NFL Upholds Suspension

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's ruling comes nearly a month after Brady appealed his four-game suspension.

 | Matt Moreno

Meet Jen Welter, The First Woman To Coach An NFL Team

The Arizona Cardinals announced Monday that Welter will help coach the team's linebackers during training camp this year.

 | Matt Moreno

NFL Gets Tougher On Monitoring Football Air Pressure

The league is introducing a new set of rules that will require more oversight from officials and keeping records of footballs' PSI.

 | Matt Moreno