California Gov. Gavin Newsom

New California Gun Law Will Hold Gun Manufacturers Accountable

A new California law will hold gun manufacturers and sellers accountable for who they sell firearms to.

 | James Packard

Visitors view a makeshift memorial honoring those recently killed at Robb Elementary School

Uvalde School Shooting Video Fuels Anger At Law Enforcement

Local elected officials and an attorney for 19 Uvalde families share their thoughts as law enforcement is shown in video footage of the mass shooting.

 | John Mone

Demonstrators walk at a rally held by March Fourth near the U.S. Capitol in Washington

Families United By Mass Shootings Call For Ban On Assault Weapons

Families affected by mass shootings across the U.S. protested outside of the Capitol, calling on Congress to ban assault weapons.

 | Nathaniel Reed

President Joe Biden speaks during an event to celebrate the passage of the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act

Biden Celebration Of New Gun Law Clouded By Latest Shooting

President Biden hosted hundreds of guests on the South Lawn, including a bipartisan group of lawmakers who crafted and supported the legislation.

 | AP

A man pays his respects a memorial at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas

Uvalde Sheriff To Testify Before Texas House Committee

New details about the lack of police response during the shooting at Robb Elementary have put pressure on the sheriff to testify.

 | Maura Sirianni and Elina Tarkazikis

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul

New York Gun Applicants Will Have To List Social Media Accounts

A new law will also require applicants to undergo safety training, provide four character references and sit for in-person interviews.

 | AP and Scripps News Staff

Richmond Police Chief Gerald M Smith gestures during a press conference

Police: July 4 Mass Shooting Thwarted In Virginia's Capital

A "hero citizen" overheard a conversation indicating there was an attack being planned on an Independence Day celebration in Richmond.

 | AP

Residents visit a memorial to the seven people who lost their lives in the Highland Park, Illinois, mass shooting

Lake County State Attorney Eric Rinehart On Highland Park Shooting

State Attorney Eric Rinehart says authorities are going through the Highland Park suspect's digital and social media footprint to learn more.

 | Scripps News Staff

People visit a memorial to those killed and wounded in a mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois.

Mass Shootings Are Driving Up Fear Of Public Spaces, Gatherings

In light of the Highland Park, Illinois shooting, fear of public spaces and anxiety with large gatherings is higher in the U.S.

 | Cat Sandoval

Members of the FBI's evidence response team remove personal belongings one day after a mass shooting in Highland Park, Ill.

Parade Shooting Suspect Legally Bought 5 Weapons Despite Threats

Police had been called to the suspected gunman's home twice in 2019 for threats of violence and suicide.

 | AP

A couple looks toward the scene of the mass shooting in Highland Park, IL.

Psychologist Explains Why Anger With Gunmen Families Isn't Always Fair

After a mass shooting, many wonder how the family of a gunman didn't see the signs, but one expert says the shooter often keeps their plans secret.

 | Clayton Sandell

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul.

N.Y. Overhauls Handgun Rules In Effort To Preserve Some Limits

Gov. Kathy Hochul signed the measure into law after it passed both chambers by wide margins.

 | AP

A mourner stops to pay his respects at a memorial at Robb Elementary School.

Millions Of Dollars Have Been Raised For Uvalde, So Who Has The Money?

Families of the victims and survivors of the Robb Elementary shooting are struggling with grief and financial burdens after the tragedy.

 | John Mone

President Joe Biden

Biden Signs Landmark Gun Measure, Says 'Lives Will Be Saved'

The legislation will toughen background checks for young gun buyers, keep guns from domestic violence offenders and help states enact red flag laws.

 | AP

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., with other lawmakers, speaks about the gun violence bill at the Capitol in Washington.

Congress Sends Landmark Gun Violence Compromise To President Biden

The bill passed the House on a mostly party-line 234-193 vote.

 | AP and Stephanie Liebergen

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer

Senate OKs Landmark Gun Violence Bill, House Passage Is Next

Democrats and 15 Republicans decided that congressional inaction was untenable after last month’s rampages in New York and Texas.

 | AP and Stephanie Liebergen

Guns are on display at Burbank Ammo & Guns in Burbank, California

Supreme Court Ruling Could Change Gun Laws In Many States

The ruling will strike down certain existing gun laws in New York, and puts similar requirements in other states at risk.

 | James Packard

A gun shop

The Supreme Court Just Expanded Gun Rights. Now What?

The Supreme Court held that a New York gun law was a violation of Second Amendment rights.

 | Alexandra Miller

Elmendorf Police Chief Marco Pena testifies on the second day of a hearing in the Texas state senate chamber.

Uvalde Gunman Showed Issues That Normally Warn Authorities

Day two of Texas state Capitol hearings about the Uvalde tragedy focused on mental health and firearm safety.

 | John Mone

The image from video from a campaign ad by Eric Greitens for U.S. Senate shows him brandishing a long gun.

Republican Campaign Focus On Guns Has New Implications

Some candidates have shifted targets from policy to groups of people, which can appeal to the base of a political group.

 | Alexandra Miller

Senators Kyrsten Sinema and Chris Murphy

Senators Reach Bipartisan Compromise On Gun Violence Bill

The bill would toughen background checks for the youngest firearms buyers, require more background checks and beef up penalties on gun traffickers.

 | AP and Scripps News Staff

Sen. John Cornyn arrives to meet with Sen. Chris Murphy and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema.

GOP, Democratic Senate Bargainers Divided Over Gun Deal Details

Lawmakers have said a deal must be completed and written into legislative language by week's end if Congress is to vote by next week.

 | AP and Scripps News Staff

Investigators work the scene after a mass shooting at a supermarket, in Buffalo, New York

Buffalo Supermarket Gunman Charged With Federal Hate Crimes

The 18-year-old gunman could face the death penalty.

 | AP

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Ky.

In A Boost, McConnell Backs Senate Bipartisan Gun Deal

McConnell's backing was the latest indication that last month's gun massacres had reconfigured the political calculations for some in the GOP.

 | AP

Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy.

Bipartisan Group Of Senators Reach Agreement Amid Calls For Gun Reform

20 senators, including 10 Republicans, are calling for passage.

 | Maura Sirianni

Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn., speaks during a rally near Capitol Hill in Washington

Senate Bargainers Announce Outline Of Gun Violence Agreement

Given the bipartisan support, "there are no excuses for delay," said President Joe Biden.

 | AP

A row of AR-15 style rifles manufactured by Daniel Defense sit in a vault at the company's headquarters in Black Creek, Ga.

Gun Manufacturer Under Scrutiny After Texas School Shooting

A now removed image was tweeted by the company, days before the school shooting, showing a toddler handling one of its' AR-15 style rifles.

 | Maura Sirianni

People participate in the second March for Our Lives rally in support of gun control.

Demonstrators Call For Action On Gun Violence Epidemic

The father of Joaquin Oliver, a student killed in the mass shooting in Parkland, called for students to avoid class until gun laws are passed.

 | Haley Bull

A woman carries her grandson as she attends the second March for Our Lives rally in support of gun control

Thousands Stream To National Mall To Demand Gun Law Changes

Activists hope this will compel Congress to act on gun control.

 | AP and Haley Bull

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson

Governors Forming Task Force To Address Mass Shootings

The task force will be comprised of members from both parties.

 | AP