Kelly Willie poses with an ultrasound photo of her child, due April 2023

Prospective mothers switch jobs for reproductive health benefits

More and more companies since 2015 have been offering fertility benefits. It's a trend that is particularly helpful for couples hoping to have a baby.

 | Elizabeth Ruiz

Children stretch in a classroom

American Academy of Pediatrics shares how to treat childhood obesity

The American Academy of Pediatrics' new guidelines focus on behavioral treatment, medications and potential surgery.

 | Scripps News Staff

A nurse signs a board demanding safe staffing at a rally.

Nurses go on strike at 2 New York City hospitals

The walkout involves as many as 3,500 nurses at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx and about 3,600 at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan.

 | AP

Facebook app on an iPhone.

Seattle schools sue tech giants over social media harm

Seattle Public Schools blames social media for worsening mental health and behavioral disorders in students, making it more difficult to teach them.

 | AP

Apple iPhones

How to use your iPhone’s built-in white noise machine

There are a lot of hidden iPhone settings you may be unaware of including this built-in white noise maker that may help you get some great sleep.

 | Kaitlin Gates

A woman watches a video showing a robotic arm performs bone surgery

Doctors Optimistic About Medical Breakthroughs For 2023

The medical community is expecting advancements this year with the potential to change everything from shots to surgery.

 | Lindsey Theis

A woman holds a glass of sparkling wine

The Benefits Of Incorporating A Dry January Into Your New Year

Some people are choosing to cut out alcohol for a month as they start the new year.

 | Cat Sandoval

A salad with tomatoes

How To Include Children In New Year's Diet Resolutions

Experts are offering tips on how to include the entire family in New Year's resolutions to eat healthier.

 | Scripps News Staff

A doctor's stethoscope is seen worn around her neck

Men And Women Given Differing Advice To Treat Heart Disease

Researchers found that heart disease in women has been overlooked and women are less likely than men to be prescribed medication to treat it.

 | Scripps News Staff

A woman looks after her elderly relative lying on a stretcher as patients receive intravenous drips in the emergency ward.

Beds Run Out At Beijing Hospital As COVID-19 Spreads

A growing number of governments, including the U.S., are requiring virus tests for travelers from China, saying China is not being transparent enough.

 | AP

A woman stands by a lake.

California Seeks Sterilization Victims To Pay Reparations

California had the nation's largest forced sterilization program, beginning in 1909. Some women were even sterilized in prisons about a decade ago.

 | AP

A resident shovels snow off a car.

Shoveling Snow Is As Tough On Your Heart As A Treadmill Stress Test

Using a snow blower isn't much better. Here's what to know before you start clearing snow.

 | Tricia Goss

Visitors are reflected on a window pane as a man counts Chinese currency notes

Beijing Threatens Response To Virus Measures From Other Countries

Australia and Canada this week joined a growing list of countries requiring travelers from China to take a COVID test prior to boarding their flight.

 | AP

A sign says "Support Queer Youth"

Lawmakers Work To Protect Families Traveling For Gender-Affirming Care

Some states are moving to ban gender-affirming care for minors. But lawmakers are pushing to improve protection for minors, parents and providers.

 | Tomas Hoppough

Cabin crew wearing protective gear greet and check the temperatures of travelers heading to China onboard a flight

U.S. Will Require COVID-19 Testing For Travelers From China

The U.S. will soon require COVID-19 testing for travelers from China. The U.S. joins a few other nations imposing travel restrictions.

 | AP

Nataliia Pavliuk, right, and her daughter Yustyna, third from right, st.and with children and their artwork

Ukrainian Kids Express Horrors Of War Through Art Therapy

A mother and daughter, who are art teachers from Lviv, Ukraine, opened a new exhibition called "Children of War" at a Chicago Ukrainian museum.

 | Ben Schamisso

A person on a treadmill

What Is The 12-3-30 Workout? The Routine Is Gaining A Following

If you've seen before-and-after shots with the hashtag #12330 on social media, they're doing this workout.

 | Emily O'Brien

Health care workers look out a window

2022 Year In Review: Health And Medicine

From mental wellness to a multitude of illnesses, the past year in health and medicine has been a roller-coaster ride.

 | Lindsey Theis

An officer collects passports from residents for renewal and re-applications at a community police station in Beijing.

China To Resume Issuing Passports, Visas As Virus Curbs Ease

China stopped issuing visas to foreigners and passports to its own people at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020.

 | AP

A plastic surgeon

What Is Buccal Fat, And Why Are People Removing It?

Here's what you need to know about this plastic surgery trend that's all over social media.

 | Emily O'Brien

A resident wears a mask as he stands near the Lama Temple in Beijing

Foreign Firms: China 'Turns Corner' By Ending Quarantine

China's government downgraded the official seriousness of COVID-19 and dropped a requirement for people with the virus to be quarantined.

 | AP

Clouds are reflected off the City of Jackson's O.B. Curtis Water Treatment Facility.

Boil Water Order Issued In Mississippi Capital Amid Freeze

Along with the order to boil drinking water, city officials said some residents also have reported low water pressure or no water pressure.

 | AP

An ambulance prepares to transfer a patient in critical care to other hospitals due to overcapacity.

Packed ICUs, Crowded Crematoriums: COVID Roils Chinese Towns

As China grapples with its first-ever national COVID-19 wave, emergency wards in small cities and towns southwest of Beijing are overwhelmed.

 | AP

A pregnant woman rubs her stomach

Hospital Childbirth Costs Soar Despite Transparency Rule

Childbirth costs have been rising since the early 2000s, and experts point to a lack of price transparency as the key reason.

 | Bianca Facchinei

A nurse gives a COVID vaccine to an old woman at a community health center in China.

'A Very Hard Road Ahead' For China As COVID-19 Cases Spiral

An abrupt reopening on Dec. 7 caught China under-vaccinated and short on hospital capacity.

 | AP

A person stands in the snow.

Doctors Warn Of Health Impacts The Cold Has On The Body

Cold temperatures can stress the body in many ways, including our respiratory and immune systems.

 | Lindsey Theis

packages of the medicine Tamiflu by Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche are seen in Stuttgart, southern Germany.

Explaining The Current Medication Shortages

Millions of Americans are struggling to get their hands on much-needed medication.

 | Emily Grossberg and Lindsey Theis

Human Chest Cavity illustration: Right lung, left lung, heart.

Report: More People Die From Heart Attacks During The Holidays

One thing to keep in mind is that signs of a heart attack can look different in men and women.

 | Chloe Nordquist

Smokestacks near an oil refinery are seen in front of the Utah State Capitol as an inversion settles over Salt Lake City.

How Poor Air Quality Can Impact A Child's Education

Air pollution affects more than our health — it's also impacting our education system.

 | Chris Stewart

Spilled pill bottle.

Final U.S. Tally: Nearly 107,000 Overdose Deaths Last Year

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said 106,699 Americans died from overdoses in 2021, a 16% increase from the year prior.

 | AP