A Rite Aid store in Pittsburgh advertises Covid-19 vaccine and free flu shots

Public Officials Are Bracing For A Serious Flu Season

Health officials across the country said it’s all hands on deck as they work to address rising cases of influenza, while juggling RSV cases.

 | Meg Hilling

Dallas Cowboys fans hold signs supporting cancer awareness before the first half of a NFL football game

Why Are Cancer Rates Rising For Those Under 50?

More people are getting diagnosed with cancer, especially those under 50 — but why?

 | Lindsey Theis

Microscopic image of RSV

RSV Cases Are Rising Along With Expected Flu, COVID Surge

Medical experts say the break in flu and respiratory illness hospitalizations brought on by COVID is over, with hospitals already seeing a big change.

 | Stephen Graddick IV

President Joe Biden receives his COVID-19 booster from a member of the White House medical unit

White House Urges More Americans To Get COVID Booster Amid Low Uptake

It’s been almost two months since the new boosters were approved but less than 10% of adults have gotten the new doses.

 | Kellan Howell

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and John Feal

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Rallies To Raise Awareness For Military Hunger

The Department of Defense estimates as many as 24% of military families are food insecure. That’s about 300,000 people, plus their families.

 | Maritsa Georgiou

Students sit at their desks in a classroom

Test Scores Show Historic COVID Setbacks For Kids Across U.S.

Across the country, math scores saw their largest decreases ever, and reading scores dropped to 1992 levels.

 | AP

A woman walks past a sign outside the Boston Children's Hospital

RSV Surge Puts Pressure On Children’s Hospitals

In New York and across the country children's hospitals are struggling with a surge of sick kids due to a respiratory virus.

 | Axel Turcios

the U.S. Medicare Handbook is photographed in Washington

Why Is Medicare So Complicated?

Open enrollment is happening now for Medicare until December 7, but why is it so complicated to understand?

 | Emily Grossberg

A kid rests his head.

Giving Kids 'Mental Health Days' Could Help Their Emotional Well-Being

A National Alliance on Mental Illness poll found 1 in 6 teens report feeling negative emotions often or always. Some parents are taking action.

 | Amber Strong

A person holding a candle

Is COVID Why Some People Can't Smell Candles?

Nick Beauchamp is a professor and researcher who was curious about bad Amazon reviews for Yankee Candles amid the COVID pandemic.

 | Lindsey Theis

A gas stove is tested for benzene in California

Study: Cancer-Causing Gas Leaking From California Stoves, Pipes

Researchers collected samples of gas from 159 homes in California to see what types of gases were being emitted into homes when stoves were off.

 | AP

A man sits with his head in his hands.

Americans Have A Concerning Amount Of Stress, Report Finds

An American Psychological Association report found more than a quarter of U.S. adults are so stressed they can't function.

 | Lindsey Theis

A shopper passes a sign urging people to get a flu shot outside a Hy-Vee grocery store in Sioux City

A New Study Shows There Are Racial Disparities In Flu Hospitalizations

The CDC said hospitalization rates among Hispanic adults were about two times more than White adults in the 2009 and 2021 flu seasons.

 | Lindsey Theis

City of Jackson's O.B. Curtis Water Treatment Facility's sedimentation basins

Congress Probes Jackson Water Crisis As City And State Spar

Reps. Bennie Thompson and Carolyn Maloney are requesting information on how Mississippi plans to spend federal funding meant for water infrastructure.

 | AP

A pill is shown.

Adderall Shortage Persists Across U.S. As Number Of Users Increases

A nationwide Adderall shortage is leaving patients with ADHD without medication or forcing them to switch to an alternative.

 | Meg Hilling

A person walks by the headquarters of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Gates Foundation Pledges $1.2B To Eradicate Polio Globally

The money also will be used to stop outbreaks of new variants of the virus.

 | AP

A nurse fills a syringe with a COVID-19 vaccine at a pop up vaccination site

Experts Warn Of Possible COVID Wave As Subvariant List Grows

This week's CDC data shows three Omicron subvariants account for 20% of genetically sequenced COVID-19 cases. It was 17.5% last week.

 | Lindsey Theis

Workers process chickens at a poultry plant.

USDA Proposes Sweeping Poultry Changes To Fight Food Poisoning

The U.S. Department of Agriculture's proposed changes include testing chickens and turkeys for salmonella before they enter the slaughterhouse.

 | AP

Brain scans

New Study: 5% Of COVID Patients Suffer From Long Haul Symptoms

The World Health Organization defines long COVID as symptoms that are present for 3 months after being infected and linger for at least two months.

 | Lindsey Theis

Dr. Irit Felsen and her parents

Why Does Intergenerational Trauma Affect Us?

Psychologists say that although we pass down heirlooms from generation to generation, we can also pass down trauma from past events.

 | Alexandra Miller

Manufacturing of Pfizer's COVID-19 bivalent vaccine for ages 5-11

U.S. Clears Updated COVID Boosters For Kids As Young As 5 Years Old

The boosters, rolled out for Americans 12 and older last month, are doses modified to target today's most common and contagious Omicron relatives.

 | AP

Ella McField talks during an appointment with Dr. Janice Bacon, a primary care physician at Central Mississippi Health

Forehead Thermometers Miss Some Fevers In Black Patients

In a new study, researchers found forehead thermometers missed 25% of fevers in Black patients.

 | Lindsey Theis

Foreign travelers gather upon arrival at the Haneda International Airport

Tourists Flock To Japan After COVID Restrictions Lifted

Japan's daily limit of 50,000 arrivals is gone after the country lifted its border restrictions.

 | AP

America’s Breakdown: A National Conversation - Mental Health Data

Newsy’s commitment to revealing the reality of America’s mental health crisis continues with a two-hour special.

 | Matt Simon and Scripps News Staff

America’s Breakdown: A National Conversation - Mass Shootings

Newsy’s commitment to revealing the reality of America’s mental health crisis continues with a two-hour special.

 | Matt Simon and Scripps News Staff

America’s Breakdown: A National Conversation - Prescription Drugs

Newsy’s commitment to revealing the reality of America’s mental health crisis continues with a two-hour special.

 | Matt Simon and Scripps News Staff

America’s Breakdown: A National Conversation - Mental Health Stigma

Newsy’s commitment to revealing the reality of America’s mental health crisis continues with a two-hour special.

 | Matt Simon and Scripps News Staff

Dionne Williamson participates in a riding lesson at Cloverleaf Equine Center in Clifton, Va.

As Suicides Rise, U.S. Military Seeks To Address Mental Health

Rising suicide rates among active service members have forced the Pentagon to review the military's mental health protocols.

 | AP

Former gynecologist Robert Hadden

New York City Hospitals To Pay $165M To Women Abused By Gynecologist

Robert Hadden surrendered his medical license after being convicted in 2016 on sex-related charges.

 | AP

Front row from left, youth mental health leader Ayanna Kelly, first lady Jill Biden, youth mental health leader Juan Acosta

Biden Administration Lays Out Roadmap To Mental Health Integration

Integrating mental health into primary care could help increase access to behavioral health services.

 | Kellan Howell