Salt crystals

Is Salt Bad For You? Scientists Are Too Polarized To Figure It Out

In the debate over salt's health effects, scientists have effectively split into two camps and are talking past each other, according to a new study.

 | Steven Sparkman

A man grating cheese.

Your Parmesan Cheese May Have More Wood Pulp In It Than You Think

A Bloomberg report found that some grated cheeses have higher-than-expected levels of wood pulp.

 | Cody LaGrow

A scientist looks at cells through a fluorescent microscope at the laboratories at Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute on December 9, 2014 in Cambridge, England.

'Unprecedented' Cancer Treatment Making Patients Symptom-Free

Studies using patients' immune cells to fight cancer are making over half of patients symptom-free.

 | Ryan Biek

Milk pouring from a bottle

Organic And Conventional Milk Have A Few (Small) Differences After All

A review of studies comparing organic and conventional milk and meat found a lot of similarities but differences in omega-3 and iodine content.

 | Steven Sparkman

A visitor looks at an artwork titled 'My Soul' by Katharine Dowson which consists of a laser etched lead chrystal glass formation in the shape of a brain, and was created using the artists own MRI Scan on March 27, 2012 in London, England.

'Boot Camp' Could Help Brain Grow, Prevent Dementia

Study participants used meditation, sleep, brain games and a Mediterranean diet to grow the area of the brain associated with learning.

 | Ryan Biek

Running back Tony Dorsett

What King Henry VIII And Some NFL Players Might Have In Common

A recent study from Yale University suggests the much-talked-about monarch suffered from brain damage linked to playing sports.

 | Carter Woodiel

Aedes aegypti mosquitos.

Hawaii Governor Signs Emergency Measure To Fight Zika Virus

The emergency proclamation is expected to expedite the state's response to the Zika virus and allow access to disaster funds.

 | Samantha Crook

A person praying.

Belief In A 'Punishing' God Might've Helped Societies Get Bigger

A new study argues people who believe in a punitive higher-power are more cooperative with distant strangers who share the same beliefs.

 | Samantha Crook

IKO Creative prosthetic system

Kids Might Build Their Prostheses With Lego Bricks In The Future

This creative prosthetic system will let children build their own prosthetic arms out of Lego bricks.

 | Leah Becerra

A group of children play at The Little Gym.

Ending Racism Means Integrating Daycare

What if instead of fighting racial bias as adults, we worked to prevent it from ever happening in the first place, with kids?

 | Jamal Andress

A row of antibiotic pill bottles

Looking To The Ocean Floor For New Antibiotics

We asked oceanographer and drug discovery researcher William Fenical why the ocean may be the best chance for new lifesaving drugs.

 | Steven Sparkman

More than 3,400 kids reportedly swallowed batteries in 2010, according to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Parents Share Horror Stories After Toddlers Swallow Button Batteries

More than 3,400 kids reportedly swallowed batteries in 2010, according to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

 | Matt Moreno

A video of a man reading while eating.

High School Degree, Healthy Heart Might Lower Your Risk For Dementia

Dementia rates were predicted to triple by 2050, but here's why in the future it might actually be easier to curb the condition.

 | Ryan Biek

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Might Be Legalized In Australia Really Soon

A new amendment in Australia would legalize medical marijuana there, though each state could decide whether or not to comply.

 | Melissa Prax

With so many working to fix racial bias in adults, we spoke with a neuroscience researcher who says we may need to focus our attention on kids instead In this file photograph taken on March 20, 2007, a two-week-old boy finds his feet in his new world. Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt announced, April 3, 2007 that for the first time, mothers-to-be will have a guarantee that the NHS will provide them with a full range of birthing choices - including home births - and a midwife they know and trust to care for them. (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Why Fixing Racial Biases Starts With Babies

With so many working to fix racial bias in adults, we spoke with a neuroscience researcher who says we may need to focus our attention on kids.

 | Jamal Andress

Senior citizens walk along Llandudno Promenade on September 8, 2014 in Llandudno, Wales.

Why Live Forever? Life Is Long Enough

What are the ethical and social consequences of radically increasing lifespans? Should we accept a natural end, or should we find a cure to aging?

 | Elizabeth Hagedorn

Senior citizens relax on Llandudno Promenade on September 8, 2014 in Llandudno, Wales.

Want To Live Forever? We Should Cure Aging

This debate short is part of a series co-produced by Intelligence Squared U.S. and Newsy.

 | Elizabeth Hagedorn

The box is filled with vegetables that are still good to eat, but might look a little odd from the outside. They're being sold at a cheap price.

Store Hopes 'Wonky Veg Box' Will Reduce Waste Of Imperfect Vegetables

A U.K. supermarket chain is offering the discounted boxes of vegetables that might look a little odd on the outside but are still good to eat.

 | Matt Moreno

Aedes aegypti mosquitos are seen in a lab at the Fiocruz institute on January 26, 2016 in Recife, Pernambuco state, Brazil.

The White House Is Asking For $1.8B To Counter The Zika Virus

The money would go to mosquito control programs, research for a vaccine, health services for low-income pregnant women and more.

 | Ryan Biek

A graphic of a coded message.

Your Brain Is A Decoding Machine; Give This Message A Try

Your brain can unscramble this message in milliseconds.

 | Ryan Biek


People Who've Passed The Bar Are More Likely To Drink At The Bar

About 20 percent of workers in this profession are more likely to reach for the bottle than the average American.

 | Melissa Prax

Various types of fentanyl patches are pictured.

Fentanyl Abuse, Overdoses On The Rise In New Hampshire

There have been at least 266 overdose deaths involving fentanyl abuse in the state.

 | Mikah Sargent

LONDON - MARCH 05: A woman sits in her pod-bed dorm room at Piccadilly Backpackers on March 5, 2006 in London, England.

More Couples Aren't Sleeping Together, But Lost Love Isn't Always Why

More people are saying they prefer sleeping alone than with their partner, but that doesn't always mean the relationship is in trouble.

 | Ben Lawson

A scientist examines mosquitos.

Gulf Coast States React To Growing Cases Of Zika Virus

Some states along the Gulf Coast are reporting increasing numbers of cases of the Zika virus.

 | Katie Link

Medicine bottles charting the decline in new antibiotics

Why Are There So Few New Antibiotics?

More and more bacteria are becoming drug resistant, but few new antibiotics are being developed. What can be done to encourage new research?

 | Steven Sparkman

Women walk their babies in the park.

Here's What People Are Saying About That New CDC Guideline

People aren't pleased with the latest recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concerning women and drinking.

 | Katie Link

A mosquito is tested for Zika virus.

First Case Of Sexually Transmitted Zika Virus Confirmed In US

On Tuesday, health officials confirmed being bitten by a mosquito isn't the only way to contract the Zika virus.

 | Katie Link

Deodorant on display at a grocery store.

Your Deodorant May Be Messing With Your Body's Microbes

Deodorant keeps us smelling fresh, but it could also be messing with the natural microbes on our skin.

 | Katie Link

Man wears a Fitbit Charge HR

This University Now Requires New Students To Wear Fitbits

Some students have a problem, but it's not because the school is collecting their personal information.

 | Leah Becerra

Joe Biden applauds President Obama at the 2016 State of the Union

President Obama Announces $755 Million In Cancer Funding For 2017

President Obama is rolling out his plan of action on Joe Biden's cancer "moonshot." Obama proposed a $755 million funding boost for research.

 | Grant Suneson