Surfing Offers Alternative Therapy For Wounded Veterans

When troops come back from combat, they are often left to deal with tolls on their bodies, but alternative therapies can help with the recovery.

 | Melissa Prax

Crayola's Adult Coloring Books Could Be Your New Therapy

Crayola has a new line of coloring books for adults and says they're therapeutic. Are they really?

 | Ryan Biek

A Potbelly Could Be Deadlier Than Obesity, Study Says

The location of fat may be a better indicator of health than overall BMI, and belly fat is especially dangerous.

 | Mari Jo Valero

There Might Be A Health Benefit To Popping Champagne Bottles

A study suggests that a glass or two of champagne a week might help prevent dementia and memory loss.

 | Lexie Hammesfahr

New Study Says You Should Drop Your Blood Pressure Even More

A new study finds that having a systolic blood pressure of under 120 could reduce the risk of death more than 25 percent compared to a reading of 140.

 | Grant Suneson

Weight-Loss Surgery Seems Even More Effective For Teens

A new study says bariatric surgery in teens can reverse many obesity-related health problems.

 | Samantha Crook

New Study Says You Can Eat Your Cake And Fast Food, Too

Researchers at Cornell found there's no specific link between body mass index and consumption of high-sugar and high-fat foods for most individuals.

 | Melissa Prax

Man Dies After Tapeworm Inside Him Gets Cancer

Researchers say this is the first documented case of someone dying from cancer caused by parasitic cells.

 | Ryan Biek

Doctors Pull Live Parasite From California Student's Brain

Doctors removed a live parasitic worm from the brain of a California college student who had complained of intense headaches.

 | Bell Johnson

France Plans To Lift Ban On Blood Donations From Gay Men

France's minister of health says letting gay men donate blood is "the end of a taboo."

 | Samantha Crook

Skip The Gym; Study Says Walking Could Be Better

British researchers found that those who power walk daily are more likely to have lower body mass indexes than those who do higher-intensity workouts.

 | Ryan Biek

Robin Williams' Wife Blames Lewy Body Dementia For His Death

Actor Robin Williams committed suicide last year. In an interview, his widow cites Lewy body dementia as the reason for his death.

 | Melissa Prax

Why Are So Many More Middle-Aged White People Dying?

A study released by a Nobel Prize-winning economist showed liver disease, suicides and drug and alcohol poisoning are hitting the demographic hard.

 | Cliff Judy

Smoking Marijuana Might Have Some Surprising Health Benefits

Smoking marijuana can be bad for you, but these studies suggest that pot might also benefit your body.

 | Ryan Biek and Matt Picht

Chipotle Temporarily Closes 43 Locations After E. coli Scare

E. coli cases in Washington state and Oregon are believed to be linked to Chipotle. Restaurants in both states have voluntarily closed.

 | Samantha Crook

How To Use A Mustache For A Good Cause

If you see someone start to grow out a mustache in November, don't be alarmed — there's a good cause behind the whiskers.

 | Matt Picht

More People Support Marijuana Legalization Than Ever Before

At least 17 states could vote on some form of marijuana legalization in the 2016 election.

 | Eugene Daniels

Despite Benefits, Pot Could Still Be Harmful To Your Health

Marijuana's popularity is rising in the U.S. due in part to its medical benefits. But it's worth remembering the drug can also have negative effects.

 | Matt Picht

Oregon Teen Diagnosed With Bubonic Plague After Hunting Trip

A 16-year-old girl in Oregon has been diagnosed with bubonic plague. Officials believe she contracted it from a flea bite while on a hunting trip.

 | Samantha Crook

We're Slowly Recruiting Viruses To Treat Cancer

The FDA approved the first cancer-fighting virus this week, but it likely won't be the last. Viruses are now being tested on nearly every cancer.

 | Steven Sparkman

WHO: Most People In The World Have Some Kind Of Herpes

The World Health Organization announced the results of a study that says more than 4 billion people have some form of the herpes virus.

 | Grant Suneson

TB Now Rivals AIDS As The Leading Cause Of Death, Says WHO

Tuberculosis, a leading cause of death, is now on par with HIV/AIDS, according to the World Health Organization. Still, death rates from TB declined.

 | Samantha Crook

Study Says Marriage Is Good For Your Heart ... Literally

A new study says being married increases your chances for a better recovery after heart surgery.

 | Mari Jo Valero

Here's More Proof That Sugar Is Really Bad For Kids

A new study found when kids cut down on sugar but ate the same amount of calories, it still had a positive effect on their health.

 | Samantha Crook

Walgreens To Buy Rite Aid In $17.2 Billion Deal

Walgreens is set to buy Rite Aid for $9.4 billion in cash. This is the latest in Walgreens' slow rise to the top of the drugstore industry.

 | Katie Link

A Little Chill May Help You Sleep, But Keep It Reasonable

Over the last few years, scientists have started saying it's good to be cold once in a while, and sleeping in a chilly room is an easy way to start.

 | Steven Sparkman

Stress Is Not Only Terrible, But It Also Makes You Ugly

A behavioral ecologist measured people's cortisol levels and found that those who are stressed appeared to be less attractive.

 | Christine Slusser

Will Humanity Keep Getting Taller?

Our genetics, nutrition and socio-economic status can help us answer that question.

 | Sebastian Martinez

Why Do iPhone Flaws Make Us So Angry? It's A Primal Instinct

Psychotherapist and senior tech editor Georgia Dow explains the psychology behind the hubbub that seems to accompany every iPhone release.

 | Mikah Sargent

Is Yelp The Key To Reducing Restaurant Food Poisoning?

Studies have shown Yelp reviews can give health officials leads on restaurant-related food poisoning cases.

 | Ryan Biek