Holidays and Celebrations

Food at Oriental Wok in Cincinnati.

New Year is when foods take on special meanings for East Asians

These are some of the lucky foods for the Lunar New Year.

 | Mary Chao

Lunar New Year at a public park in Beijing

What it means to be born in the Year of the Rabbit

East Asians around the world will ring in the Year of the Rabbit on Sunday, January 22.

 | Mary Chao

Walt Disney World

10 major events to look forward to in 2023

These are some of the cultural and sporting events to look forward to in 2023. Mark your calendars for an amazing year!

 | Emily O'Brien

A woman wears a sponsor hat and 2023 fashioned glasses in New York's Times Square

Time Zone By Time Zone, Another New Year Sweeps Into View

Across the world, at least for a day, thoughts focused on possibilities, even elusive ones like world peace.

 | AP

The New Year's Eve ball sits atop One Times Square in New York.

New York City Is Ready To Ring In The New Year

New York City is ready to usher in 2023 for the first time in two years without COVID restrictions.

 | Axel Turcios

A woman drops off her Christmas tree for recycling

Christmas Tree Recycling Is A Good Alternative To Landfills

Discarded Christmas trees can be picked up curbside for recycling through regular trash-collection services in various cities.

 | AP

A woman lights candles in celebration of Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa Celebrations Shine Light On Community And Culture

For more than 50 years, the day after Christmas has marked the celebration of family, life and culture in the African American community.

 | Amber Strong

A shopper carries bags down Fifth Avenue.

Holiday Sales Up 7.6% Despite The Squeeze Of Inflation

U.S. sales between Nov. 1 and Dec. 24, a period that is critical for retailers, were fueled by spending at restaurants and on clothing.

 | AP

A man in a motorcycle helmet.

Why Gifting Unique Experiences Can Bring Everyone More Joy

Most of us are spending the same amount of money as we did last year, but more people are opting to buy an experience over a material gift.

 | Alexa Liacko

A dreidel balloon in a parade

Why Do We Play With Dreidels On Hanukkah?

Why do we play with this little top during the holiday? It goes back to the second century, when the Greek empire ruled over Israel.

 | Alexandra Miller and Simon Kaufman

An Arizona Cardinals fan dresses as the Grinch prior to an NFL football game

Santa-Themed Horror Movies Opening In Theaters

The horror movie trend has morphed into Christmas, complete with haunted Christmas houses.

 | Clayton Sandell

Lyndsey Jacobsen with U.S.  Military and Vetarans.

Teen Honors Veterans During Wreaths Across America Day

Wreaths Across America Day is a holiday tradition that started in 1992 as a way to remember those who served.

 | Maura Sirianni

Rabbanit Dasi Fruchter, of the South Philadelphia Shtiebel, lights a menorah during a public Hanukkah celebration

Why Are There So Many Ways To Spell Hanukkah?

The historical Oxford English Dictionary lists 24 variations for the eight-day holiday. It can lead to some confusion when it comes to spelling.

 | Simon Kaufman and Alexandra Miller

A family watches a movie during Christmas time.

Holiday Movies Are As Loved As Ever, Especially On Hallmark Channel

Rom-coms aren't as much a part of the box office as they used to be, but places like The Hallmark Channel are still churning out dozens each year.

 | Casey Mendoza

People attend the official lighting of a giant Hanukkah Menorah, set up by the Jewish Chabad Educational Center

Why Are There 8 Days Of Hanukkah?

Jews celebrate Hanukkah’s traditions around the world. Why does this festival of lights last eight nights?

 | Alexandra Miller and Max Tracey

The Eight Crazy Nights pop-up bar

Chicago Bar Transforms Into Hanukkah Hot Spot During The Holidays

The owners of a Chicago bar say their Hanukkah pop-up bar is the first and only place to host such a thing in the city.

 | Ben Schamisso

People carry shopping bags

Why Do We Procrastinate Holiday Shopping?

Two psychology professors break down why some people wait until the last minute to buy holiday gifts for their loved ones.

 | Casey Mendoza and Simon Kaufman

The beginning of the New Year is celebrated in New York's Times Square just after the stroke of midnight.

How Science Can Help You Stick To That New Year's Resolution

On average, Americans stick to their New Year's resolutions for 32 days. But there are ways to break the mold.

 | Dan Grossman

A person shops at a grocery store.

Save Money On Your Holiday Feast Despite Skyrocketing Grocery Prices

While saving money will be tougher this year, experts say there are still ways people can reduce their grocery bills.

 | John Matarese

People holiday shopping at small business.

Americans Cut Back On Spending This Holiday Season

High inflation isn’t stopping people from shopping. But families are being mindful, and for some, that might mean buying less this year.

 | Stephanie Sandoval

Happy Kwanzaa

Why Are There Seven Candles For Kwanzaa?

Seven days and a new candle for each one — that's the years-long tradition of Kwanzaa.

 | Lauren Magarino and Brandi Scarber

Gift cards on a stand

How To Avoid A Gift Card Scam That Could Ruin The Holidays

Scammers are draining gift cards before recipients can use them. Here's how to identify signs of gift card tampering.

 | John Matarese

Holiday decorations, including stockings, are seen at the Vice President's residence

Why Do We Hang Stockings Around Christmas?

Stockings are a Christmas decoration staple. But why do we hang these garments this time of year?

 | Lauren Magarino and Patrick McGovern

The cast of "Someway, Somehow" practices on stage.

Maryland Church Draws Star-Studded Cast For Its Christmas Musical

A Maryland church's annual Christmas play "Someway, Somehow" unites Broadway and Sunday service, complete with an award-winning cast.

 | Amber Strong

Charles Graves dressed as Santa Claus.

Why Is Santa Claus Dressed In Red?

Early depictions show Santa Claus in yellow, green, even stars and stripes. So why do we always see jolly old St. Nicholas dressed in red?

 | Casey Mendoza and Simon Kaufman

Monroe County Sheriff's Office Colonel Lou Caputo costumed as the Grinch.

Deputy Dressed As Grinch Gives Onions To Speeding Drivers

Col. Lou Caputo is a 37-year veteran of the Monroe County Sheriff's Office in Florida and conjured up the concept more than 20 years ago.

 | AP

Bottles of McArthur Dairy Eggnog, a Dean Foods brand, are displayed at a grocery store.

Why Do We Drink Eggnog?

Because of its seasonal spices, eggnog became associated with the holidays and is now mostly consumed in November and December.

 | Simon Kaufman and Lauren Magarino

A wedding dress with an embroidered marijuana leaf on the front.

At Weed Weddings, Couples Bring Cannabis Into Their Celebration

In states where recreational marijuana is legal, couples and wedding vendors have found creative ways to add a cannabis twist to some traditions.

 | Emily O'Brien

Three dogs in ugly Christmas sweaters are shown.

Ugly Sweaters Are Now A Holiday Staple, Even For Some Pets

A Chicago ugly Christmas sweater event brings dogs in on the trend that has steadily gained traction throughout the years.

 | Ben Schamisso

People walk around the Athens Christmas tree at central Syntagma square in Athens

How Did Evergreen Trees Become A Christmas Symbol?

Early Americans with strong Christian beliefs denounced Christmas trees, calling them a pagan symbol.

 | Casey Mendoza and Brandi Scarber