Holidays and Celebrations

Juneteenth Mural

Texas Mural Sheds Light On The Significance Of Juneteenth

A Texas historian with the Juneteenth Legacy Project helped lead the charge to create the mural.

 | Scripps

President Biden signs a law Thursday designating Juneteenth as a federal holiday

President Biden Signs Bill Creating Federal Juneteenth Holiday

Juneteenth, celebrated June 19th, is the date when the last enslaved Black Americans in Texas finally learned they were free following the Civil War.

 | Nathaniel Reed

World Cancer Day signs

World Cancer Day Raises Awareness Of Disease And Prevention

First lady Jill Biden spoke with researchers at the National Cancer Institute on World Cancer Day.

 | Scripps News Staff

Hallmark Christmas movie posters.

Hallmark Is The King Of Christmas Movies — We Found Their Biggest Fans

Hallmark says it has garnered 35 million viewers since October.

 | Casey Mendoza

Owner Craig Richardson of restaurant Batter & Berries, Chicago.

Celebrate Juneteenth Through Food

More than 70 Black-owned Chicago restaurants celebrate Juneteenth's 155th year with special menus.

 | Cat Sandoval

Christmas Tree farmer's hand

Dream Jobs: Christmas Tree Farmer

Ricky Hoybach runs Country Loving Christmas Tree Farm. He showed Newsy around his dream job.

 | Newsy/ Megan Smith

Hallmark writers meeting to discuss ideas

Season's Greetings: How Hallmark Creates The Perfect Card

More than 1.2 billion greeting cards will be sent this holiday season. Annie Taylor explains how Hallmark creates the perfect greeting card.

 | Scripps News Staff

A 2015 study showed 62 percent of Americans stress over things like scheduling, money & staying healthy during the holidays.

The Difference Between Holiday Blues And True Anxiety Or Depression

There's a difference between feeling down or stressed around the holidays, and an actual mental health condition. What can you do to help with either?

 | Lindsey Theis

Mai Kakish and Abeer Najjar, two Arab women chefs who helped spearhead #AprilIsForArabFood

How Two Arab Women Chefs Are Celebrating #AprilIsForArabFood

Using the hashtag, they share their culture and traditions while countering stereotypes of Arabs in the news media.

 | Ben Schamisso

Illustration of Dickens' Ghost of Christmas Present

175 Years Ago, Charles Dickens Helped Shape Christmas As We Know It

Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" helped start conversations about the meaning of the holiday.

 | Casey Mendoza

A man dressed as Santa Claus holds a Christmas tree

Artificial Christmas Trees Vs. The Real Deal: Is One Really Better?

Cost-wise, reusable artificial trees win hands-down. But there are a lot more factors to consider when deciding between a real or fake tree.

 | Cat Sandoval

Thanksgiving turkey

What We Know About The Origins Of Thanksgiving

Historians disagree on the details of the first Thanksgiving, but there are a few things we know about how it started.

 | James Packard

The official 2017 White House Christmas tree.

Separation of Church Not Applicable to Christmas Decorations

The Constitution says church and state are separate, but court rulings suggest context is key to legally display certain Christmas decorations.

 | Ryan Biek

Not Into Valentine's Day? Celebrate Taco Tuesday Instead

Who needs love when you have tacos?

 | Tyler Fine

people drinking liquor

5 Things To Do Besides Getting Wasted On New Year's Eve

Because it sucks to have a hangover from hell on the first day of the new year.

 | Kristin Rohlwing

A calendar showing Boxing Day.

What Is Boxing Day, Anyway?

The first weekday after Christmas in the United Kingdom, Canada and several other Commonwealth countries is an official bank holiday.

 | Lauren Stephenson

Jennifer Aniston, T.J. Miller and Jason Bateman star in "Office Christmas Party"

'Office Christmas Party' Is King Among Raunchy Christmas Movies

Taking the No. 2 spot this week is the one movie all employed adults can relate to. "Office Christmas Party" brought in an estimated $17.5 million.

 | Jamal Andress

National Christmas Tree

The History Of The National Christmas Tree

The storied tradition dates back to 1923.

 | Katherine Biek

Santas run in the snow

We Lie To Whole Generations Of Kids About Santa, And That's Fine

The Santa Claus myth doesn't appear to do any harm — and it can actually help kids with their critical thinking skills.

 | Evan Thomas

Presents under a Christmas tree

New Zealand Takes Secret Santa To A Whole New Level

This year, almost 2,000 people are participating.

 | Katherine Biek

Collage of Newsy reporters

Different Table, Different Story: Let's Talk Thanksgiving Traditions

From turkey (roasted or fried) to cranberry sauce (canned or fresh), some Thanksgiving traditions are quintessential.

 | Scripps News Staff

A sign that says "Closed Election Day"

Why Isn't Election Day A Holiday?

Tuesday isn't exactly a convenient day for most people to vote.

 | Kate Grumke

A bowl of Cheerios.

Hold The Bacon: March 7 Is National Cereal Day

You can mark the occasion by digging in to one of these best-selling breakfast cereals.

 | Katherine Biek

Heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are displayed.

Want To Get Your Research Paper Some Press? Tie It To Valentine's Day

It's hard to find a connection between Valentine's Day and rare minerals or a new species of plant, but these researchers managed it.

 | Matt Picht

new years eve time square

The New Year's Eve Ball Drop, Explained

More than a billion people worldwide watch the ball drop every New Year's Eve.

 | Katie Link

A house covered in Christmas lights

US Uses More Energy On Christmas Lights Than Some Nations Do All Year

The U.S. uses 6.6 billion kilowatt hours to power Christmas lights each year. Countries like El Salvador and Honduras use less than that in a year.

 | Ethan Weston

Why Are All These New Christmas Songs So Depressing?

Several big-name artists surprised fans with sad, depressing Christmas anthems this year, including LCD Soundsystem and Miley Cyrus.

 | Grant Suneson

An engagement ring nestled on a tree branch.

Apparently, It Really 'Tis The Season To Get Engaged

You're not imagining it. Everyone gets engaged during the holidays.

 | Katie Link

Why Does NORAD Stalk Santa's Epic Sleigh Ride Across The Globe?

The 60-year-old tradition started with a typo in a Sears advertisement.

 | Cody LaGrow

Festive Films: Which Christmas Movie Made The Most Money?

Take a peek at the top five grossing Christmas films ever made.

 | Cody LaGrow