Sen. Richard Burr

NC GOP Censures Sen. Burr After Conviction Vote

Sen. Richard Burr said his party's leadership chose loyalty to Trump over the principles of the party and the country's founders.

 | Scripps News Staff

Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C.

North Carolina GOP To Vote On Censuring Sen. Richard Burr

Burr was among 7 Republicans to vote to convict Donald Trump during his second impeachment trial.

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Sen. Bill Cassidy

Sen. Cassidy Defends Vote To Convict Donald Trump

Cassidy, a Republican, defended his conviction vote saying he felt Trump should be held accountable.

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell

McConnell Says Trump 'Morally Responsible' For Riot

McConnell warned the former president could face civil litigation as a private citizen.

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Attorneys David Schoen, Bruce Castor, Michael Van der Veen

Trump's Defense Team Argues 'Fight' Is Normal Political Speech

Former President Trump's defense used less than three of the 16 hours they're allotted, leaving time for senators to start questions Friday.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., talks with reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington.

Sen. Cassidy Says He Needs To Hear Both Sides Of Impeachment Case

Some Republican Senators are waiting to convict Trump until they've heard both sides.

 | Scripps News Staff

Rep. Jamie Raskin

House Managers: Insurrection Was Foreseeable, Trump Lacked Remorse

The House impeachment managers said insurrectionists believed they were following then-President Trump's orders.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

U.S. Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman

Officer Goodman Tells Sen. Romney To Run

Goodman had also led a mob of rioters who broke into the Capitol away from the U.S. Senate chamber.

 | Scripps News Staff

President Joe Biden

President Biden's Focus Is On Pandemic, Not Impeachment Trial

Press Secretary Jen Psaki said the president won't give his opinion on the back-and-forth in the Senate.

 | Scripps News Staff

Screenshot of Donald Trump tweet reading "WE HAVE JUST BEGUN TO FIGHT!!!"

Impeachment Managers Say Trump Spent Months Inciting Capitol Riot

The House impeachment managers said former President Trump stoked his supporters for months by spreading lies about a stolen election.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

U.S. Senate chamber

Senate Votes To Proceed With Trump's Second Impeachment Trial

House impeachment managers and former President Trump's defense team debated the constitutionality of holding the trial after Trump left office.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

Impeachment managers walk to Senate chamber

Day One Of Impeachment Trial Ends

Former President Donald Trump is officially on trial again after senators voted to move ahead with impeachment.

 | Scripps News Staff

Rioters loyal to President Donald Trump storm the U.S. Capitol in Washington

FBI Arrests 18-Year-Old Alleged Rioter

Bruno Joseph Cua is the youngest person federal officials have charged related to the violence.

 | Scripps News Staff

Trump's Team To Argue Impeachment Trial Is Unconstitutional

Former President Donald Trump's legal strategy against impeachment will largely focus on the constitutionality of trying a former president.

 | Willie James Inman

Rep. Jamie Raskin walks to the Senate

Senators Agree To Rules A Day Ahead Of Impeachment Trial

The trial kicks off in earnest on Tuesday.

 | Scripps News Staff

Donald Trump

Trump Rejects Invitation To Testify At Senate Trial

The lead prosecutor invited Trump to defend himself under oath.

 | Scripps News Staff

Former President Donald Trump boards Marine One.

Trump Legal Team Questions Constitutionality Of Impeachment Trial

Former President Trump's legal team argues the Senate can't convict him as a private citizen and is questioning the constitutionality of the trial.

 | Jay Strubberg

President Donald Trump arrives to speak at a rally.

Trump Lawyer: Impeachment Trial Is Unconstitutional

The former president is accused of "incitement of insurrection" following the Capitol attack.

 | Scripps News Staff

President Donald Trump waves as he boards Marine One

Former President Trump Names 2 New Lawyers To Impeachment Defense Team

The announcement comes just one day after parting ways with his previous legal team.

 | Scripps News Staff

Tim Kaine, D-Va., speaks as the Senate reconvenes after protesters stormed into the U.S. Capitol

Senators Kaine, Collins Seek Trump Censure

A bipartisan Senate duo is considering taking action ahead of the actual trial.

 | Scripps News Staff

Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy

Vermont Sen. Leahy Released From Hospital, Will Return To Work

The 80-year-old Democrat, who is presiding over the impeachment trial, was hospitalized on Tuesday after not feeling well.

 | Scripps News Staff

violent rioters, loyal to President Donald Trump, storm the Capitol in Washington.

Impeachment Managers May Use Rally Video To Make Trump Connection

Prosecutors aim to show that Trump's comments at rally sparked attack on Capitol.

 | Scripps News Staff

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., makes a motion that the impeachment trial

45 GOP Senators Voted To Dismiss Impeachment Trial

Sen. Rand Paul was essentially asking to dismiss the trial before it even begins.

 | Scripps News Staff

Democratic House impeachment managers as they walk through Statuary Hall on Capitol Hill

House Delivers Article To Senate, Triggering Trial

This is not something we saw the first time.

 | Scripps News Staff

Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., the new president pro tempore of the Senate

Sen. Patrick Leahy Expected To Preside Over Impeachment

A spokesman for the senator says it'll be up to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to decide.

 | Johannah Grenaway

People stroll past a section of the National Mall by the Capitol

House Sends Impeachment Article to Senate

Republicans who condemned the January 6 attack on the Capitol are now defending President Trump.

 | Scripps News Staff

On the first full day of Democratic control, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer,

Schumer: House Will Deliver Article of Impeachment Monday

This launches the start of the former president's trial on a charge of incitement of insurrection over the deadly Capitol riot.

 | Scripps News Staff

Muted Protests Across The Country After States Fortified Security

"I’m not here to cause any rift," a demonstrator said. Counterterrorism experts say an insurgency may just take a different form.

 | Sasha Ingber and Meg Hilling

Workers put up bunting on a press riser ahead of Inauguration Day

Biden Urges Senate To Balance Impeachment With Other Work

The president-elect noted cabinet confirmation hearings, COVID relief among "urgent business" besides impeachment.

 | Scripps News Staff

Pres. Donald Trump speaks at Jan. 6, 2021 rally.

House Votes To Impeach President Trump For Incitement Of Insurrection

The House of Representatives approved an article of impeachment for incitement of insurrection stemming from Pres. Trump's Jan. 6 rally speech.

 | Stephanie Liebergen