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PSSi facility

Scripps News Investigates: A city’s not-so-secret child labor problem

A Scripps News investigation found suspicions of child labor went back years before authorities took action against a Nebraska meatpacking plant.

 | Patrick Terpstra and Karen Rodriguez and Daniel Lathrop

A Norfolk Southern freight train passes passes through East Palestine, Ohio, on Thursday, Feb. 9, 2023

Railroad execs got cash, in part for 'record' train length

A Scripps News investigation found Norfolk Southern gave top leaders millions of dollars in awards after they hit a controversial financial target.

 | Mark Greenblatt and Carrie Cochran and Rosie Cima

Officer's take a photo of the AR-15 style rifle found in an 18-year-old student's backpack

5-year-old boy, AR15-style gun involved in recent school incidents

An exclusive Scripps News investigation found increasing numbers of guns at schools. Cases involved teens and kids as young as five.

 | Lori Jane Gliha and Karen Rodriguez and Amy Fan and Rosie Cima

Architect of the Capitol Brett Blanton

Architect of the Capitol denies wrongdoing before Congress

Before Congress, Architect of the Capitol Brett Blanton defended his behavior, including the use of official vehicles for personal business.

 | Patrick Terpstra

Members of the Russian Imperial Movement

Russian Imperial Movement linked to terror campaign in Europe

An intelligence expert says a recent letter bomb campaign in Europe has been credibly linked back to Russia and its proxies.

 | Mark Greenblatt

J. Brett Blanton, the Architect of the Capitol.

Architect of the Capitol, accused of misconduct, avoids accountability

Scripps News learns why a top official at the U.S. Capitol has been able to keep his job despite multiple claims of misconduct.

 | Patrick Terpstra

Rep. Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick talks with Scripps News Senior National Correspondent Mark Greenblatt

Scripps News school AED probe gets attention in Congress

Rep. Cherfilus-McCormick, a Florida Democrat, will lead a bipartisan push for more school AEDs. The NFL & American Heart Association are endorsing.

 | Mark Greenblatt and Carrie Cochran and Amy Fan and Rosie Cima

Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., waits for the start of a session in the House chamber as the House

Scripps News Investigates George Santos' $199.99 campaign spending

It began with a series of false claims he made about his work history and education, and now he’s being investigated for campaign transactions.

 | Alexandra Miller and Rosie Cima

Ticket company executives appear before Congress

Ticketmaster under fire on Capitol Hill for failing to stop bots

Ticketmaster called for new laws against illegal computer bots, but a Scripps News investigation found a failure to enforce laws already on the books.

 | Patrick Terpstra

A memorial for Matthew Mangine Jr., who died after a sudden cardiac arrest in June 2020 in Erlanger, Ky.

An AED saved Damar Hamlin's life, but is your child's school ready?

A Scripps News investigation found though your school may have the equipment it needs to save a life, don’t count on staff to be ready to use it.

 | Mark Greenblatt and Carrie Cochran and Amy Fan and Rosie Cima

Photo of a dragon in a shop in Chinatown

A look inside a suspected Chinese police outpost in the US

Scripps News investigates a suspected Chinese police facility in New York.

 | Sasha Ingber

Taylor Swift photographed at the 2022 American Music Awards.

Few scalpers pay a price for using illegal ticket bots

The kind of bots that snatched up so many Taylor Swift tickets are illegal, but a Scripps News investigation finds anti-bot laws are rarely enforced.

 | Patrick Terpstra

Trucks and drivers

California Investigating Assault Against Female Truck Driver

The case was one of several sexual assaults against women in trucking covered last month in our Scripps News documentary series “In Real Life.”

 | Scripps News Staff

Sam Bankman-Fried under arrest

SBF Donated To Lawmakers Working On Crypto Policies, Newsy Finds

A Newsy investigation examines Sam Bankman-Fried's donations to lawmakers on House and Senate committees considering new crypto regulations.

 | Patrick Terpstra and Rosie Cima and Rachel Gold

Christina Wilder, 28, gives her 3-month-old son Cutter Dees his pacifier at their home in Paintsville, Kentucky

Drop In WIC-Approved Stores Sends Families Scrambling For Formula

A Newsy investigation found WIC, a government program that helps low-income parents pay for healthy food, is becoming harder to use.

 | Karen Rodriguez and Rachel Gold and Rosie Cima and Lori Jane Gliha

Ballot box observers in Arizona.

Election Skeptics Fall Far Short Of Goal To Observe 'Every Ballot Box'

Skeptics of the 2020 election planned to stake out ballot boxes during the 2022 midterm elections. Their plan failed to materialize beyond Arizona.

 | Patrick Terpstra

Voting in Delhi Township, Mich., during a primary election in August.

Why 2020 Election Skeptics Want To Be Poll Workers And Watchers

Pennsylvania offers a window into why doubters and deniers of the 2020 presidential election want to serve as poll workers and watchers.

 | Patrick Terpstra

Demonstrators march after the death of 23-year-old Elijah McClain

Police, Paramedics Scheduled To Be Arraigned In Ketamine Death Case

Amended autopsy blames “complications of ketamine administration following forcible restraint” as the cause of 23-year-old Black man’s death.

 | Lori Jane Gliha

Man holding riffle.

Federal Funds Coming For Red Flag Laws: What The Laws Do

A Newsy investigation examines how red flag laws work and why hundreds of people are being told to give up their guns.

 | Lori Jane Gliha

A person types on a keyboard.

Pioneering Privacy Law Runs Into More Trouble In Maryland

Newsy has learned Maryland missed a key deadline in the rollout of new ancestry DNA privacy rules, another sign of trouble for the stalled law.

 | Patrick Terpstra

America’s Breakdown: A National Conversation - Mental Health Data

Newsy’s commitment to revealing the reality of America’s mental health crisis continues with a two-hour special.

 | Matt Simon and Scripps News Staff

America’s Breakdown: A National Conversation - Mass Shootings

Newsy’s commitment to revealing the reality of America’s mental health crisis continues with a two-hour special.

 | Matt Simon and Scripps News Staff

America’s Breakdown: A National Conversation - Prescription Drugs

Newsy’s commitment to revealing the reality of America’s mental health crisis continues with a two-hour special.

 | Matt Simon and Scripps News Staff

America’s Breakdown: A National Conversation - Mental Health Stigma

Newsy’s commitment to revealing the reality of America’s mental health crisis continues with a two-hour special.

 | Matt Simon and Scripps News Staff

Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is attended to by medical staff after being sacked

Newsy Investigation Finds Loopholes In NFL Concussion Rules

The Newsy investigative team digs into loopholes that allowed the NFL took to put players back on the field after apparent concussions.

 | Mark Greenblatt and Carrie Cochran

Hospital ERs Struggle To Treat Surge Of Mental Health Patients

A Newsy investigation finds more Americans are going to the ER during a mental health crisis, and why they aren't getting the help they need.

 | Karen Rodriguez and Patrick Terpstra and Rosie Cima and Rachel Gold

America's Breakdown: Confronting Our Mental Health Crisis

Newsy exposes the important nuance in America's mental health crisis, with a focus on how people are overcoming their struggles.

 | Matt Simon

Students walk in a school hallway.

How Texas Quashed Sex-Ed Lessons On Consent

A Newsy investigation reveals a push by organized groups to stop schools from teaching what advocates say is critical to preventing sexual assault.

 | Mark Greenblatt and Carrie Cochran and Rosie Cima and Amy Fan

A spam text message

Lots Of Spam Texts, Little Action To Stop Them

A Newsy analysis of FCC complaints reveals how spammers are using text messages as a new tool. Why isn't the FCC doing more to stop them?

 | Patrick Terpstra