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A medical setting

Newsy Investigates: Vague Health Exceptions In Abortion Bans

Abortion bans have exceptions to save a pregnant person's life, but the laws aren't clear about when a life is in danger, a Newsy investigation finds.

 | Patrick Terpstra

A man on a bicycle stops at a railroad crossing as a train passes.

Newsy Investigates: Increasing Incidents At Rail Crossings

After an Amtrak train collided with a dump truck in Missouri, Newsy found incidents at similar highway-rail crossings are happening more often.

 | Patrick Terpstra

bottles of abortion pills at a clinic

Newsy Investigates: Abortion Pill's Safety Record

Data from one study show erectile dysfunction drugs have a mortality rate of about four times greater than Mifeprex.

 | Karen Rodriguez and Rosie Cima and Patrick Terpstra

A beach on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Erosion Is Turning Dream Homes Into Nightmares: Newsy Investigates

The collapse of three coastal homes in North Carolina reveals a lack of options for homeowners caught in erosion hotspots.

 | Patrick Terpstra

The Swedish Security Police

U.S. Slaps Terrorist Designation On Russian, Swedish Extremists

The U.S. Department of the Treasury announced its first sanctions against White supremacists.

 | Mark Greenblatt

A woman looks over paperwork.

Newsy Investigates: Surge Of Rejected Ballots In Texas

A cautionary tale from Texas: Even the smallest changes in election laws this year can block thousands of legitimate votes.

 | Patrick Terpstra

Cash, debit cards and guns seized in an unemployment insurance fraud investigation.

Newsy Investigates: The Slow Hunt For Stolen Unemployment Aid

A lack of investigators and data are snarling the fight to claw back billions of dollars in stolen COVID-19 unemployment relief, Newsy has learned.

 | Patrick Terpstra

A shuttered Center for Covid Control site in Chicago.

Newsy Investigates: Government Money For Troubled COVID-19 Testing Lab

Ex-employees describe how the Center for Covid Control may have over-billed a government fund for Americans without health insurance.

 | Patrick Terpstra

An empty Center for COVID Control testing site

Newsy Investigates: Tax Dollars Kept Flowing To Troubled COVID-19 Lab

Lax laws allowed little oversight and lots of government reimbursement at a COVID-19 testing company accused of reporting false test results.

 | Patrick Terpstra

A person wearing a shirt that says "Make TikToks."

Newsy Investigates: TikTok's Misinformation Challenge

As part of News Literacy Week, Newsy investigates how false content spreads on the massive social media platform.

 | Patrick Terpstra

A COVID-19 testing site

Newsy Investigates: Delays And Fraud Fears At COVID-19 Test Sites

Authorities issue warnings about illegitimate coronavirus screening locations as omicron surges demand for tests.

 | Patrick Terpstra

A candlelight vigil in Mayfield, Ky.

Newsy Investigates: OSHA Violations At Candle Factory Hit By Tornado

OSHA records show Mayfield Consumer Products was cited for 12 violations in 2019, two related to emergency preparedness.

 | Patrick Terpstra

Emily Reid at Spagnvola Chocolatier

Newsy Investigates: Small Businesses Still Locked Out Of Aid Program

A paperwork issue is the latest snag keeping some small businesses from receiving COVID-19 disaster aid.

 | Patrick Terpstra

Jeff Stover at the Virginia Department of Health

Newsy Investigates: Why So Few COVID-19 Smartphone Alerts?

A Newsy investigation finds COVID-19 apps are aware of just a sliver of infections despite states spending millions of dollars deploying the tech.

 | Patrick Terpstra

A COVID-10 antigen test

Newsy Investigates: COVID-19 Rapid Tests Struggle To Win FDA Approval

A Newsy investigation finds strict FDA rules are keeping affordable at-home rapid tests stuck in red tape.

 | Patrick Terpstra and Zach Cusson

Newsy Investigates: What Led To The Shortage Of At-Home COVID Tests

A focus on vaccines over routine testing for asymptomatic people helped tank the U.S. market for at-home rapid tests before the Delta variant struck.

 | Patrick Terpstra

Air passenger in front of plane

Newsy Investigates: Unruly Air Passengers Avoiding Sky-High Fines

The FAA is pursuing relatively few enforcement actions against misbehaving travelers despite a zero-tolerance policy, records reviewed by Newsy show.

 | Patrick Terpstra

A sign in support of Dr. Michelle Fiscus

Latest COVID-19 Wave Not Immune From Politics

What government leaders say about vaccines actually matters, a 2020 Yale study found.

 | Patrick Terpstra

Bob Freeman, owner of The Buena Vista Cafe

How Being A Veteran Cost A Restaurant Owner A Bite Of COVID Relief

Lawsuits blocking women and minority restaurant owners from getting COVID relief appear to be also locking out military veterans.

 | Patrick Terpstra

Matthew Heimbach voices his displeasure at the media after a court hearing for James Alex Fields Jr.

Extremist Heimbach To Relaunch Hate Group, Says He Supports Violence

An expert who tracks neo-Nazis and extremists calls Heimbach's return and his latest rhetoric 'very dangerous.'

 | Mark Greenblatt and Lauren Knapp

A man at a memorial wall outside the remains of Champlain Towers South.

Cities Trust, But Don’t Always Verify, Safety Of High-Rises

A Newsy investigation finds cities rarely monitor the interior structures of towers as they age. That may soon change.

 | Patrick Terpstra

Texas DA stands with rape survivors and announces reforms

Texas DA Apologizes To Rape Survivors, Agrees To Reforms

Travis County settlement comes after a Newsy joint investigation showed official rape clearance numbers didn't actually reflect arrests, prosecutions.

 | Mark Greenblatt and Mark Fahey

The U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

Jan. 6 Corporate Freeze On Campaign Donations Begins To Thaw

After a pause in donations, companies are again giving to GOP members of Congress who voted against certifying the 2020 presidential election.

 | Patrick Terpstra and Rosie Cima

A worker at a shop in California

New COVID-19 Workplace Safety Rules Focus On Health Care

The emergency temporary standard does not apply to all workplaces despite thousands of COVID-related complaints from a variety of industries.

 | Patrick Terpstra

Dante Ferrando owns the Black Cat club in Washington, D.C.

COVID Aid To Small Venues At A Trickle

Owners of independent theaters and stages hear nothing back after applying for federal COVID aid — or are wrongly denied for being "dead."

 | Patrick Terpstra

The suspect in a terror plot is named by an extremist fascist group as a leader

TX Sheriff: FBI Takes Over Case In Alleged Wal-Mart Mass Shooting Plot

Authorities in Texas seized guns, ammunition and flags from fascist groups from Russia and Spain at the home of a suspect in a terror plot.

 | Mark Greenblatt and Lauren Knapp

A police misconduct souvenir coin for sale

Newsy Investigates: Coins Depicting Police Misconduct For Sale

A Newsy investigation finds Amazon, eBay, Etsy and Walmart selling souvenir coins displaying scenes of abusive behavior by police.

 | Patrick Terpstra

Music store co-owner Terri Senecal

Newsy Investigates: Bureaucratic Blunders Block Small Business Relief

A Newsy investigation finds new anti-fraud measures at the U.S. Small Business Administration are blocking qualified businesses from getting relief.

 | Patrick Terpstra

Abortion Pill Gets Fresh Look As FDA Launches Review Of Restrictions

A Newsy investigation in 2020 found the FDA’s own data show the pill to be safer than Viagra and complications from medication abortions are rare.

 | Angela M. Hill and Karen Rodriguez