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Seven-year-old Jaydon Zeema of the Hopi Tribe in Arizona on the laptop provided by his school.

COVID-19 Deepens Digital Divide For Tribes

Hopi Tribe using part of $92 million in CARES Act monies to expand internet access but facing a December 30 deadline.

 | Angela M. Hill

Pennsylvania Ballot

Misleading Claims In A Trump Campaign Lawsuit

A Newsy investigation finds counties listed in the Trump Campaign’s lawsuit in Pennsylvania did allow voters to fix some mistakes.

 | Lauren Knapp

Twitter "Account Suspended" message

Twitter Suspends MAGA Rally Group, QAnon-Linked Founder

Twitter's action follows a Newsy investigation that revealed ominous statements by MAGA Drag The Insterstate's founder about the post-election period.

 | Mark Fahey and Mark Greenblatt

Newsy Analysis: Polls Further Off Than In 2016

Newsy Analysis: Polls Further Off Than In 2016

A Newsy analysis found that this election's polls were more inaccurate than polls have been in previous years.

 | Rosie Cima and Mark Fahey and Maia Rosenfeld and Riin Aljas

Counted On: The Final Tally

From the voting machine to the official numbers - see how a VA registrar counts each vote on election night.

 | Zach Cusson and Lauren Knapp

QAnon-Linked Organizer Calls Rallies Last 'Peaceful' Unity Attempt

The founder of a multi-state rally of "patriots" joined the "QArmy." Extremism experts worry about what will happen after the election.

 | Mark Greenblatt and Mark Fahey

Counted On: Ballot Curing to Make Every Vote Count

Newsy follows the James City County, Virginia elections office as they oversee record early voting and prepare for election day.

 | Lauren Knapp

Voting underway in Hamilton County, Ohio

Backup Poll Workers Still Needed In Key States

Officials in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin tell Newsy they still need extra hands for a smooth Election Day.

 | Patrick Terpstra

Hopi Tribe Races To Expand Access To Clean Running Water

For the Hopi tribe of Arizona, COVID-19 has highlighted longstanding disparities including limited access to clean running water.

 | Angela M. Hill

A drive through testing site in rural Wahoo, Nebraska

Hundreds Of Rural Counties Are In COVID Testing Deserts

Without easy access to testing, officials in many rural counties don't know who’s infected and may be spreading the virus.

 | Maia Rosenfeld

Counted On: Behind The Scenes With A County Electoral Board

Newsy follows the James City County, Virginia elections office as they oversee record early voting and prepare for election day.

 | Lauren Knapp

A ballot

Voters Ordered To Take Down 'Ballot Selfies'

North Carolina officials have ordered seven voters so far to remove photos of ballots shared online.

 | Patrick Terpstra

President Trump at the White House

The Timeline Leading To President Trump Testing Positive For COVID-19

The president's schedule before testing positive for the coronavirus was crammed with campaign events where he interacted with the public.

 | Patrick Terpstra

Data shows incomplete witness information for North Carolina ballots

Witness Requirement Keeps Votes From Being Counted In Battleground NC

At least 1,700 mail-in ballots are in limbo in North Carolina because of missing witness information. They're largely from Democrats and Black voters.

 | Patrick Terpstra

Ballot booths

Not Paying A Price For Voting Twice

Vote fraud is rare, but not as uncommon as criminal charges for people who actually vote more than once.

 | Patrick Terpstra

A ballot box

Online Ballot Tracking Is Reliable But Not Perfect

Newsy's investigative team finds confidence in the accuracy of ballot tracking despite problems in Detroit this summer.

 | Patrick Terpstra

8th grade teacher Erin McCarthy inside her classroom

K-12 Schools Suffer Financial Pain From Coronavirus

Buying masks and hiring more janitors are among costs straining K-12 schools still waiting on promised federal aid to get through the pandemic.

 | Patrick Terpstra

Lawsuit Seeks Better Tracking of Native American Kids in Foster Care

A lawsuit filed in federal court aims to stop the rollback of rules that monitor American Indian and Alaska Native children foster care.

 | Angela M. Hill

A letter carrier delivers mail.

Postal Service Board Lacks Experience — And Bodies

Newsy's investigative team takes a deeper look at the Postal Service board, six Trump appointees with power to restore confidence in mail-in voting.

 | Patrick Terpstra

Arizona State University Campus

Colleges Sit On Emergency Cash Meant For Students

A Newsy investigation finds colleges and universities have not yet distributed millions of dollars in emergency CARES Act grants to students in need.

 | Patrick Terpstra

A police officer holds a stun gun to the back of a man's neck

FBI Postpones Use-Of-Force Data Release

The FBI blames the delay in the public release of national use-of-force data on local police departments not participating.

 | Mark Greenblatt and Rosie Cima and Nicholas McMillan

Schoolboy waiting for a bus with a mask during covid pandemic

Other Countries Find Age Matters When Reopening Schools

Experiences and studies from other countries show that kids under the age of 10 are less likely to carry or spread COVID-19 at school.

 | Riin Aljas

Two soldiers look in on a Stars and Stripes publication

Military Watchdog Stars and Stripes Fighting For Survival

Bipartisan pushback is growing against a Trump administration proposal to cut all funding for the independent voice of American troops.

 | Mark Greenblatt

An empty classroom

Newsy Investigates: When COVID-19 Infects A Reopened School

Newsy finds inconsistent response plans for when a student or teacher tests positive for the coronavirus in a reopened school.

 | Patrick Terpstra

New clean air filter next to dirty air filter

School Air Filters: Not COVID-19 Ready

Schools should upgrade to MERV 13 air filters to catch virus if A/C systems can handle it, says engineering professional society U.S. EPA points to.

 | Mark Greenblatt and Nicholas McMillan

How One Alleged Fraudster Got Millions In Emergency PPP Loans

Banks had to move fast to get PPP loans to struggling businesses. But that also made it easy for one man to allegedly make millions through fraud.

 | Mark Fahey

Minneapolis police face off against protests

Minneapolis Police Among Many That Didn't Send FBI Use Of Force Data

More than 10 police agencies that did not previously give FBI use of force data pledge change, following Newsy questions. 50+ agencies didn't respond.

 | Mark Greenblatt and Nicholas McMillan and Rosie Cima

Kimberley Byrd

3 Teachers Shared A Classroom; All Got COVID-19

Newsy talked to medical experts about three co-teachers who were all diagnosed with the coronavirus despite taking precautions at school.

 | Patrick Terpstra