The AT&T logo is positioned above one of its retail stores.

Former AT&T customers still entitled to data throttling partial refund

AT&T settled with the FTC over allegations the company misled customers about their data speeds.

 | Scripps News Staff

The Airbnb app icon.

How to navigate recent Airbnb changes

Airbnb — and other rental websites — are introducing new changes to make things easier for travelers and hosts.

 | John Matarese

Allendale United Methodist Church

Florida church offers up space to teach AP African American Studies

Earlier this month, Florida's education department rejected AP African-American Studies in a letter to the College Board, which oversees AP classes.

 | Jada Williams

Person watching Netflix on tablet.

Netflix sharing fees start soon — here’s how to transfer your profile

Netflix confirmed that it will begin charging fees for account sharing as soon as March. Here's what to do if you're currently sharing a log-in.

 | Tricia Goss

The Amazon logo

Amazon launches $5-a-month unlimited prescriptions for Prime members

The retail giant’s RxPass has a prescription list that includes more than 50 common medications.

 | Bridget Sharkey

Woman browses shelves of a salvage grocery store.

Salvage grocery stores are booming as food prices soar

Many grocery stores will often throw away items that are damaged or nearing their expiration date, but salvage stores sell them at a discount.

 | John Matarese

U.S. currency

Which American cities are experiencing the most inflation in 2023?

Experts say there are three primary factors causing inflation to skyrocket, with housing at the top of the list.

 | Tricia Goss

A trout swimming in a lake.

Study finds high levels of 'forever chemicals' in freshwater fish

U.S scientists found the median levels of PFAS in freshwater fish were more than 270 times higher than those detected in commercially caught fish.

 | Scripps News Staff

Kid reading on a smart tablet.

Report: 96% of K-12 apps share children's data with third parties

Next time you download an education app, consider the following expert advice on data privacy.

 | Chloe Nordquist

Food at Oriental Wok in Cincinnati.

New Year is when foods take on special meanings for East Asians

These are some of the lucky foods for the Lunar New Year.

 | Mary Chao

Lunar New Year at a public park in Beijing

What it means to be born in the Year of the Rabbit

East Asians around the world will ring in the Year of the Rabbit on Sunday, January 22.

 | Mary Chao

A person puts a stamp on their tax returns.

Tax season has begun. Here's how to prepare, avoid a refund delay

A tax expert says there are three valuable lessons to keep in mind when filing taxes this year after recent IRS changes.

 | John Matarese

Woman using the Flowly VR

Meditation apps to help restore calm and lower stress

Mindfulness apps that help restore your calm. Studies have shown that these practices help build our resilience to stress.

 | Stephen Graddick IV

Rachel Whalen looks at her phone at her home in Draper, Utah.

Why are Americans spending more time alone?

Americans are spending more time by themselves than they have over the past 20 years. A professor who studies solitude helps explain why.

 | Simon Kaufman

Children listen to an instructor reading a book

America is facing a child care crisis

The American Rescue Plan of 2021 provided $39 billion in child care relief funds that are starting to run dry.

 | Diane Duenez

Someone types on a cellphone

Report: Americans lost $40B to phishing scams in 2022

A report by TrueCaller shows more Americans are falling prey to scams, even as awareness of them rises.

 | Daniel Grossman

some actresses at the theatre

Ukrainian theater lives on in a bunker

The Mykolaiv Art Drama Theatre was nearly destroyed by a Russian strike. Now, audiences fill seats in the bunker below.

 | Jason Bellini

Pregnant woman wiping her nose.

What's ‘pregnancy nose’? It’s a real thing, caused by hormonal changes

Technically, your nose doesn’t get larger — the extra blood your body produces for the baby simply makes it look wider.

 | Bridget Sharkey

A man examines a six-carat diamond

Why do we put so much worth in diamonds?

Diamonds became associated with love and engagements around the 15th century. Here's why it wasn't just a romantic gesture.

 | Scripps News Staff and Casey Mendoza

A man walks through a used car lot.

Experts: Falling prices make now a good time to buy a used car

Used car prices fell 2% in November and 3% in December, according to a January report by

 | Chloe Nordquist

Man brushing his teeth.

Researchers link mouth bacteria to deadly brain abscesses

Researchers in the U.K. found that bacteria in the mouth can make their way to the brain through a person's blood and cause infection.

 | Scripps News Staff

Consumers shop for groceries.

It's not just eggs; other foods are up sharply in price

You may have heard that inflation is down overall this month. So, why are groceries still so expensive?

 | John Matarese

Puppies play in a cage at a pet store.

Pet store owner says New York law won't solve breeding issues

Legislators say banning pet stores from selling some animals will prevent inhumane breeding, but pet store owners say it will highlight other issues.

 | Axel Turcios

A Bank of America ATM is shown.

Bank of America glitch leaves some Zelle users waiting for their money

Some Bank of America customers woke up to lost money, accounts in the negative and overdraft fees, due to issues with Zelle transfers.

 | James Packard

Old Main on the Penn State University campus.

Unused 529 college savings can be rolled into a Roth IRA next year

In the past, the only real option for 529 funds that weren't used for a secondary education program was to roll the money over to another beneficiary.

 | Tricia Goss

Forklift drivers transporting pallets of product.

Wholesale inflation in US slowed further in December to 6.2%

The latest year-over-year figure was down from 7.3% in November and from a recent peak of 11.7% in March.

 | AP

Paola Espinoza, right, dressed with a typical Mexican hat, waits with her teammates of the Mexican national team

Why do chefs wear those tall hats?

The Frenchman known as "The King of Chefs, and the Chef of Kings" is credited with creating the standard chef’s hat.

 | Simon Kaufman

A portion of the 1040 U.S. Individual Income Tax Return form.

30% of Americans relying on tax refunds to make ends meet this year

Gen Z (40%) and millennials (46%) count on the tax-time cash infusion the most, according to the study by Qualtrics on behalf of Credit Karma.

 | Brittany Anas

Person checks their credit score.

Changes to medical debt reporting could improve your credit score

The three nationwide credit reporting agencies — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion — began removing paid medical debts from consumers' reports.

 | Tricia Goss

Two people sit with a dog in a gated area.

Little girl's small donation to dog rescue leads to thousands raised

A 7-year-old decided to donate the money in her piggy bank to a dog rescue, prompting tons of others to match her donation.

 | Scripps News Staff