Smokestacks near an oil refinery are seen in front of the Utah State Capitol as an inversion settles over Salt Lake City.

How Poor Air Quality Can Impact A Child's Education

Air pollution affects more than our health — it's also impacting our education system.

 | Chris Stewart

Flint: The Poisoning Of An American City

Flint: The Poisoning Of An American City

When Flint, Michigan, changed its municipal water supply source in 2014, distribution pipes corroded and lead leached out into the drinking water.

 | Scripps News Staff

In Real Life: Plastic Time Bomb

In Real Life: Plastic Time Bomb

A global exploration of microplastics' impact on our planet and on our health — and what scientists are doing to help fix the problem.

 | Nelufar Hedayat and Kevin Clancy

A bag of nurdles.

New Report Says Texas Waterway Pollution Worst In The Nation

Patrick Bayou is an EPA superfund site, where toxic chemicals flow right into the Houston shipping channel.

 | John Mone

a copper water supply line is shown connected to a water main in Flint, Michigan

Why Is Our Water Quality In Question?

American drinking water infrastructure is aging, and the impacts are increasingly dangerous. How is the U.S. fixing it?

 | Eli Kintisch

The Scholven coal-fired power station

U.N. Report: Climate Pollution Reductions 'Highly Inadequate'

The United Nations Environment Programme says the window is closing on n efforts to keep future warming of the earth at bay.

 | AP

A Flint water plant tower.

Flint Water Crisis Charges Dropped For 7 Former Michigan Officials

The dismissal comes after the Michigan Supreme Court in June said a different judge acting as a one-person jury had no authority to issue indictments.

 | AP and Scripps News Staff

A child with asthma is shown.

Asthma Cases Are Getting More Severe In The U.S.

It's Asthma Peak Week, and recently, a record number of Americans are visiting hospitals, or even dying, from severe cases.

 | Lindsey Theis

A well leaking methane in California

California Not Counting Methane Leaks From Idle Wells

A scientist says the lack of data calls into question California's ability to meet its ambitious goal of carbon neutrality by 2045.

 | AP

Emissions from a coal-fired power plant.

Supreme Court Limits EPA In Curbing Power Plant Emissions

The court's ruling could complicate the Biden administration's plans to combat climate change.

 | AP and Scott Withers

People protest against environmental racism.

How City Planning Can Support Environmental Justice

Some states had new policies to protect against environmental racism, but many of them are now outdated.

 | Scripps News Staff

Bees fill a hive.

Losing Bees Could Have Huge Implications For The Environment

The decline or loss of bees could affect our food and other products, but it can also affect our environment, as they serve as a pollinator.

 | Scripps News Staff

Vehicle traffic and dense smog in New Delhi, India.

Study: Global Pollution Kills 9 Million People A Year

The global average is 117 pollution deaths per 100,000 people.

 | AP and Scripps News Staff

Workers at a recycling plant

Why Does The U.S. Produce So Much Waste?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. produced about 36 million tons of plastic waste in 2018.

 | Meg Hilling and Scripps News Staff

A stack of recycled aluminum cans are transported on a truck.

Is Hitting A 50% Recycling Rate Realistic?

The EPA set the national recycling rate to 50% by 2030, but what will it take for citizens and businesses to hit that goal?

 | Scripps News Staff



Actor Jeremy Irons travels to beautiful destinations tainted by pollution to discover the extent and effects of the world's waste problem.

 | Blenheim Films

Navy and civilian water quality recovery experts through the tunnels of the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility.

U.S. Military Faces Crisis In Hawaii After Fuel Leak Poisons Water

Military medical teams have examined more than 5,900 people complaining of symptoms like nausea and rashes since last November.

 | AP

Workers in protective suits clean the contaminated beach in Corona Del Mar after an oil spill in Newport Beach, Calif.

Coast Guard Investigating Cargo Ship For Hitting Oil Pipeline

Still undetermined is whether the impact caused the October leak or if the line was hit by something else at a later date or failed.

 | AP

Water flows froma. water fountain at the Boys and Girls Club in Concord, New Hampshire.

EPA Lays Out Strategy To Regulate Toxic "Forever Chemicals"

PFAS are synthetic chemicals found in some everyday items and have been linked to high cholesterol, low birth weight and some forms of cancer.

 | AP

Steam rises from a power station in Germany.

Study Finds Climate Change Result Of Human Activity, Carbon Emissions

Keeping global warming well below 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit by the end of the century is a goal of the Paris accord, but some nations are falling behind.

 | Scripps News Staff

A traffic jam in Algiers, Algeria

UN Hails End Of Poisonous Leaded Gas Use In Cars Worldwide

Studies showed leaded gas caused measurable intellectual impairment in children and millions of premature deaths.

 | AP

PPE pollution

Why Recycling PPE Is Complicated

Waste management companies are looking for ways to recycle excess PPE pollution that has developed during the pandemic.

 | Scripps

Man walks near piles of plastic

Reusing Plastic That Can't Be Recycled

One conservationist is working to reduce our carbon footprint.

 | Scripps

Factory pollution.

Small Towns Fight To Keep Factory Pollution Out

In one part of Louisiana, pollution concerns are so bad that residents call the area "Cancer Alley."

 | Scripps

People sort through plastic

Reinventing How We Think About Recycling

The U.S. Plastics Pact is rethinking the way we design and reuse plastic.

 | Scripps


WPTV: Inside The Effort To Rehab Sea Turtles Sickened By Plastic

The Gumbo Limbo Nature Center in Boca Raton, Florida, helps sea turtles that swallow pieces of plastic in the ocean.


Woman cleans up trash

Is Excess Trash An Infrastructure Problem?

Some city leaders are thinking of ways to clean up their communities.

 | Scripps

Waste in an ocean

Tool Tracks How Much Plastic Waste Is Dumped In Oceans

Researchers are working with partners around the world to figure out how much pollution is out there and where it's coming from.

 | Scripps

Man holds bag of trash

WPTV: Florida Man Makes It His Mission To Fight Plastic Pollution

The 30-year-old spends hours each week picking up beach trash.


Bale of aluminum cans

Experts Say Most Americans Are Not Recycling Correctly

According to the EPA, only about one-third of waste put in recycling bins is actually recycled.

 | Stephanie Sandoval