Political Scandals

Donald Trump gives a speech at the party for "The Apprentice."

Trump's Sexual Harassment Allegations Start Way Before That Tape

Donald Trump had a history of sexual harassment accusations long before that leaked tape came out.

 | Grant Suneson

Hillary Clinton places her hands on her head as she reads through papers in 2005.

WikiLeaks Releases Info On Hillary Clinton's Paid Speeches

Clinton's paid speeches were a hot-button issue, and one of the emails details red flags from those speeches.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

The Great Kremlin Palace

Surprise, Surprise — US Confirms Russia Was Behind Email Hacks

The U.S. is "confident" Russia is responsible for the hacks — and that the goal was to interfere with the election.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

Donald Trump speaks during the first 2016 Presidential Debate.

Report Says Trump's Business Violated The US Embargo Against Cuba

A Newsweek investigation found Donald Trump's hotel spent money to evaluate Cuba as a location, even though the embargo was still in effect.

 | Grant Suneson

Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea embrace.

Bill Clinton's Past Could Play A Big Role In The Next Debate

A woman who accused Bill Clinton of rape blasted Chelsea Clinton on Twitter after she brushed off allegations of her dad's infidelity.

 | Grant Suneson

Hillary Clinton during a campaign rally.

Clinton's Email Scandal Is Back In The News Again — Because Of Reddit

A Reddit post has cast fresh suspicion on the people involved with Hillary Clinton's private email server.

 | Matt Picht

Hillary Clinton testifies before the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

Clinton Wants To Move Past Email Scandal, But Voters Can't Seem To

A Gallup poll shows "email" is the word most commonly associated with Hillary Clinton.

 | Grant Suneson

Donald Trump speaks while on the campaign trail.

Donald Trump Used Charity Donations To Settle Lawsuits

The Washington Post reports that legal documents show money donated to the Trump Foundation was used to settle more than one lawsuit.

 | Zach Toombs

General Colin Powell speaks at the TIME Summit On Higher Education.

Like Many Voters, Colin Powell Isn't Excited To Vote Trump Or Clinton

Leaked emails show former Secretary of State Colin Powell isn't happy about voting for either Trump or Clinton.

 | Grant Suneson

Louisiana Rep. Charles Boustany during a House press conference

Louisiana Rep.'s Wife Defends Him Amid Alleged Prostitution Ties

A new book accuses Louisiana Rep. Charles Boustany of patronizing prostitutes.

 | Matt Picht

Hillary Clinton checks her phone in 2011.

Clinton Investigation Release Could Set Precedent For Future Cases

The summary from the FBI investigation is here.

 | Eugene Daniels

Maine Gov. Paul LePage.

Will Maine's Governor Resign? He's Sending Mixed Messages

Gov. Paul LePage is in the middle of another scandal after leaving a profanity-laced voicemail for a state representative.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

Kellyanne Conway speaks at CPAC.

Trump Campaign Manager: If Women Were Stronger, Rape Wouldn't Exist

In 2013, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said that rape wouldn't exist if women were as physically strong as men.

 | Grant Suneson

Anthony Weiner glances to his right.

Back At It? Anthony Weiner Finds Himself In Another Sexting Scandal

The New York Post published lewd photos the former congressman reportedly sent to a woman who is not his wife. One photo shows his son next to him.

 | Lauren Stephenson

Clinton arrives at Seoul Military Airport while serving as Secretary of State.

GOP Shifts Focus From Clinton's Emails To Daily State Dept. Schedule

The State Department says it won't be able to release the full schedule until the end of the year.

 | Eugene Daniels

Colin Powell holds Hillary Clinton's shoulder as she laughs.

Did The Clinton Campaign Throw Powell Under The Bus? He Thinks So

The former secretary of state didn't mince words when commenting on Clinton's private email server scandal.

 | Lauren Stephenson

Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign event.

Judge Rules Clinton Must Face Written Questions About Email Server

The ruling means Clinton won't have to give a verbal deposition in response to a FOIA request from Judicial Watch.

 | Matt Picht

President Barack Obama speaks at a press conference.

Ties Between US Payment To Iran And Prisoner Release Get Stronger

A new Wall Street Journal report says Iran couldn't take the U.S.' settlement money until Iran released the American prisoners it was holding.

 | Grant Suneson

Kane speaks during  press conference.

Disgraced Pennsylvania Attorney General Stepping Down After Conviction

Kathleen Kane's resignation is mandated by state law.

 | Eugene Daniels

Hillary Clinton testifies before a congressional committee.

FBI Sends Email Docs To Congress, Clinton Says Release Them Publicly

The FBI stressed that the material contains classified and sensitive information.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

A DCCC candidate's video showing politicians.

A Ton Of Democrats' Personal Information Just Got Leaked

A hacker who goes by "Guccifer 2.0" has claimed responsibility for the leak.

 | Ethan Weston

Drone strike in Syria

Congress Calls Out The Military For Its Rosy ISIS Intel

It's something both Republicans and Democrats agree on.

 | Eugene Daniels

Melania Trump, wearing a white dress, stand at a podium with two microphones. She has brown wavy hair with blonde highlights.

Old Nude Photos Put Melania Trump Under Spotlight She Didn't Ask For

Melania Trump is far from the first political family member to be dragged into the limelight.

 | Lauren Stephenson

Sanders and Clinton delegates on day one of convention.

Sanders, Clinton Fans React Very Differently To The DNC Email Leak

The DNC email leak plays differently depending on which delegates you ask.

 | Eugene Daniels

Debbie Wasserman Schultz wearing a white sleeveless dress stands at the podium at the Democratic National Convention.

DNC Chair Talked Smack, Then Emails Were Leaked, And Now She's Out

On Sunday, the Democratic National Committee said Debbie Wasserman Schultz will resign as its head.

 | Lauren Stephenson

Bernie Sanders during a press conference in July.

WikiLeaks Dump Could Confirm Sanders Fans' Worst Fears About The DNC

An email allegedly shows Democratic National Committee staffers plotting to hit Sen. Bernie Sanders on his religious beliefs.

 | Eugene Daniels

Laura Ingraham makes a gesture to supporters after her RNC speech.

Donald Trump And His Supporters Can't Shake The Nazi Comparisons

Laura Ingraham was criticized for seeming to give a Nazi salute after her RNC speech. This isn't the first time Trump's been compared to Hitler.

 | Grant Suneson

A side-by-side of Melania Trump wearing a white dress and Michelle Obama wearing a turquoise dress.

Did Melania Trump Plagiarize Michelle Obama's Speech? See For Yourself

A portion of it appears to mirror Michelle Obama's speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

 | Lauren Stephenson

French President Francois Hollande addresses his new year wishes.

Everyone's Making Fun Of The French President's Oddly Expensive Barber

A French paper found out that President François Hollande's personal barber makes nearly 10,000 euros per month. The internet responded with memes.

 | Grant Suneson

Attorney General Loretta Lynch at a press conference.

Loretta Lynch Really Doesn't Want To Talk About Clinton's Damn Emails

The attorney general faced off with Congress over the DOJ's decision not to charge Clinton for her email scandal.

 | Matt Picht