Political Scandals

President Donald Trump talks to the media.

Watchdog Says Trump And Allies Pushed Conspiracies And Misinformation

A statement from three lawmakers says the documents and information presented by the State Department Inspector General "raise troubling questions."

 | Stephanie Liebergen

What Really Went Down Between Joe Biden, His Son and Ukraine

Trump and his GOP allies have accused Joe Biden and his son, Hunter, of corruption in Ukraine. Here's what really happened.

 | Kellan Howell

Mike Pompeo

Pompeo Confirms He Was On Controversial Trump-Zelenskyy Phone Call

Mike Pompeo's admission is notable, in part, because he previously dodged questions about the Trump-Zelenskyy phone call.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Pompeo Pushes Back On Requests In House Impeachment Probe

The House committees on Intelligence, Foreign Affairs and Oversight want to interview five current and former State Department staffers.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

Michael Atkinson

Intel Community Watchdog Clears The Air On Whistleblower Rules

President Trump has incorrectly said the whistleblower only had secondhand information and that the reporting rules recently changed.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

U.S. Capitol

How Federal Law Protects Intelligence Community Whistleblowers

There are multiple whistleblower laws in the U.S., and the process varies across different government agencies.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and President Donald Trump

Whistleblower Accuses Trump Of Abusing Power For Political Gain

The complaint says White House officials took steps to hide the contents of a call between President Trump and President Zelenskyy.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

President Donald Trump

Trump Reportedly Asked Mick Mulvaney To Withhold Ukraine Aid

President Trump denies linking aid to a Ukrainian investigation of the Bidens.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

Elaine Chao

House Panel Launches Investigation Into Transportation Secretary

The House oversight committee is looking into whether Secretary Elaine Chao used her Cabinet position for financial gain.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Reports: FBI Knew About New Kavanaugh Allegation Before Confirmation

Sen. Chris Coons reportedly asked the FBI to look into a newly uncovered allegation last year before Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed.

 | Ahmed Jawadi

Rep. John Ratcliffe

GOP Rep. Says Volume 2 Of Mueller Report Never Should've Been Written

Volume 2 of the Mueller report focused on President Trump and obstruction of justice. Rep. John Ratcliffe says Mueller broke the law by writing it.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

Protesters in Puerto Rico

Protests In Puerto Rico Are About Much More Than Some Vulgar Chats

Frustrations with the Puerto Rican government have been building since long before the leaked Telegram chats involving Gov. Ricardo Roselló.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

President Donald Trump

Trump Doesn't Back Down Amid Criticism Over His Racist Tweet

Amid condemnation from both sides of the aisle, President Trump didn't back down from his racist tweets about Democratic lawmakers.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

CIA seal on the floor.

NYT: DOJ Wants To Interview Senior CIA Staff About Russia Probe

A team within the Justice Department is looking into the impetus for the 2016 Russian meddling investigation.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

Heinz-Christian Strache

Austria To Hold Snap Elections In September Following Scandal

Austria's vice chancellor resigned Saturday morning and also stepped down as the head of the nationalist Freedom Party.

 | LeeAnne Lowry

FAA Acting Administrator Dan Elwell

FAA Plays Defense, Raises New Questions In Congressional Testimony

The FAA's acting chief defended the agency's handling of the 737 MAX crisis Wednesday, but left key questions unanswered.

 | James Packard

Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning Formally Asks To Be Released From Federal Prison

Manning has been in jail since March 8 after she declined to answer questions before a secret grand jury.

 | Caitlin Baldwin

Robert Mueller

WH Letter Criticizes Mueller For Lack Of Decision On Obstruction

A White House lawyer wrote a five-page letter to Attorney General William Barr spelling out "an extraordinary legal defect" in Mueller's report.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

Jared Kushner at Time 100 Summit

Jared Kushner Made A Wildly Inaccurate Claim About Russian Influence

Jared Kushner tried to downplay the impact of Russia's election meddling, and in doing so he severely underestimated what Russia actually did.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

Attorney General William Barr and Speaker Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi Says Barr Lied to Congress, But DOJ Says He Did Nothing Wrong

The perjury accusation stems from the attorney general's testimony before the House Appropriations Committee on April 9.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

Press secretary Sarah Sanders and President Donald Trump

'What The Fact' Full Episode: Reaction To The Mueller Report

"What The Fact" puts a number of claims about the Mueller report to the test. Immigration, drug prices and more all get fact-checks in this episode.

 | Scripps News Staff

Sarah Sanders at press conference

Mueller Report Calls Sarah Sanders' Truthfulness Into Question

Sarah Sanders told the special counsel's investigators that her false statements were a "slip of the tongue" or made "in the heat of the moment."

 | Stephanie Liebergen

FBI, IRS agents enter Baltimore City Hall

How The Baltimore Mayor's Children's Books Landed Her In A Scandal

Investigators from the FBI and IRS executed multiple search warrants Thursday at locations tied to Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump talk to reporters.

President Trump Says He'd Fight Impeachment In Supreme Court

The president tweeted his hypothetical defense plans Wednesday morning, but impeachment proceedings happen in Congress, not the courts.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

Greg Craig leaves a federal courthouse

Former Obama White House Lawyer Indicted For Lying To Investigators

The charges stem from an investigation that started with special counsel Robert Mueller.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

Robert Mueller

2 Weeks Later, Questions Still Loom Over Mueller's Final Report

The full Mueller report hasn't been seen outside of the Justice Department. All we know about it is what Attorney General Barr wrote in his summary.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

​Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax

Virginia Lt. Gov. Fairfax Wants Allegations Against Him Investigated

​Fairfax said he wants prosecutors in ​the cities where the alleged sexual assault incidents took place to open investigations into the matter.

 | Ahmed Jawadi

President Donald Trump at the White House

Whistleblower Details Security Clearance Issues To Oversight Committee

According to a committee memo, Tricia Newbold has a list of 25 people with "serious disqualifying issues" who got security clearance anyway.

 | Stephanie Liebergen

President Donald Trump with Sens. Mitch McConnell and Roy Blunt

Saying The Mueller Report 'Exonerated' Trump May Be Premature

President Donald Trump and his allies say the special counsel's report clears him of any wrongdoing. But the full report hasn't been released yet.

 | Stephanie Liebergen