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Person checks their credit score.

Changes to medical debt reporting could improve your credit score

The three nationwide credit reporting agencies — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion — began removing paid medical debts from consumers' reports.

 | Tricia Goss

A nurse checks on Carol Turner as she receives an IV during a clinic trial

New Alzheimer's drug study seeking more diverse volunteers

Research efforts try to understand why older Black Americans are twice as likely as older White Americans to have Alzheimer's or other dementia.

 | Lindsey Theis

Two people sit with a dog in a gated area.

Little girl's small donation to dog rescue leads to thousands raised

A 7-year-old decided to donate the money in her piggy bank to a dog rescue, prompting tons of others to match her donation.

 | Scripps News Staff

Jellybean, a 4-year-old Golden Retriever mix.

Could dogs be the key to curing childhood cancer?

Through funding from President Joe Biden's Cancer Moonshot initiative, experts are learning how dogs are offering a unique way of looking at cancer.

 | Chris Conte

Family members of the deceased wait for the cremation procedures at a funeral home in Shanghai, China.

China reports 60,000 COVID-related deaths, says peak passed

The death toll included 5,503 deaths due to respiratory failure caused by COVID-19 and 54,435 fatalities from other ailments combined with COVID-19.

 | AP and Scripps News Staff

Molly Sampson holding the shark tooth.

9-year-old girl finds a rare megalodon tooth in Chesapeake Bay

Experts say the 15-million-year-old, 5-inch-long tooth likely belonged to a shark nearly 50 feet long.

 | Tricia Goss

Grand Canyon National Park

Visit U.S. national parks for free on these days in 2023

Admission is free on January 16 and four additional days throughout the year. Mark your calendars and enjoy the great outdoors.

 | Simplemost and Sarah Kuta

A nurse takes care of a patient.

Study: Post-COVID symptoms can improve; treatment still frustrating

A study found long COVID symptoms improve within a year, but some patients are skeptical, as are doctors trying to help them.

 | Scripps News Staff

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, right, gets a hug as she arrives to deliver her State of the State address

States are proposing millions for mental heath funding

States are proposing millions of dollars for mental health initiatives, including New York, which wants to steer $1 billion toward the issue.

 | Tammy Estwick

A person looks at his demolished home after a tornado.

Rescuers seek survivors after storms kill at least 9 across South

Nine people died, others were injured and many homes were damaged from a giant storm that spawned tornadoes in the South.

 | AP and Scott Withers

A homeless person's tent out in the rain.

Climate change making the homeless population even more vulnerable

Americans who experience homelessness often feel the impacts of extreme weather events first.

 | Chris Conte

Berlin, the oldest polar bear in captivity in the United States.

Beloved Kansas City polar bear Berlin, oldest in captivity, dies at 33

Polar bears live 15 to 18 years in the wild and more than 23 years in captivity on average, so Berlin lived a very long life.

 | Tod Palmer

Burner on a natural gas stove.

U.S. agency weighing new safety standards for gas stoves

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is researching gas stove emissions and considering new ways to address health concerns.

 | Justin Boggs

Artist rendition of exoplanet TOI 700 e

NASA finds planet 100 light-years away that could be like Earth

TOI 700 e is an Earth-size world that orbits in its star's habitable zone, which means the planet's temperature could allow for water to be liquid.

 | Scripps News Staff

First lady Jill Biden.

White House: Jill Biden has two cancerous lesions removed

Jill Biden's press secretary said the first lady returned to the White House Wednesday evening and was "doing well and in good spirits."

 | AP and Scripps News Staff

Nurses strike outside Mount Sinai Hospital.

Striking New York City nurses reach deal with hospitals

The agreement with two major hospitals includes enforceable staffing ratios, community health improvements and partnerships to recruit local nurses.

 | AP

A comet flying in space

NASA says a bright green comet will appear in the night sky Thursday

A bright green comet will make its first pass in its likely only appearance in recorded history.

 | Clayton Sandell

A lion raises his head above long grass.

New law will shake up the exotic animal industry in the US

The Big Cat Public Safety Act has put an end to would-be "Tiger Kings" nationwide and changed the private ownership industry for exotic animals.

 | Scripps News Staff

Budweiser cans are lined up in a cooler at the World Cup media center at the Qatar National Convention Center

Why are there no cancer warnings on alcohol labels?

The CDC says drinking alcohol increases your risk of getting six different types of cancers.

 | Emily Grossberg

The information booth in the center of the main concourse at Grand Central Terminal.

Did COVID-19 put us in a time warp?

Research indicates the pandemic changed our perception of time.

 | Scripps News Staff

A sign for the Food and Drug Administration is displayed outside their offices in Silver Spring, Md.

FDA loophole led to years of unsafe medical devices

A new JAMA study says FDA medical device authorizations may not be safe for patients.

 | Lindsey Theis

Women exercise on machines in a gym

Why exercise can help us survive COVID-19 and other diseases

Exercise can be beneficial to myriad health issues, and medical experts say that is partly due to controlling inflammation within our bodies.

 | Daniel Grossman

A house being built by 3D printing technology

3D-printed homes could be the future of wildfire recovery

3D-printing technology allows houses to be built in less time and with a fraction of the supplies and workforce needed to build traditional homes.

 | Vanessa Misciagna

David Mann is shown.

Actor David Mann talks with Scripps News about battling depression

Actor David Mann shares how he found support for his mental health and how he's encouraging others to seek help.

 | Amber Strong

Kelly Willie poses with an ultrasound photo of her child, due April 2023

Prospective mothers switch jobs for reproductive health benefits

More and more companies since 2015 have been offering fertility benefits. It's a trend that is particularly helpful for couples hoping to have a baby.

 | Elizabeth Ruiz

Two golden retrievers sit together.

Which dog breed is the smartest?

Scientists studied 1,000 dogs from 13 different breeds to determine how they measured up in 10 different intelligence tests.

 | Scripps News Staff

Children stretch in a classroom

American Academy of Pediatrics shares how to treat childhood obesity

The American Academy of Pediatrics' new guidelines focus on behavioral treatment, medications and potential surgery.

 | Scripps News Staff

People carrying their belongs arrive at an evacuation center in Santa Barbara, Calif.

California deluge forces mass evacuations, boy swept away

Tens of thousands of people remained without power, and some schools closed for the day.

 | AP

A person walks through a flooded street.

Climate change is already forcing communities to relocate

Environmental changes due to climate change are pushing residents out of their neighborhoods, though many are ignoring the signs.

 | Scripps News Staff

A Southwest Airlines plane flies low over Gravelly Point on approach to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

Why do planes cruise at 36,000 feet?

If you’ve traveled by air, you know that sometimes it inspires frustration and questions.

 | Simon Kaufman