Science and Health

How Climate Change Could Affect Cultural Landmarks

A study claims the rise in sea levels in 2,000 years will put some populations below sea level — affecting cultural sites along coastlines.

 | Amy Kluber

Newly Discovered Dinosaur Is Largest Predator Ever

Researchers say the Torvosaurus Gurneyi, a newly identified dino, stood at a frightening 33 feet with 4 inch blades for molars.

 | Jamal Andress

Alzheimer's Could Be Third Leading Cause Of Death

A new study suggests Alzheimer's might be the cause of nearly 500,000 deaths per year. That is six times the number reported by the government.

 | Nichole Cartmell

Second Baby Shows No Signs Of HIV After Treatment

Doctors began treatment on a baby born in Los Angeles with AIDS just four hours after its birth. Six days later, it's showing no signs of the disease.

 | Zach Toombs

Asteroid Comes Closer To Earth Than The Moon

An estimated 100-foot-wide asteroid came within 217,000 miles of Earth Wednesday afternoon.

 | Christian Bryant

Hangovers Don't Deter Drinkers: Study

A study out of the University of Missouri suggests hangovers don't have much effect on when someone chooses to drink again.

 | Jasmine Bailey

Hospitals Overprescribe Antibiotics, Fueling Superbugs: CDC

A new report from the CDC says doctors in some hospitals prescribe three times as many antibiotics as doctors in other hospitals.

 | Candice Aviles

Are Meat And Dairy As Unhealthy As Cigarettes?

You might want to drop those chicken wings and dump that glass of milk — they could be as bad for you as a cigarette.

 | Briana Koeneman

TVs In Children's Bedrooms Linked To Weight Gain

A Dartmouth study found kids with TVs in their bedrooms gained one more pound per month than those without TVs in their rooms.

 | Nathan Byrne

How Your Temper Could Affect Your Heart

Researchers observed an increased risk in various heart-related problems including stroke and heart attack in people who frequently get angry.

 | Amy Kluber

A 30,000-Year-Old Virus has Come Back to Life

A 30,000-year-old giant virus was found frozen in Siberian permafrost. Once thawed, it again became infectious, but it's not dangerous to humans.

 | Christine Slusser

Twitter Might Be Able To Track HIV Outbreaks

Researchers at UCLA found tweets with certain terms about risky behavior, like "sex" or "get high," line up with an area's number of HIV cases.

 | Jamal Andress

Solitary Confinement May Be Headed For Reform Nationwide

Solitary confinement faces increased scrutiny as the mental health of inmates comes into question.

 | A.J. Feather

'Death Test' Aims To Predict Time Of Death

Researchers in Finland engineered a simple blood test they dubbed the "death test," able to predict if a patient will die within the next five years.

 | Jasmine Bailey

Humans Could've Been Stuck On Bering Strait For 10,000 Years

A new article suggests ancestors of Native Americans spent 10,000 years on the Bering Strait land bridge before arriving in the Americas.

 | Christian Bryant

Eating For Two Unhealthy For Pregnant Women, Doctors Say

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University discovered that "eating for two" during pregnancy could be harmful to women's health.

 | Jasmine Bailey

'Shark's-Eye' View Gives Researchers New Insight

Researchers in Hawaii and Tokyo have released footage from one of the closest shark-tracking efforts.

 | Jasmine Bailey

How The Bill Nye Creation Debate Funded A Noah's Ark Replica

A recent increase in donations will make a 510-foot replica of 'Noah's Ark' a reality. The ark will be part of a $120 million theme park in Kentucky.

 | Megan McLeod

Doctors Warn Extreme Workouts Have Dangerous Side Effects

The popular CrossFit regimen could be pushing exercisers too far, leading to a serious muscle disease called rhabdomyolysis.

 | Kristian Mundahl

Meet Moov, The Wearable Fitness Coach

Moov is much more than a fitness tracker. The watch-looking device knows how to run, swim and do pushups better than you, and it will coach you.

 | Adam Falk

Prolonged Smoke Exposure Can Cause Miscarriage: Study

A recent study linked exposure to tobacco smoke, even for nonsmokers, increased risk of adverse pregnancies than those not exposed to smoke.

 | Amy Kluber

Mom, Dad and Mom? FDA Discusses ‘Three-Parent IVF’

FDA officials discussed trying ‘three-parent IVF’ in humans. This could allow mothers with damaged mitochondrial DNA to have babies free of disease.

 | Adam Falk

Older Dads Linked To Kids With Mental Illness: Study

The study compared siblings and found children born when their father was 45 or older were more likely to be bipolar, have ADHD and other issues.

 | Evan Thomas and Cliff Judy

FDA To Change Food Labels For First Time In 20 Yrs.

After more than two decades, the Federal Drug Administration is moving to change nutrition labels to help fight obesity and fit modern eating habits.

 | Jamal Andress

NASA's Kepler Pulls In 'Mother Lode' Of 715 New Planets

NASA researchers discovered 715 new exoplanets after analyzing data from Kepler Space Telescope's first two years of operation.

 | Christian Bryant

Scientists Solve Mystery of Chile's Massive Whale Graveyard

The site, which was discovered in 2010, contains dozens of fossilized whales believed to have been killed by toxic algae, or "red tide."

 | Steven Sparkman

'Frightening' New Pain Pill Set To Hit Pharmacies

A new hydrocodone-based drug is set to hit pharmacies in March. Opponents are petitioning against it, saying it is five times stronger than Vicodin.

 | Jasmine Bailey

New York Sees Beard Transplant Boom

New York plastic surgeons say they've seen a rise in men willing to pay thousands to have beard transplant procedures.

 | Christian Bryant

Obesity In Children 2-5 Years Old Down 43 Percent Since '04

A CDC report says the rate of obesity in preschool-aged children dropped by nearly half over the past decade.

 | Laura Heck

Everyone Poops, But Now We Know How

New research says two different rhythms of muscle contraction move food along and cause nutrients to be absorbed.

 | Laura Heck