South America

Peruvian Town Lends Helping Hand To Man With Schizophrenia

The community of Ferreñafe, Peru came together to give a man with schizophrenia a makeover.

 | Jake Godin

Tsunami Warning In Pacific After Powerful Quake In Chile

An 8.3 magnitude earthquake shook Chile, causing tsunami warnings in all regions in the Pacific Ocean.

 | Karen Rodriguez

What Latin America Can Learn From Guatemala

Corrupt governments have plagued Latin American countries for decades, and this year has been no different. But can Guatemala's success help others?

 | Karen Rodriguez

Dallas Couple's Baby Was Swapped In El Salvador

A Dallas woman gave birth to her child at a Salvadoran hospital but left with the wrong infant. A DNA test helped resolve the baby swap.

 | Jake Godin

Guatemala Comedian Wins First Round Of Presidential Election

Jimmy Morales won the most votes during Guatemala's presidential election. But he wasn't able to get enough to become the country's president.

 | Karen Rodriguez

To Stay In Power, Bolivia's President Pushes Referendum

Evo Morales wants to change the constitution to be able to run for office indefinitely. A referendum will decide if he is able to change the law.

 | Mari Jo Valero

Guatemalan President Resigns Amid Corruption Scandal

Guatemalan President Otto Pérez Molina resigned amid a massive corruption scandal after a warrant was issued for his arrest.

 | Kate Grumke and Karen Rodriguez

Guatemalans Demand President Resign Amid Scandal

Thousands of protestors in Guatemala are rallying against President Otto Pérez Molina amid a massive corruption scandal.

 | Karen Rodriguez

Honduras Teenager Dies After Waking Up In Coffin

A teenager in Honduras who was buried alive died after her family heard her screams and broke her out of her tomb.

 | Eugene Daniels

Scientists 3-D Print A New Beak For This Mistreated Toucan

Researchers from three Brazilian universities teamed up to design a prosthetic beak for a toucan that was likely abused.

 | Ryan Biek

MMA Fighter Won Title While 12 Weeks Pregnant

Kinberly Novaes, a Brazilian MMA fighter, revealed she unknowingly competed while 12 weeks pregnant.

 | Eugene Daniels

Pope's Latin American Tour Ties Climate Change To Poverty

It's no coincidence that the pope's South American trip is taking him to the continent's poorest countries, with close ties to his climate message.

 | Sebastian Martinez