South America

Mourners at the site of a mass burial in Brazil

Brazil Could Become The Next COVID-19 Hot Spot

Some scientists estimate over 1 million people may be infected without knowing due to insufficient testing.

 | Johannah Grenaway

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Venezuela Rejects Terms Of U.S. Offer To Lift Sanctions

The country said it "doesn't and will never accept the tutelage of any foreign government."

 | LeeAnne Lowry

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro puts on a mask during a coronavirus press conference on March 18.

Brazil's President Downplays Virus, Seeks To Stop New Quarantines

Jair Bolsonaro is attacking governors for imposing measures to contain the virus spread, accusing them of killing the economy.

 | Peter Hecht

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro speaks at presidential palace in Caracas on March 12.

U.S. Files Criminal Charges Against Venezuela's Maduro

The leader of Venezuela's socialist regime and top officials are charged with facilitating cocaine shipments to the U.S.

 | Peter Hecht

Former Bolivian President Evo Morales

Morales Blocked From Running For A Seat In Bolivia's Senate

Bolivia's Supreme Electoral Tribunal rejected former President Evo Morales' candidacy Thursday because he's no longer a resident.

 | Katherine Biek

President Donald Trump and Venezuelan Opposition Leader Juan Guaidó outside the White House

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Juan Guaidó Visits The White House

The White House reaffirmed its commitment to Venezuela and ousting President Nicolás Maduro in a statement ahead of the visit.

 | LeeAnne Lowry

U.S. government facilities are seen from the international bridge over the Rio Grande

DHS Adds Brazilian Migrants To 'Remain In Mexico' Policy

The program requiring migrants to wait in Mexico for their immigration hearing now includes Brazilian migrants.

 | Lauren Magarino

Locals work to clean up mud and debris around houses destroyed by a landslide in Brazil

More Than 50 Dead In Brazilian Flooding And Landslides

Death toll continues to rise as heavy rains beat down in southeastern Brazil.

 | Caitlin Baldwin

Mexican National Guard detains a Central American migrant

Mexico Is Cracking Down On U.S.-Bound Migrants — At What Cost?

Under U.S. pressure, Mexico has ramped up efforts to stop transiting migrants from reaching the U.S. How is the crackdown playing out on the ground?

 | Ben Schamisso

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina Introduces Bill To Address Debt Crisis

The country is looking to create a legal framework to repay foreign debt.

 | Meg Hilling

Officers of Venezuela's national police block entrance of opposition leaders to the National Assmebly

U.S. Treasury Hits Venezuelan Politicians With Sanctions

The Treasury Department sanctioned the seven Maduro supporters over an illegitimate power grab.

 | Meg Hilling

Twitter icon

Twitter Met With Sharp Criticism After Suspending Venezuelan Accounts

The accounts belong to journalists, political leaders and military branches.

 | LeeAnne Lowry

Facebook logo

Brazil Fines Facebook For Sharing User Information

Brazil says Facebook shared user data with "questionable" purposes with an app.

 | Meg Hilling

Homes in Valparaíso, Chile engulfed in flames

Wildfire Destroys At Least 150 Homes In Valparaíso, Chile

​At least 150 homes were damaged after a wildfire spread to ​the port city of Valparaíso, Chile.

 | Ahmed Jawadi

Chilean President Sebastian Piñera

Chile's President Signs Law For Vote On New Constitution

​The law will allow for a public vote to be held next April on whether to change Chile's constitution.

 | Ahmed Jawadi

Aftermath of the accident

Oil Spill Off The Galapagos Islands Prompts State Of Emergency

Ecuador has issued emergency protocols after a barge carrying 600 gallons of diesel fuel capsized and sank in the environmentally sensitive area.

 | Gage Jackson

Protesters demanding resignation of Nicolas Madura gathering in Caracas on Nov. 16.

U.S. Bet On Venezuela Opposition, But Maduro Tightening Grip On Power

Supporters of Maudro are targeting opposition leaders, months after rival Juan Guaidó declared himself as Venezuela's rightful leader.

 | Peter Hecht

A Shot From Police Killed A Protester In Colombia. Here's How We Know.

A Shot From Police Killed A Protester In Colombia. Here's How We Know.

Exclusive video evidence shows what led up to the fatal shooting of a protester in Colombia.

 | Jake Godin and Jennifer Smart and Zach Toombs

Rail cars loaded with rolled up steel.

Trump Imposes Steel And Aluminum Tariffs On Brazil, Argentina

President Trump said the countries were manipulating their currencies.

 | Caitlin Baldwin

Colombian demonstrators

Colombians Protest Over Economic Concerns, Teen's Death

Thousands are protesting proposed tax increases for low-income residents and cuts in health care and pension subsidies.

 | Peter Hecht

A Red Cross medic attends to man injured by a pellet during Chilean street protests.

Report: Chilean Security Forces Seeking To Injure, Punish Protesters

Amnesty International accuses Chilean authorities of directing attacks, including "torture and sexual violence," against anti-government protesters.

 | Peter Hecht

Protesters in Bolivia

State Department Tells U.S. Citizens Not To Travel To Bolivia

The U.S. State Department issued a travel advisory for Bolivia because of political instability and ongoing protests in the country.

 | Meg Hilling

Chilean protesters

Chilean Government To Write New Constitution After Weeks Of Protests

Chilean President Sebastián Piñera told a local news outlet the government has been working on a new draft of the constitution.

 | Antoinette Miller

Bolivian President Evo Morales Ayma speaks at a press conference following an OAS report on Bolivia's election

Bolivian President Evo Morales Resigns Over Calls Of Election Fraud

One of Latin America's longest-serving leaders is stepping down after three weeks of deadly protests against him.

 | Lauren Magarino

El Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele meets with his security cabinet.

El Salvador Expels Maduro's Diplomats, Backs Venezuelan Opposition

El Salvador now joins over 50 countries backing Juan Guaidó, the self-declared interim president of Venezuela.

 | Lauren Magarino

Chilean protestors cross street amid water fire blast on Thursday.

Violence, Deaths In Chile Signal Crisis Over Economic Woes In Americas

Eighteen people are dead in a week of protests and clashes in Chile that began over a subway fare increase. Unrest reveals deep economic fissures.

 | Peter Hecht

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera speaks.

Violent Protests In Chile Bring Halt To Transportation Fare Hike Plan

Three people died in a supermarket fire after the store was looted in protest to another increase of public transportation fares.

 | Antoinette Miller

President Lenin Moreno

Ecuador In State Of Emergency Over Fuel Protests

The president of Ecuador declared a 60-day state of emergency in response to national protests against cuts to fuel subsidies.

 | Meg Hilling

Venezuela opposition leader Juan Guaidó is speaking at a press conference

Trump Administration Triples Development Aid For Venezuela's Guaidó

The U.S. said Tuesday's assistance announcement "serves as another example of our commitment to help Venezuelans recover their country."

 | Meg Hilling

Fire damage in Brazil's Amazon rainforest

In Brazil's Amazon, Fires Threaten The Environment And Way Of Life

In the forested Acre state, searing fires and the president's development plans stir memories of an environmental martyr for the Amazon.

 | Peter Hecht