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"Stranger Things" character talks into microphone.

Netflix Is Giving 'Stranger Things' Its First Original Aftershow

Hosted by Jim Rash, the show will feature behind-the-scenes stories, analysis and answers to "burning questions."

 | Casey Mendoza

A frame from Netflix's "The Babysitter."

Netflix Plans On Spending More, So It's Making You Spend More, Too

Some of the streaming giant's subscription plans will cost a dollar or two more a month, but the price of one plan won't change.

 | Ryan Biek

Netflix on iPad.

The Canadian Government Is Teaming Up With Netflix — Here's Why

"Netflix Canada" hopes to benefit Canadian creators and culture.

 | Casey Mendoza

A promotional image from "Will & Grace"

Clear Your Schedule: 'Will & Grace' Is Now On Hulu

Hulu released all 194 episodes of the original series Thursday.

 | Katherine Biek

T-Mobile announces "Netflix On Us"

T-Mobile Wants To Give You Free Netflix

T-Mobile is taking on competitors' "carrier bundles," and that could mean more viewers for Netflix.

 | Casey Mendoza

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor box

Showtime Is Issuing Refunds For Faulty Mayweather-McGregor Streams

The pay-per-view broadcaster is giving a "full refund" to paying fans who missed the big fight — but only some customers are eligible.

 | Scripps News Staff

The stars of "Stranger Things"

'Stranger Things' Renewed For Season 3, But It May End Soon After

Prepare to spend more time in Hawkins, Indiana. The creators of "Stranger Things" have confirmed they're working on season three.

 | Casey Mendoza

Shonda Rhimes

TGI — What? Shonda Rhimes Is Leaving ABC

The TV producer struck a multi-year deal with Netflix to produce original content.

 | Katherine Biek

SoundCloud logo by company headquarters

SoundCloud Isn't Going Anywhere — And A New CEO Is Taking The Reins

SoundCloud just wrapped up its largest financing round in company history.

 | Casey Mendoza

Millarworld comics

Netflix Is Becoming A Superhero Powerhouse Thanks To A New Acquisition

Netflix acquired publisher Millarworld, probably best known for comics like "Kick-Ass" and "Kingsman: The Secret Service."

 | Katherine Biek

"Full House" cast photo

Hulu Is Set To Give Us Major '90s Flashbacks

Hulu just nabbed the streaming rights to popular '90s shows like "Full House" and "Family Matters."

 | Katherine Biek

SoundCloud leadership attends a panel discussion.

A Big Music Streaming Company Is Reportedly Struggling To Stay Afloat

A report from TechCrunch said SoundCloud only has enough cash to run through the third quarter of 2017.

 | Grant Suneson

Spotify custom "mood" playlists

That Spotify Playlist You're Listening To Might Feature 'Fake Artists'

Spotify is denying these accusations, but Music Business Worldwide says it has proof.

 | Casey Mendoza

Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood in Season 5 of House of Cards

Frank Underwood Goes Full Dictator In New 'House of Cards' Trailer

"House of Cards" returns for its fifth season May 30.

 | Jamal Andress

Cannes Film Festival 2017 poster

Cannes Welcomes Another Streaming Service To Its Film Lineup

For the first time, two Netflix original films are up for the Cannes Film Festival's top prize.

 | Katherine Biek

The Netflix logo

Netflix Is Ditching Its Five-Star Rating System For A Simpler One

The company is switching to a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" system.

 | Lindsay Gloor

Laverne Cox in "Orange Is the New Black."

A New Netflix Feature Is Here, And It's One You Won't Want To Skip

Netflix is about to make your binge-watching wishes come true.

 | Tyler Fine

Drake performs onstage.

Streaming Is The New No. 1 Way To Listen To Music In The US

On-demand streams were the most popular way to listen to music in 2016 and accounted for 38 percent of all consumption.

 | Grant Suneson

Two Google Home devices on Twitch

Someone Trapped 2 Google Homes In An Endless Conversation On Twitch

A live stream of two Google Home devices talking nonstop is as surreal as you'd expect.

 | Matt Picht

DirecTV Now logo

DirecTV Now Will Give Cord-Cutters Another Option

The service offers four channel bundles and launches Nov. 30.

 | Lauren Stephenson

The Warner Bros. Studios sign

Warner Bros. Files Copyright Claim Against Itself

The claim highlights the reckless way some companies use copyright law.

 | Grant Suneson

A man takes a selfie in front of the Olympic rings in Olympic Park in Rio de Janeiro.

A Cord-Cutter's Guide To Watching The 2016 Summer Olympics

If you've already ditched cable or you're thinking about it, you can still catch the Olympics without a subscription.

 | Matt Moreno

Hulu's new service may cause cable TV to crumble.

Hulu's New Service Might Be The Nail In The Coffin For Cable

Hulu's new service is expected to have several popular channels, including Fox, ABC and ESPN.

 | Katie Link

A person points a remote control at a television.

Now You Don't Have To Make A Yearlong Commitment To Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is rolling out a new monthly video-streaming plan, and it's cheaper than Netflix's standard plan.

 | Scripps News Staff

The audience at the 'Hellbenders' Premiere at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.

Film Industry Can't Decide If Streaming New Movies Is Satan Or Savior

The movie industry isn't thrilled about Screening Room, a new service that would let people stream new releases at home.

 | Ben Lawson

A still from a Netflix advertisement.

Netflix Cops To Throttling Its Content, Promises More User Control

Netflix says it deliberately downgraded mobile streaming to prevent users from going over their data caps.

 | Matt Picht

Leah and Mikah dance to music while testing out Facebook Messenger's new Spotify integration.

We Put Facebook's New Spotify Plug-In To The Test

Facebook Messenger has quite a few add-ons. Its newest? Spotify. Here's what we think about the music-sharing feature.

 | Leah Becerra and Mikah Sargent

Jay Z performs at a Tidal event in Brooklyn, New York.

What The Hell Is Going On With Tidal These Days?

Since December, Tidal has been in the news for perceived marketing missteps and other bad press.

 | Christian Bryant

Tom Wheeler and the FCC could cut back on the contracts that lock much of TV's content in the living room.

FCC Wants The Cable Industry To Put More Of Your Favorite TV Online

The Federal Communications Commission might only approve a Time Warner/Charter merger that puts more cable-only content on the Internet.

 | Evan Thomas

The phone company has a strong relationship with not just Jay Z but some of his other Tidal partners.

Why Samsung Could Have The Best Chance To Buy Tidal

The phone company has a strong relationship with Jay Z and some of his other Tidal partners.

 | Eugene Daniels