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Man watching his phone

Netflix's Devious Plan To Keep You Binge-Watching On The Go

The streaming giant added a feature to its apps to entice you to watch more of its mobile content longer.

 | Cody LaGrow

This is not what "cord-cutting" actually looks like.

We Learned The Hard Way: Cord-Cutting Isn't Easy

Pro tip: Do a lot of research before you decide to get rid of that cable subscription.

 | Leah Becerra and Lexie Hammesfahr

An FCC proposal would open the set-top box market to more manufacturers.

The Plan To Kill Your Cable Box Is Long Overdue

Tom Wheeler's proposal would open up cable TV management to more devices — like, say, a game console or OTT streaming device.

 | Evan Thomas

Chandler Jones #95 of the New England Patriots holds a Microsoft Surface tablet on the sideline in the third quarter against the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship game at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on January 24, 2016 in Denver, Colorado.

5 Ways To Watch The Super Bowl Without Cable

If you're one of the many Americans shying away from hooking up the TV, here are a few other ways to watch the big game.

 | Matt Moreno

"The X-Files" (abridged)

The Shortcut Is Out There: How To Binge-Watch 9 Seasons Of 'X-Files'

Fox's new season of "The X-Files" begins Jan. 24, so there's little time to watch (or rewatch) the prior nine seasons. But we have a solution.

 | Leah Becerra

Verizon relies on content providers to sponsor its data

Add Verizon's FreeBee Data To The Services Using This FCC Loophole

Verizon's zero-rating service will collect payments from content providers who want to sponsor data for consumers.

 | Evan Thomas

HBO is expanding stand-alone services to the delight of cord-cutters across the world

HBO Is Expanding Its Stand-Alone Service To Spain

HBO will soon offer its stand-alone service in Spain, letting users stream HBO content without a cable subscription.

 | Grant Suneson

In this photo illustration the Netflix logo is reflected in the eye of a woman on September 19, 2014 in Paris, France.

Chill! Here's When Netflix's Original Shows Will Air This Year

"House of Cards," "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," "Orange Is the New Black" and more will return to Netflix, while "Fuller House" and others will debut.

 | Matt Moreno

Netflix will now try to stay ahead of the cottage industry of circumventing geographical media restrictions.

Sorry, Netflix Doesn't Want You Binge-Watching Outside Your Country

Netflix wants to start restricting its content by geographic borders, but that's easier said than done with today's Internet.

 | Evan Thomas

Spotify new feature with Rap Genius called "Behind the Music"  which offers the lyrics and info about the song

Spotify Teams Up With The Service Formerly Known As Rap Genius

Spotify is rolling out a new feature that shows lyrics and other information on the screen as a song plays.

 | Jamal Andress

T-Mobile CEO John Legere.

Defiant T-Mobile Expands Offerings For Its 'Binge On' Service

T-Mobile is adding more providers to its Binge On streaming service as groups supporting net neutrality condemn the company.

 | Evan Thomas

Adam Sandler and cast in "The Ridiculous 6."

Adam Sandler's 'Ridiculous 6' Somehow Gallups Into Netflix History

Despite its terrible reviews, "The Ridiculous 6" is said to be the "most-watched" movie in the streaming giant's history.

 | Cody LaGrow

More Vinyl Records Are Spinning Their Way To Doorsteps

Vinyl record sales have skyrocketed in 2015, and the way we are buying them is changing, too.

 | Cody LaGrow

Why Taylor Swift Streamed Her '1989' Tour Doc Strictly On Apple Music

Taylor Swift decided to stream her latest tour on Apple Music. Some say it gives the company an upper hand in the music industry.

 | Cody LaGrow

Could Spotify's New Feature Have DJs Going The Way Of The Dodo?

Who needs a DJ when your music streaming service can craft a perfect playlist? Spotify has launched a new party playlist feature called Spotify Party.

 | Mikah Sargent

Netflix Thinks It Can Make High-Quality Video Less Of A Bandwidth Hog

Netflix says it will eventually adjust its video algorithms for each scene of a show or movie so it can squeeze more quality into less bandwidth.

 | Evan Thomas

Alibaba Helps Disney OTT Expand Into China, And That's Bad For Netflix

DisneyLife streaming service is entering China via Alibaba, but it won't be facing stiff competition in the country from Netflix for a while.

 | Matt Moreno

Tidal CEO Issues Prove Big Names Doesn't Mean Streaming Success

Tidal has just hired its third CEO. Can it handle the volatile streaming environment much longer?

 | Eugene Daniels

Pandora Buys Up Best Bits Of Rdio, Likely To Offer On-Demand Streaming

Pandora has had trouble competing with other music streaming services, but this acquisition will at least put it on a level playing field.

 | Leah Becerra

YouTube’s Music Catalog Might Supercharge Its New Music App

For a long time, YouTube has been the go-to for listening and watching music videos. That's why its new app makes sense.

 | Leah Becerra

Netflix Says It Can Get Your Kids To Bed In 5 Minutes

Netflix has a plan to help you get the rugrats to sleep, and ... surprise ... it involves watching Netflix.

 | Leah Becerra

New 'Star Trek' Series Beaming Only To CBS All Access

The first episode will air on TV, but the rest of the season will stream exclusively on CBS All Access.

 | Leah Becerra

Amazon Removes All Apple TV, Chromecast Listings From Store

Amazon wasn't bluffing; the online retailer has followed through with its plans to pull the Google Chromecast and Apple TV from its online store.

 | Mikah Sargent

The Net Neutrality Implications Of Free T-Mobile Streaming

What's great for consumers would only be great for content partners that can get on T-Mobile's lists. But the little streamers might suffer.

 | Evan Thomas

Watch 200 Hours Of Bob Ross' Happy Little Trees On Twitch

Twitch teamed up with Bob Ross Inc. to launch its new creative channel category. It will stream all 403 episodes of "The Joy of Painting."

 | Evan Thomas

YouTube Plays Hardball With ESPN For Ad-Free Service

If you're a major partner who can't or won't agree to be a part of YouTube Red, then you're also not going to be on YouTube — that means you, ESPN.

 | Jamal Andress

#MuteBuck Could Take Some Stiffness Out Of America's Pastime

The creators of #MuteBuck just wanted to give fans an alternative to Joe Buck, but their broadcast could solve some of baseball's problems.

 | Christian Bryant

BBC Blockades iPlayer Pirates

In an effort to cut down on content pirates, the BBC says it's blocking virtual private networks from accessing its streaming media service, iPlayer.

 | Mikah Sargent

Should You Subscribe To Apple Music Or Spotify?

Leah Becerra and Mikah Sargent have used Apple Music and Spotify for some time, so they sat down to battle it out for the best streaming service.

 | Leah Becerra and Mikah Sargent

Netflix Blames Credit Cards For Poor Subscriber Numbers

Netflix said it had a weak third quarter because customers didn't update their credit card information.

 | Ben Lawson