Bitcoin Heist Nets More Than $1 Million

Cybercriminals stole 4,100 bitcoins, or $1.2 million, from a digital bank in two separate hacks.

 | Christian Bryant

Did Analysts Mislead Investors About Twitter IPO?

The Wall Street Journal reports some analysts selectively disclosed Twitter's growth and revenue information to certain investors.

 | Charesse James

Who Will Win The Second-Screen War?

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo is ready to invest in his company's second-screen efforts.

 | Nathan Byrne

Apple Stores To Offer iPhone 5s, 5c Screen Replacement

Apple is expected to begin in-store screen replacements for the iPhone 5s and 5c by the end of the year.

 | Matt Moreno

CIA Pays AT&T Millions Of Dollars For Call Data

The New York Times reports the CIA pays AT&T millions of dollars annually for call data. The government agency uses the data for counterterrorism efforts.

 | Christian Bryant

Twitter Debuts On The New York Stock Exchange

Twitter began trading as a public company Thursday at $45.10 a share, much higher than the $26 share price set on Wednesday before the IPO.

 | Evan Thomas

Microsoft Introduces 'Co-Authoring' to Office 365 Suite

Microsoft introduces a live editing option to its suite of online apps, Office 365. The co-authoring tool is available for the online versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

 | Erik Shute

Google Clarifies: Mystery Barges Are 'Learning Centers'

Google says its secretive aquatic constructions are to be interactive spaces to teach people about new technology.

 | Evan Thomas

Twitter Sets IPO Share Price Higher Than Expected at $26

Twitter is set to raise around $2 billion from 70 million shares during Thursday's IPO.

 | Christian Bryant

Facebook Ditches Thumbs-Up on 'Like' Button

Facebook will roll out new "Like" and "Share" buttons in the coming weeks.

 | Jasmine Bailey

How Twitter's Innovation Might Change Post-IPO

With Twitter set to go public Thursday, analysts and industry watchers wonder how — or if — Twitter will keep up its innovation.

 | Evan Thomas

Google Launches Helpouts to Connect You With Experts

Google launched Helpouts Monday to bring you closer to the experts in a given field. Pay to view lessons on cooking, exercise and more.

 | Adam Falk

Netflix Posts 4K Test Footage to Library

Netflix has added ultra high-definition test footage to its online streaming library. The company plans to offer 4K media streams by 2014.

 | Evan Thomas

What Can Happen When You Drive and Wear Google Glass?

A woman in California found out the hard way it's illegal to wear Google Glass while driving in her state. She was given a ticket.

 | Jasmine Bailey