Top 3 Heartwarming Stories Of The Week

Get your tissues ready! We've compiled a list of the top three heartwarming stories making headlines this week.

 | Briana Koeneman

House Passes 'Keep Your Health Plan' Bill

The House passed the "Keep Your Health Plan Act," which would allow people to keep health plans that don't comply with Obamacare.

 | Christina Hartman

Targeting Brain Region Could Help Smokers Quit: Study

A new study suggests smokers can blame a specific part of their brains for difficulty kicking the habit.

 | Christina Hartman

Sources: C.I.A. Tracks Money Like N.S.A. Tracks Phone Calls

Sources: the C.I.A. tracks international transactions looking for terrorist activity, including Western Union transfers into and out of the country.

 | Cliff Judy

Marines Killed At Camp Pendleton Identified

Three of the four Marines killed Wednesday had spent at least 10 years in the Marines.

 | Collin Ruane

Police Identify Passenger Who Fell From Plane Near Miami

Authorities frantically searched the waters off the coast of Miami after a pilot said his passenger fell from the plane during flight.

 | Briana Koeneman

Teacher Accused Of Feeding Kids Semen To Plead No Contest

The elementary school teacher who police say fed students spoonfuls of his semen is expected to plead no contest.

 | Christina Hartman

U.S. Destroys 6 Tons Of Confiscated Ivory

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service destroyed 25 years worth of confiscated ivory to deter elephant poachers from continuing the illegal trade.

 | Christian Bryant

Google Slams NSA Spying In Transparency Report

Google released its biannual transparency report Thursday, and it contained to jab at the secrecy of the U.S. government's surveillance programs.

 | Matt Picht

Toronto Police Announce Huge Child Porn Operation Bust

Police say nearly 400 children were rescued. A 41-year-old man is accused of receiving child porn and then redistributing it as "naturist" films.

 | Cliff Judy

Whitey Bulger Sentence: 2 Life Sentences Plus 5 Years

The judge also ordered $19 million in restitution be paid to victims' families.

 | Christina Hartman

Sinkhole Evacuates Tampa, Fla. Neighborhood

Several homes in a Tampa, Fla., neighborhood were evacuated Thursday morning after a massive sinkhole swallowed part of a backyard.

 | Logan Tittle

2 Secret Service Supervisors Demoted From Presidential Detail

Two Secret Service supervisors have reportedly been dismissed from President Obama's security team following allegations of sexual misconduct.

 | John O'Connor

16-Year-Old Charged In Pittsburgh School Shooting 

A 16-year-old Pittsburgh boy has been charged after police say he shot and injured three students as they were leaving school for the day.

 | Briana Koeneman

Janet Yellen Confirmation Hearing: What To Expect

Janet Yellen faces questioning in her confirmation hearing Thursday before the Senate Banking Committee.

 | Christina Hartman

4 Marines Killed In Explosion At Camp Pendleton 

An explosive device killed four ordnance disposal technicians on the range of the base Wednesday morning.

 | Christian Bryant

Rob Ford Admits To Buying Illegal Drugs, Refuses To Step Down

The Toronto City Council voted Wednesday to request Mayor Rob Ford's resignation, but he says he will not leave office.

 | Jasmine Bailey

Would Hulu Plus Cable Equal A La Carte Channels?

Hulu and cable companies are reportedly talking about deals. Congress is looking at a la carte channels, too.

 | Nathan Byrne

Obamacare Enrollment Numbers Fall Far Short Of Target

Just 106,185 people enrolled in Obamacare's signature health insurance exchanges during the program's first month.

 | Steven Sparkman

High School Football Player Dies After Playoff Game

Seventeen-year-old Charles Youvella passed away at a local hospital just days after he was hit in a football game.

 | Matt Moreno

SeaWorld Fights Ban On Whale-Trainer Interaction 

Seaworld is now appealing the federal judge’s ruling barring its trainers from getting in the water with killer whales.

 | Elizabeth Hagedorn

On Iran, Kerry Pushes Diplomacy Over Sanctions 

Ahead of a second round of nuclear negotiations, Sec. of State John Kerry is urging Congress not to tighten sanctions on Iran.

 | Elizabeth Hagedorn

4 Dead, 1 Burned, In Phoenix Shooting

Police believe a man killed his wife, daughter, one more person and himself in Scottsdale on Tuesday.

 | Lauren Zima

New Guidelines Could Double Number of Americans On Statins

The American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association released new guidelines to reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks.

 | Christian Bryant

Ryan Ferguson Is A Free Man, Speaks With Family At Press Conference

Ryan Ferguson spoke out as a free man alongside his family at a press conference in Columbia, Missouri, Tuesday night.

 | Candice Aviles

Hawaii Lawmakers Approve Same-Sex Marriage

The island chain will be the fifteenth state to approve same-sex marriage, as Illinois’ legislature passed its own bill last week.

 | Zach Toombs

Disney Bringing 'The Princess Bride' To Broadway

The 1987 adapted screenplay left a legacy of legendary lines and became a quotable classic.

 | Nathan Byrne

Walmart's Black Friday Starts On Thanksgiving Day

This year it seems earlier is better for stores unleashing their black Friday deals, and Walmart is the latest giant retailer to jump on that bandwagon.

 | Candice Aviles

1 World Trade Center Beats Willis Tower For Nation's Tallest Building

New York's new World Trade Center beat out Chicago's Willis Tower for the tallest building in the U.S.

 | Briana Koeneman

Mother Raped Next To 7-Year-Old Daughter: NYPD

The NYPD released a surveillance video they say shows the man who raped the mother at knifepoint.

 | Christina Hartman