People stand in Bigfoot costumes.

Remote Oklahoma Town Has Become The Hub For Bigfoot Believers

Honobia, Oklahoma — the site of multiple Bigfoot spottings — attracts thousands of enthusiasts for an annual festival.

 | Ben Schamisso

A shot from the "Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey" trailer is shown.

How Public Domain Made Way For A 'Winnie The Pooh' Horror Movie

'Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey' is a real, upcoming horror movie with familiar characters, but adapting them is no easy legal task.

 | Casey Mendoza

Two people shake hands

Why Do We Shake Hands?

Why do we shake hands in the first place?

 | Simon Kaufman

Why Do We Say 'God Bless You' When Someone Sneezes?

Today, the response to a sneeze is mostly an ingrained reaction.

 | Simon Kaufman and Casey Mendoza

A list of emojis are shown.

How Emojis Have Become Part Of The Legal Landscape

While most people use emojis to joke around in text, they often appear in pretty serious crime cases in court.

 | Scripps News Staff

California sea lion

Sea Lions Dart Onto Beach And Appear To Chase Tourists Away

While a viral TikTok video appears to show a group of sea lions charging at tourists, an expert says they were likely just chasing each other.

 | AP and Scripps News Staff

Baseball players high-fiving

The History Of The High Five

One of the most widely attributed origins of the high five involves the Los Angeles Dodgers.

 | Lauren Magarino and Patrick McGovern


Why Don't Hotels Have A 13th Floor?

There's a word for why that is: triskaidekaphobia.

 | Lauren Magarino

Lamarckdromia beagle crab.

Scientists Discover New Furry Crab Species

These coiffured crustaceans cut a chosen sponge or sea squirt to fit themselves, then hold it on their head with specialized hind legs.

 | Kathleen St. John

Workers painting the NASA logo

NASA Launches UFO Study Despite 'Reputational Risk'

The study will begin this fall, costing no more than $100,000, and will be entirely open, with no classified military data used.

 | AP

Mountain lion cub in a classroom

Curious Cougar Cub Wanders Into California Classroom

California Department of Fish and Wildlife confirmed the cub was removed from an empty classroom and is expected to be released back into the wild.

 | AP and Scott Withers

Mermaids swim in a pool.

Mermaids Aren't Just Entertainers. Many Are Environmental Advocates

The Sacramento Mermaid Convention is full of merfolk, many of whom are combining fun with a passion for environmentalism.

 | Cat Sandoval

Two Star Wars figures are shown.

The Return Of The Convention: Star Wars Celebration Is Here

Star Wars Celebration is back after the pandemic shut down conventions for a while.

 | Clayton Sandell

Actor James Cromwell

Actor James Cromwell Glues Hand To Starbucks Counter In Protest

Cromwell and other activists glued their hands to a Manhattan Starbucks counter in protest of extra charges for drinks made with plant-based milk.

 | AP

Man holding dog that looks like a Pokemon character

Pet Grooming Business Skyrockets Through The Pandemic

One world-renowned pet groomer is accepting more clients than ever before as the pandemic has led to more pet ownership.

 | Terace Garnier

Porch Pirates Run Rampant Ahead Of The Holiday Season

More than 210 million packages are stolen annually in the United States during the Christmas season.

 | Scripps News Staff and John Mone

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Jelani Day

Jelani Day's Mother Speaks To Newsy About His Disappearance

Police say Day was last seen on Aug. 24 at a dispensary. His car was found two days later, but there's been no sign of the grad student.

 | Chance Seales

Undated photo provided by the North Port, Fla., Police Department shows Gabrielle "Gabby" Petito.

Fiancé Of Missing Woman Identified As Person Of Interest

Florida police say 22-year-old Gabby Petito's fiancé, Brian Laundrie, has not been cooperative with detectives and has hired a lawyer.

 | Robin Dich and AP

Miami flags fly in the parking lot before an NCAA college football game.

Falling Cat Saved At Miami College Football Game

Some quick-thinking fans stretched out an American flag to break the cat's 30-foot fall from the upper deck.

 | AP

Rescue crews search for survivors in rubble

Search For Survivors In Collapsed Miami High-Rise Continues

Residents recount their harrowing escapes from the collapsed condominium while families await word of their missing loved ones.

 | Meg Hilling and Lauren Magarino

Couple walks their dog.

WCPO: Vet Offers Advice To Pet Owners This Cicada Season

The veterinarian says it won't harm your dog if they eat a few cicadas off the ground.


A SpaceX Falcon 9 lifts off from Pad 39-A at the Kennedy Space Center

Mysterious West Coast Lights Actually Space Debris

The National Weather Service in Portland says it got a lot of calls about the mysterious bright lights in the sky over Seattle.

 | Eliana Moreno

Photo provided by the Utah Department of Public Safety shows a metal monolith installed in the ground in a remote area.

Metal Monolith Discovered In Utah Desert

It is unclear as to where the roughly 10 foot tall, three sided monolith came from or how long it's been in the desert.

 | Meg Hilling

Man gets food from Waffle House during storm.

How Bad Could A Storm Be? Look To Waffle House For Answers

The "Waffle House Index" is an informal system developed by a former FEMA official to help assess the risks of a storm.

 | Casey Mendoza

FogCam website

San Francisco's FogCam Will Be Switched Off After 25 Years

Two students at San Francisco State University created the FogCam in 1994.

 | Stephanie Sandoval

A penny

Could We Save Money By Abolishing Coins?

Word is we're eventually headed for a cashless economy, fueled entirely by electronic payments.

 | Chance Seales and Phil Pruitt

John McClane wearing a Santa hat.

Is 'Die Hard' A Christmas Movie? We Fought About It For Hours

Three decades after "Die Hard" first came out, people are still arguing over whether it's a Christmas movie.

 | Casey Mendoza

President Donald Trump pardons a turkey

When Did Presidential Turkey Pardons Start?

It's time for another presidential turkey pardon, and that means it's also a good time to brush up on the history of the tradition.

 | James Packard