Brazil World Cup Construction Worker Falls To His Death

A man in Brazil working to build the stadium for next year's World Cup died after falling from the roof of the construction site.

 | Nichole Cartmell

Nelson Mandela Laid To Rest In Childhood Village

Nelson Mandela was taken to his final resting place in his childhood village Sunday.

 | Elizabeth Hagedorn

U.S., Chinese Navy Ships Almost Collided In South China Sea

The USS Cowpens was forced to take evasive action when a Chinese Navy ship cut across its path.

 | Matt Picht

Mandela's Casket Arrives In Ancestral Hometown

‚ÄčThousands lined the streets of Nelson Mandela's ancestral village Saturday to welcome home the body of their beloved leader.

 | Elizabeth Hagedorn

China Makes First Lunar 'Soft Landing' Since 1976: Reports

China became the first country to make a "soft landing" of a spacecraft in almost 40 years. The last country to do so was the Soviet Union in 1976.

 | Collin Ruane

Iran Sends Second Monkey Into Space: State Media

Iran claims this is its second successful mission of 2013 even though many have cast doubts on whether the first mission was legitimate.

 | Collin Ruane

Ireland Exiting Bailout Program But Faces Tough Recovery

After almost three years, Ireland can exit its emergency fund program, but the country's financial rehabilitation will be tough.

 | Laura Heck

Drone Strike In Yemen Targets Wedding Party

Reports cite both conflicting death tolls and conflicting accounts of whether militants connected to Al-Qaeda traveled with the party.

 | Cliff Judy

Kim Jong-Un's Uncle Jang Song Thaek Executed

Kim Jong-un's uncle, who was previously considered the second most powerful man in North Korea, has been executed.

 | Matt Moreno

Bangladesh Executes Opposition Leader For War Crimes

Despite objections from human rights activists, Abdul Quader Mollah was executed for war crimes after protests calling for his death.

 | Laura Heck

'Fake' Mandela Interpreter Says He Has Schizophrenia

Amid fraud accusations, the sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela's memorial service claims he had a schizophrenic episode during the event.

 | John O'Connor

International Space Station Suffers Cooling System Trouble

NASA says the crew aboard is safe but might need to attempt a spacewalk to repair the cooling system.

 | Christian Bryant

Hearing On Asiana Crash Considers Pilot Training, Automation

Investigators heard analysts saying pilots may be too reliant on automated systems without understanding how those systems work.

 | Steven Sparkman

U.S. And U.K. Suspend Nonlethal Aid To Syrian Rebels

The U.S. and the U.K. are said to have suspended the delivery of some aid into Syria following clashes among rival opposition groups.

 | Elizabeth Hagedorn

India's Supreme Court Upholds Ban On Gay Sex

India's Supreme Court reinstated a colonial-era ban on homosexuality.

 | Elizabeth Hagedorn

Interpreter At Nelson Mandela Memorial Called A Fake

The sign language interpreter seen at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela Tuesday is being called a fake.

 | Briana Koeneman

Pope Francis Named Time's Person Of The Year

Time's runner-up for the person of the year was NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

 | Elizabeth Hagedorn

Uruguay OKs World's First Legal Pot Trade

By a vote of 16-13, Uruguay's Senate voted to allow government-sponsored sale, distribution and production of the drug.

 | Elizabeth Hagedorn

Elian Gonzalez Criticizes U.S. In Trip Outside Cuba

Shortly after his 20th birthday, the young man best known for his 1999 rescue attended a seminar in Ecuador and criticized the U.S. embargo of Cuba.

 | Cliff Judy

Ukrainian Police Storm Anti-Government Protest Camp

Ukrainian police and protesters clashed in the third week of demonstrations against the government and Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich.

 | Christian Bryant

Kenya Mall Was Attacked By Only 4 Men, NYPD Says

NYPD detectives said in a report the attack might have been carried out by just four men, who likely escaped.

 | Christian Bryant

Canada To Claim The North Pole As Its Own

In an initial submission to the United Nations, Canada requested its nautical border be extended by about 1.2 million square kilometers.

 | Elizabeth Hagedorn

Man Jumps To His Death During Girlfriend's Shopping Spree

After shopping at the mall all day with his girlfriend, a 38-year-old Chinese man jumped seven floors to his death after she refused to stop shopping.

 | John O'Connor

South Africa, World Leaders Mourn Mandela At Memorial

Nearly 100 world leaders joined the tens of thousands of South Africa gathered to celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela.

 | Elizabeth Hagedorn

Pope, Snowden, Miley Make 'Person Of The Year' Shortlist

Notably absent from the list were Egypt's Abdul Fattah al-Sisi and late South African leader Nelson Mandela.

 | Christina Honan

Putin Replaces State News Agency With 'Ministry Of Truth'

Putin ordered RIA Novosti be liquidated to create a new Russian Information Agency, headed by a prominent pro-Putin figure.

 | Elizabeth Hagedorn

Thailand's PM Dissolves Parliament, Calls New Election

Thailand's Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra has dissolved the country's parliament and called for new elections.

 | Elizabeth Hagedorn

North Korea Confirms Kim Jong Un's Powerful Uncle Ousted

North Korea's state media confirmed Jang Song Thaek's ouster saying he was removed from a party meeting Sunday despite rumors since last week.

 | Cliff Judy

Fight In Brazil Leaves Three Soccer Fans Critically Injured

A massive fight between fans in the stands has the world again questioning whether Brazil is a safe place to hold the 2014 World Cup.

 | Lauren Zima

Ukrainian Anti-Government Protesters Topple Statue Of Lenin

Ukrainian protesters tore down a statue of communist icon Vladimir Lenin in a symbolic rejection of Russian influence.

 | Matt Picht