Mexican Mayor Who Stood Up To Drug Cartels Found Dead

Mayor Ygnacio Lopez Mendoza of Santa Ana Maya was known for his crusade against the country's violent drug cartels. He was found dead in his car Thursday.

 | Collin Ruane

Sochi Olympic Torch Makes Historic Spacewalk

Russia sent the Sochi Olympic torch into space for a photo op.

 | Jasmine Bailey

High Hopes in Geneva As Iran Nuclear Talks Reach Day 3

Negotiations over Iran’s disputed nuclear program are moving into day three in Geneva. But no deal is on the table just yet, despite what some are describing as progress.

 | Nichole Cartmell

Typhoon Haiyan Death Toll Est. At 1,200 In Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan's devastation continued in the Philippines Saturday with sustained winds still reaching about 100 miles per hour.

 | Collin Ruane

European Satellite Falling Back To Earth

The European Space Agency's GOCE satellite is expected to soon enter Earth's atmosphere, but experts aren't sure when or where.

 | Christian Bryant

Bitcoin Heist Nets More Than $1 Million

Cybercriminals stole 4,100 bitcoins, or $1.2 million, from a digital bank in two separate hacks.

 | Christian Bryant

Palestinian Officials Blame Israel For Yasser Arafat's Death

Palestinian officials are now accusing Israel of poisoning leader Yasser Arafat after a scientists found the toxic element Polonium in his remains.

 | John O'Connor

Iran, West Nearing Possible Nuclear Deal

After years of unsuccessful negotiations, Iranian leaders and the international community may be nearing a multiphase agreement on Iran's nuclear program.

 | John O'Connor

Man Buried Alive, Discovered By Cemetery Visitor

A man in Brazil was pulled alive from a grave last week after a woman saw his hand come up through the ground while visiting the cemetery.

 | Logan Tittle

Super Typhoon Haiyan Reaches The Philippines

The strongest typhoon ever recorded on Earth, Super Typhoon Haiyan, is making its way through the Philippines.

 | Candice Aviles

Pakistani Taliban's New Leader May Have Planned Malala Attack

The man who is suspected of plotting the attack on activist Malala Yousafzai is now the leader of Pakistan's Taliban faction.

 | Matt Picht

CIA Pays AT&T Millions Of Dollars For Call Data

The New York Times reports the CIA pays AT&T millions of dollars annually for call data. The government agency uses the data for counterterrorism efforts.

 | Christian Bryant

2014 Olympic Torch Blasts Into Space

The 2014 Olympic torch blasted into space Thursday morning in preparation for the first ever Olympic torch space walk.

 | Jamal Andress

Forensic Evidence Suggests Yasser Arafat Was Poisoned

Yasser Arafat's death has always been a mystery, but new evidence suggests he might have been poisoned.

 | Elizabeth Hagedorn

China's Air Pollution Linked to 8-Year-Old's Lung Cancer

An eight-year-old girl in China has lung cancer and her doctors are blaming pollution.

 | Elizabeth Hagedorn

British Girls Dress Up as Burning Twin Towers for Halloween

Two British teens sparked outrage over their 9/11-themed costumes.

 | Logan Tittle

Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller Custody Battle Heats Up Again

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are fighting over the custody of their twin sons again, and it isn't pretty.

 | Briana Koeneman

Pope Surveying Catholics on Gay Marriage, Divorce

Pope Francis continues his outreach to all corners of the Catholic faith with a survey for modern families.

 | Jamal Andress

Blasts Kill One Near China's Communist Party Offices

The explosions appear to be from homemade bombs, and occur just days before a Communist Party meeting.

 | Lauren Zima

Rob Ford: 'Yes, I Have Smoked Crack'

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted to smoking crack cocaine.

 | Christina Hartman

Former News of the World Editors Accused of 6-Year Affair

Prosecutors revealed Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson had a 6-year affair while they worked together.

 | Briana Koeneman

Taliban Leader Wants 'Inclusive Government'

Despite ongoing Taliban violence, the group's No. 1 in Afghanistan says he's ready to work toward a more inclusive government.

 | Nichole Cartmell

Michael Phelps Becomes Most Decorated Olympian of All Time

After picking up a silver in the 200 meter butterfly and the a gold in the 200 meter freestyle relay, Michael Phelps has secured a place in history.

 | Christina Hartman