Getting a Fix: Combating the Opioid Epidemic
Getting A Fix: Carfentanil Is An Elusive Killer7:02
September 26, 2017

Getting A Fix: Carfentanil Is An Elusive Killer

Carfentanil is extremely toxic, but dealers continue to mix the drug with heroin or cocaine, and addicts continue to chase the elusive high.

A National Solution: DEA Lab4:43
September 18, 2017

A National Solution: DEA Lab

The DEA Special Testing and Research Laboratory identifies unknown substances found at crime scenes. The story takes a look at how they are helping identify new synthetic drugs and how that helps law enforcement.
A Local Solution: ODMAP2:59
September 11, 2017

A Local Solution: ODMAP

The Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program, or ODMAP, helps first responders collect overdose data in real time. The story covers how it works, why it was created and how it aims to improve data collection regarding opioid deaths.
A Medical Solution: Doctors3:45
September 5, 2017

A Medical Solution: Doctors

Opioid medications made it easy for doctors to treat pain. But the growing number of people becoming addicted to prescribed painkillers and overdosing has forced the medical field to re-evaluate how doctors treat pain.