Online Support Launched To Save Pit Bull Who Bit Child

Supporters say the dog only attacked because the child was trying to take his bone. A Change.org petition currently has 45,000 signatures.

Online Support Launched To Save Pit Bull Who Bit Child

It has been almost a month since 4-year-old Kevin Vincente was bitten while playing in his neighbor's yard. The dog responsible has been held in an Arizona animal control center since the incident. In most cases, the dog would have been euthanized after 10 days in the facility.

But since the incident — perhaps surprising support for the pup, considering it's a pit bull. Supporters say Mickey only attacked because the child was trying to take his bone. (Via KSAZ)

A Change.org petition currently has 45,000 signatures and a Save Mickey Facebook page has almost 43,000 likes. (Via Change.org, Facebook)

Mickey's case has been picked up by The Lexus Project, a nonprofit that collects money to legally defend dogs in danger of being euthanized. 

Attorney John Schill spoke with KPNX about the case. He said he does not discount what happened to Kevin, calling it "horrible"

"This is a unique case because this is a death penalty case if I lose this Mickey dies ... My hope is that Mickey is found not to be vicious and to get Mickey in a rehab situation." (Via KPNX)

Pit bulls have gotten bad names in the press — they're viewed as an aggressive breed. In the past week alone...

A Phoenix woman died from her injuries after being attacked by the family's pit bull, police shot two pit bulls after they bit a man twice in the leg in Ohio and in Florida a pit bull escaped from an animal shelter and attacked two children in a minivan. So why are so many people rallying around this particular dog?

 "Had Mickey left his yard to go maul a child on purpose that would be a different story." (Via KSAZ)​

Mickey's supporters also point out the dog does not have a history of violence, and the animal control center says he has not exhibited violent behavior while there. 

As for Kevin, he continues to recover from a broken eye socket, fractured jaw and multiple gashes to his face. He will need multiple reconstructive surgeries.

Next week a municipal court judge will decide if Mickey should be euthanized. A recovery fund for Kevin has been set up through the Maricopa Health Foundation to help pay for treatment.