'Dancing With the Stars' Crowns Winner For Season 17

The hit reality show crowned a new champion Tuesday night, but which teen idol took home the trophy?

'Dancing With the Stars' Crowns Winner For Season 17

Tuesday night's "Dancing With the Stars" finale was down to two teen idols — Corbin Bleu and Amber Riley. Here's the winning moment. 


"Amber and Derek!"

(cheering)"I want to let women of all sizes out there know you can do whatever you put your mind to — it doesn't matter what size you are, what color you are." 


Amber Riley, former star of "Glee," with an important message there.  But E! notes this win wasn't too much of a surprise.

" ... she had the highest scores from the judges, meaning Corbin could only beat her if the audience voted his way. And she was a fan-favorite all season, so the odds just weren't in his favor tonight.” 

And its 17 seasons, "Dancing With the Stars" has become almost as much about the dancing pros as it has the stars. This is pro Derek Hough's fifth win, and BuddyTV writes...

"I'm happy for her and it's nice to see a plus-size girl win (and she's also the first African-American female to win). But she was overscored all season long ... her partner is Derek Hough ... I firmly believe just as many people vote for him as for his partner and it's gotten out of control." 

But Jezebel's headline defends the now-champion: she won "because she's magic on the dance floor."

And the cast of "Glee" was quick with congrats...


"We love you! We love you!"

"Everyone at 'Glee' says 'hi,' we're so proud of you!"

(whole cast cheering) (Via Telly / Chris Colfer)